Thursday, 31 January 2013

Casting Shadows by RJ Samuel

Indian/Irish vision painter Kiran is the only vision painter in Ireland, she is also the only woman vision painter in the world. Unfortunately after her previous misadventures, Kiran is currently unable to vision paint. Her relationship with Ashley however, is going extremely well. In fact, they are taking their relationship to the next level and trying for a baby. Like all things in love and real life, nothing is destined to run smoothly.

When Kiran gets a call from her father that her mother is, or could be seriously ill, Kiran must immediately return to India. The result of this phone call could well change the lives of everyone forever.

This is RJ Samuel’s third book. With each book, I grow to love her writing more. Her stories are well written page turners. This series is spellbinding and magical and although the series has an element of fantasy, I found myself almost believing the impossible.

This story is completely enthralling and absorbing. Once I’d started this book, I couldn’t put it down. The story had me feverishly turning the pages until I’d finished it. No matter how hard I tried to slow up, I couldn’t. I simply had to know what happened and how the book ended. In doing this, I did this wonderful book an injustice. But no worries. I knew I would be reviewing it, so I simply re-read it more slowly the second time to savour the story without the pressures of not knowing how it ended. My second reading was just as pleasurable and intense as the first.

This story is actually written in the past and the present and is so intricately woven that it’s seamless. It was a great idea to give the reader the background on vision painters. Also it cleared up a lot of things I’d been wondering about Kiran’s past.

RJ takes the reader back into the past and tells of how Kiran’s parents met, married and their struggles and traumas along the way. We also learn of how Kiran became a vision painter against all odds.

The myriad of emotions this book evoked went far beyond any I’ve experienced for quite sometime when reading a book. In the span of minutes I went from a calm and serene feeling, to a laugh out loud humour and intense anger and back again to calm and serene.

The scenic descriptions are so vivid I could feel myself amongst the characters. I’ve never visited Kerala, India, so I took a look online after finishing this book. The photographs I found matched exactly the way I’d imagined Kerala to be. The Irish scenes are equally as well described.

There is actually two romances in this book. The romance between Kiran’s parents and the romance between Kiran and Ashley. But this book isn’t actually just a romance, it’s a story wrapped around a fantasy, which appears to be very real. A story full of love and hate with so many twists and turns I didn’t have a clue as to how it was going to end.

Each and every one of these well formed and multidimensional characters played an essential part in progressing the story forward to its climatic conclusion. Although this book ended, I feel these characters have a lot more to offer us. I would love to see at least one more book added to make a trilogy, more if possible. Although this book is a sequel, it can also be read as a standalone. But I would urge you to read Falling Colours first. You will be sorely missing out on a great read if you don’t. Plus it will give you the chance to get to know some of the characters better.

I eagerly await RJ Samuel’s next book. This one will join Heart Stopper and Falling Colours on my re-read pile.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

McKee by A.C Henley

Private Investigator Quinlan McKee goes where others fear to read. She doesn’t give a damn who she beats up, sets up, outwits, or even on occasion shoots. As long as McKee gets the job done and the case solved, that’s all that matters to her.

Ever since McKee’s pregnant cop partner, Grace, was murdered, McKee doesn’t seem to have any regard for her own life. That is until she meets Vivian Walsh.

Vivian Walsh is a detective. She plays by the rules, strictly by the book. She finds McKee more than a little attractive. But what will she think when she finds out just how McKee works and how close to the wind she sails? In Vivian’s world there is no room for flouting the law. But in a surprising turn of events McKee and Vivian find themselves working as a team.

McKee, is reluctant to embark on a relationship. She still loves Grace. But McKee finds it hard to resist tall blonde Vivian. Eventually, McKee overcomes her misgivings and admits that she finds Vivian attractive and the two women embark on a relationship. It doesn’t take both McKee and Vivian long to fall madly in love. Both women are secure in the knowledge that they’ve found ‘the one’. McKee is counting herself lucky to have found love twice in her life. All they have to do now is to stay alive long enough to live the happy ever after.

As the story progresses and we find out more about McKee’s background, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her and actually agreeing with some of her more unorthodox methods of dealing with the law breakers. In finding out the truth about her past, McKee is risking her very sanity. As the mystery and intrigue gets deeper, McKee finds herself almost at breaking point. Will Vivian’s love be enough to save her from the descent into madness?

This is a very well written and edited, fast paced, thrilling, chilling, page turning, dark detective novel set in Los Angeles and Chicago. This book is full to the brim of the most gruesome of cases. Child slavery, police corruption, family betrayal, gangsters, drugs, kidnapping and much more. Instead of the one case I was expecting, I found McKee and her counterparts leaping from one bloodthirsty case to another. So, there is plenty of action here. There is also a great underlying plot with a shocking outcome that I didn’t see. I’ll say no more as I don’t want to add any spoilers.

The romance part of the story commenced quite quickly and is hot. It simmers on throughout the book and kept me hoping both women would survive all that was being thrown at them. Some of the actual plot is a little unbelievable, but hey, this is fiction after all. Not meant to be taken too seriously. Although there is a serious side to this book and the crimes being committed are real enough, there is also a light hearted side to this book and I found myself laughing out loud at times.

Both McKee and Vivian are easy to get to know multidimensional characters. They interact well with the rest of the cast of characters, whether they are their friends or the criminals they are chasing.

This is rather a long book, but I was sorry to finish it. I found it very hard to put down. I would have loved to have read more about McKee and her friends, unfortunately, this is not to be. This book is a one off. I’ll definitely be adding this to my re-read pile.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Undisclosed Desires by Harper Bliss

High Rise Novella Two

This book continues directly on from where Fool For Love left off. This time featuring two of the secondary characters from Book One, Isabella and Nat.

Successful American writer Nat, had moved to Hong Kong to be with her lover, Claire. Claire had dumped Nat three years earlier and returned to New York. Since then Nat has been drinking too much and bedding pretty much any young woman in sight. She’s determined not to get hurt again.

Isabella is a psychiatrist and had been married to a man for fifteen years. Now she’s single and exclusively dating women at the moment. Isabella has her sights set on Nat. But Nat doesn’t want to know and tries pushing her into the arms of her friend Sophie. Will Isabella and Sophie hit it off? Or will Isabella hold out in the hope that Nat will eventually come round to her way of thinking?

I loved the first novella in this series, this second one is every bit as good. Harper’s writing is a pleasure to read. The book is a short, sweet page turner from start to finish. The characters all interact really well together. All are multidimensional and really easy to get to know and love. The scenic descriptions are vivid and I could easily picture myself being amongst the characters. Also, the story is hot, scorching hot.

This book does conclude and each is standalone. But you would be missing out on so much by not reading the first in the series. It really sets the scene for the books to follow.

I’m looking forward to the third in this series, hopefully soon.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Short Snippets and list of December Reads

Playing with Fuego by KG MacGregor

Daphne Maddox gave up her dream job in Boston to move to Miami to be with her lover. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. Three years later, Daphne is on her own working as a coordinator for the Miami Home Foundation, a non profit home builder.

Maribel Tirado Leon’s escapades have her doing community service at one of Daphne’s work sites. At first, Daphne and Mari don’t hit it off. As time passes they form an unlikely friendship.

Mari’s life is upmarket, yachts, clubs, fine restaurants, nothing but the best and a complete contrast to Daphne’s hand to mouth lifestyle. Love is in the air, but are the two women just too different? It may not matter when Daphne hears news that may well separate them forever.

This book started off really slowly. The characters are well formed, but not very endearing. Not one of KG’s best. Star rating 3/5


Spanish Heart by Rachel Spangler

Twenty year old Ren Molson is a lesbian, she’s also a virgin and doesn’t know any other lesbians. She’s now on a trip to Spain and she’s determined to change all this.

Twenty four year old Lina Montero is a Spanish/American tour guide. She also has plans. She wants to own her own tour company.

What Ren and Lina don’t bargain for, is falling in love with each other. Will this be just another holiday romance?

A nicely written coming of age story telling of a young woman’s angst as she tries to find herself. Star rating 4/5


Mistletoe by Lyn Gardner

When Diane Clarke was four years old, she sent a wish to Santa. The wish finally arrived in Santa’s hands thirty years later after being stuck in the lining of a sack. What can Santa do? Only children can get a wish from Santa. Not only that, what could Santa have to interest Diane now?

After some consultation with a Higher Power, a compromise is made.

Diane will be attending three Christmas parties. Santa send his leading Elf armed with three sprigs of mistletoe. Will Diane finally get her wish from thirty years earlier?

A heartfelt, well written seasonal romance. Star rating 5/5


Snow Falls by Gerri Hill

Jennifer Kincaid, (Jen) gets lost in the snow on her way to a writers workshop in Lake City, Colorado. To top it all, she’s almost killed and cut off from the rest of the world by an avalanche.

Reclusive Catherine Ryan Barrett, (Ryan) is hiding away in the mountains to escape her family name. All she wants is to spend the winter alone in her cabin with her two dogs and to write.

When Ryan saves Jen from the avalanche, her peace is over. Jen will have to stay with her for the next couple of months until the snow clears.

The two women become friends after a while. There is also an attraction between them. Will either woman act on it?

The spring thaw sees a reluctant Jen returning to her home in Santa Fe and to the man who wants to marry her. Jen’s departure leaves Ryan with an acute sense of loss. Could love be in the air, or is it too late?

A well written typical Gerri Hill romance in the tried and tested formula. I loved the characters and the book. Star rating 5/5


Heart Block by Melissa Brayden

Sarah Matamoros is happy with her life. She had immigrated from Mexico when she was nine years old. She has an eight year old daughter, Grace and works at her mother’s house cleaning company.

Rich and successful business woman, Emory Owen, has just one ambition, to succeed. Her society upbringing has demanded nothing less than success and being the best.

When Sarah and Emory meet at Emory’s deceased mother’s house after Sarah is employed to clear the house, sparks between them begin to ignite. But Sarah is straight, isn’t she? Plus there is a vast difference in their social standing. Can love work between them with the class division? Then there is Grace. She has a heart complaint and hasn’t been very well. Can Emory accept an instant family?

A nicely written romance, with the angst of coming out to the world. Star rating 4/5


New books read over the holidays

Sidecar by Ann McMan Star rating 5/5

A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore by Ann McMan Star rating 5/5

Windy City Mistletoe by Barrett Star rating 3/5

Gingerbread Hearts Various Star rating 3/5


Old Favorites re-read over the holidays

Carly’s Sound by Ali Vali Star rating 5/5

Braggin Rights by Kenna White Star rating 5/5

Sheridan’s Fate by Gun Brooke Star rating 5/5

Wicked Good Time by Diana Tremain Braund Star rating 5/5

One Summer Night by Gerri Hill Star rating 5/5

Survival of Love by Frankie J Jones Star rating 5/5

Skin Deep by Kenna White Star rating 5/5

Brilliant by Ann Roberts Star rating 5/5

Waking Up Gray by RE Bradshaw Star rating 5/5

The Secret of Lighthouse Pointe by Patty G Henderson Star rating 5/5

Always Faithful by Isabella Star rating 5/5


A Christmas Day To Remember by Trin Denise

Thirty two year old Kristen Mitchell, loves to go on a Christmas shopping spree. This Christmas, she’s going on a train full of hot and gorgeous lesbians to Chicago. Will Kristen find herself a bed warmer on the train?

Aeden Stamos has booked herself an exciting excursion on a train to Chicago. She knows the train will be full of beautiful women. Will Aeden find the ideal woman for a night of fun?

When Kristen and Aeden meet on board, both women realize they are in deep trouble. The attraction is strong and immediate. But they both have partners. How is this going to work? Although they can’t resist each other, what will happen afterwards? Will they even see each other again?

This is a beautiful, well written novella. Unfortunately, it’s far too short for me. I can never get enough of Trin’s writing.

Both Kristen and Aeden are great characters, multidimensional and easy to get to know and love. The scenic settings are so well described, I could almost hear the wheels of the train clattering along the tracks.

The story is very cleverly thought out and so hot, it’s steaming.

As the title suggests, there is far more to this book than the train ride. But far be it for me to put in any spoilers. There is a lovely little surprising twist for the reader along the way. I’d like to see these characters again, a book would be great, but another novella would be nice too.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Discreet Lesbian by Mackenzie Stone

Episode One

Mandy Blackwood has been strictly brought up and is a member of Eudora Baptist Church where homosexuality was strictly forbidden.

Mandy married Scott, the son of a minister. All is not well almost from the beginning of their marriage. Mandy and Scott find out they can’t have children, Mandy wants to adopt, but Scott isn’t so keen. They eventually adopted Patrick, but their marriage was on a downward spiral.

When Mandy met Kathleen Crutchfield and Kathleen kissed her, Mandy’s life was about to change forever. She had finally found out what had been missing from her life all those years.

Mandy and Kathleen are very much in love. But how will Mandy escape her loveless marriage without losing the son she loves? How will they escape the wrath of the church? Then of course, there is Kathleen’s family to escape from as well. Is their love doomed from the beginning?

Episode two

Mandy is still in her loveless marriage. She has to stay long enough for Patrick’s adoption to be finalised. Scott’s behaviour is getting worse. All Mandy wants is to get away from him and to be with Kathleen. She wants her freedom from Scott, the church and their small minded community. Will Mandy ever be free?

Scott wants to leave the air force. He has an offer he can’t refuse. One that also gives Mandy and Kathleen a bit of a break too. Unfortunately, Scott’s constant badgering causes Mandy to finally snap. She tells him about Kathleen. What follows on from this revelation apart from the severe beating Mandy receives, is a catalogue of life changing events

Episode Three

Mandy is forbidden to see Kathleen by her mother, Mary Crutchfield. Kathleen seems to have gone a little crazy since the death of her father. It appears that Mary has been successful in keeping the two women apart. Mandy hears some shocking news which will ensure they will never be together again.

Mandy is alone. It seems that most of the community know she is a lesbian and she suffers the unwanted attentions of the creeps of society. She also undergoes homosexual aversion therapy. Of course, she doesn’t stay there long and returns home. Instead of the divorce she thinks she’s getting, she finds out the old boys network has sided with Scott. Mandy loses everything, including her son. Drastic action has to be taken. Breaking the law may be the only answer. What will Mandy do?

Episode Four

Mandy, convinced there was no other way, was on the run with her son Patrick. Her husband Scott, will stop at nothing to track them down and have Patrick returned to him.

Mandy is helped by an underground network of lesbians to remain one step ahead of Scott to keep herself and Patrick safe. But will she be able to keep running?

Along the way, Mandy meets a lot of nice women. Among them is Robin. A woman with whom Mandy feels she can have some sort of life. Mandy knows Kathleen was her soul mate, but Robin is a good woman and Patrick adores her.

Unfortunately, their happiness is short lived when the FBI catches up with Mandy. Patrick is taken from her screaming. Is this the end of the road? Has Scott won?

This story is told in four parts and as the title suggests, it’s Mandy’s story told in the first person point of view. The story actually reads like an autobiography rather than fiction. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but if you are expecting to read fiction, it comes as a surprise.

Each episode is quite short, making the length of the book short and although I did not pay for this book, (I was given a review copy) if I had, I would have been put out at the high price.

The story on the whole is good. I actually read each episode and took a break in between though. I found the subject matter hard going. Mandy had an abusive childhood. Then an abusive marriage. Unfortunately, I didn’t particularly like Mandy. She wasn’t a character that endeared herself to me. In fact, the way she went about pressuring Scott into adopting a child annoyed me. Scott obviously didn’t want a child, then she expected him to be a doting father. Having said this, I don’t in any way condone the abuse she suffered at Scott’s hands. Nobody deserves that.

As the story progressed, I found myself becoming more and more disillusioned with it. Throughout most of this book, there was nothing but negativity. I realize this is a story about a woman and her struggles to rid herself of an abusive marriage and the fight to keep her adopted son, but nothing really good happened in this story that lasted.

The book was well written and there is obviously going to be a second book. This one did not conclude. In fact, it ended abruptly and not on a good note for Mandy.

This is a book that in my opinion, isn’t a book to read for relaxation and fun. I’ve read books containing similar subject matters, most have some semblance of light heartedness in them, this hasn’t. So, not a book to read to cheer yourself up. It’s very depressing.

I am on the fence with this book, I neither really liked it or really disliked it. The fact that the story is to continue hasn’t made me want to read the next book either. But for anyone into abuse, religion or coming out stories, you may find this book of interest.

Fool for Love by Harper Bliss

Investment Banker, Maddie, is having a torrid affair with June, one of her married work colleagues. She’s tried many times to end the affair, but always gets sucked right back in again. This time she is really determined to end it, she knows it can’t go on. Will Maddie be able to keep the promise she’s made to herself?

Fitness instructor, Alex, is currently single after her girlfriend Rita cheated on her. She’s still feeling the pain of it all and won’t let herself get close to any woman again. Alex has moved in to an upmarket apartment block, The Ivy, to share an apartment with her friend Nat.

Maddie’s friend Isabella persuades her to go to the body combat class she attends. It’s here that Maddie and Alex meet for the first time. They both feel the pull of an attraction between them. Imagine their surprise when they bump into one another again the following morning in the elevator of the apartment block. Even more of a surprise to find out they both live in the same building. This surely must be a good omen. But will Maddie be able to move on from June? Will Alex be able to move on from the pain Rita caused her?

This is a fast paced story set in Hong Kong. Australian Maddie, is disillusioned with her love life and is considering moving back home. When she meets Alex, she decides to give herself one last chance at finding love. The story hops between Maddie and Alex and leaves nothing to the imagination, with the red hot mind blowing sex scenes.

Harper Bliss has started off the four book series running. The story is fast paced and I read it in one sitting. Good job I had the time, I wouldn’t have wanted to put it down.

The two characters featured, Maddie and Alex, both have hang ups about relationships. It’s great to watch them working out whether they can actually be in a relationship with each other. They are backed up by Maddie’s friend Isabella and Alex’s friend Nat. The story weaves seamlessly through all their four of their lives until it reaches the end.

All of the characters are easy to get know and interact well with each other. It was easy for me to visualize the scenery so that I was a part of the story, not just reading it.

I’m looking forward to the second book in the series asap. I’ll re-read this one first as it’s a short and enjoyable read.

Manhattan Moon by Jae

Psychiatrist, Shelby Carson, works in a busy emergency room. Outwardly, Shelby is just like any other busy, hard working doctor, except she is hiding a secret. Shelby is a Wrasa, a shape shifter. Shelby can’t afford to let her guard down, not ever. No one must find out what she is.

Nyla Rozakis is a nurse in the emergency room. Nyla is human. She’s also got her eye on Shelby, quite oblivious of Shelby’s secret.

Shelby can’t help herself, even though she knows it’s wrong and nothing can ever come of it, she asks Nyla out. Shelby is smitten with her.

For Nyla, it’s a dream come true and she jumps at the chance of a date with Shelby. Will Shelby be able to keep the promise she’s made to herself to just go on one date with Nyla? What will happen if they are seen by other Wrasa? Both their lives could be in danger. Is Shelby willing to risk it? More to the point, what will Nyla do if she finds out about Shelby’s secret?

This novella is a spin off to Second Nature. As with all of Jae’s books I’ve read, this one is a page turner. However, I felt there were a few loose ends that could have been tied up, but due to the short length, haven’t been. It’s a shame really, because this novella could have been made into a longer book and then it wouldn’t have appeared to have been so rushed. But it’s still a worthwhile read.

Slices of Life by Georgia Beers

The Administrative Assistant

Married lawyer, Christine Davis is a player, a womanizer. She’s supposedly happily married to Jules, but is currently having an affair with Jenna. Jenna is getting tired of being Christine’s dirty secret, it’s time to do something about it. She quite likes the look of MJ, the UPS delivery driver.

The UPS Driver

Mary Jane Harter, (MJ) enjoys her job as a UPS driver. She meets lots of interesting people. She likes Jenna, the administrative assistant at Davis and Fichter, but she thinks Jenna is a cut above her. When MJ delivers some parcels to Sarah Holt, she likes the look of her too. But Sarah’s a straight, stay at home mom and married. May be she should ask Jenna out after all.

The Stay At Home Mom

Sarah Holt has been struggling to find out what she’s been missing. She’s been having illicit thoughts about her neighbour Rebecca. Is it just Rebecca she fancies, or could it be other women too? Sarah may find out when she’s opened her packages just delivered by MJ. She does get a bit of an eye opener, but she gets a bigger eye opener when she attends a meeting with her son’s teacher, Cassidy Freeman. She now knows for sure it’s not just Rebecca, Cassidy is so hot, Sarah’s knees almost buckle.

The Teacher

Cassidy Freeman thinks Jeremy Holt’s mother Sarah is hot. It’s a good job she’s meeting a new woman, Deb, later on a blind date at a bar. Unfortunately, Cassidy gets stood up by Deb. The bar tender brings her out a plate of appetizers, compliments of the house, followed shortly by an appearance of chef Kate Martindale. Kate asks Cassidy to Sunday brunch. Her evening wasn’t a wash out after all.

The Chef

Kate Martindale couldn’t believe she’d asked Cassidy out. The woman had to be twenty years younger than her own fifty five years. Kate has been looking after her dying younger brother and needs a break. But should she really have asked Cassidy out? When Kate calls into her regular coffee shop and Lindsay serves her, suddenly everything looks brighter.

The Barista

Lindsay Curtis likes the chef. She comes in everyday. Lindsay herself has a girlfriend, Cara. Cara is fifteen years older than her and very hot. Lindsay is a writer of erotica in her spare time. She decides to write a story based on the chef. When Cara returns home, Lindsay’s more than ready for her.

The Massage Therapist

Cara White is a massage therapist. She mostly enjoys her job. Today she’s tired after a night of steaming hot sex with her lover Lindsay. When her old school coach comes in for her regular massage, Cara finds herself talking about their lives for the first time ever. Including the fact that she’d had a crush on Geri’s life partner, Lisa Hargrave, her old English teacher.

The Landscape Architect

Geri Scott was not happy. She really doesn’t want to retire. But she’s in pain most of the time with arthritis. The massages help her a little. She decides to get a bottle of wine in Dorian Garrison’s shop on her way home. She chats to Dorian about retiring. When she gets home, she has an announcement to make to Lisa.

The Wine Shop Owner

Dorian Garrison’s wine shop isn’t doing too well with all the big stores opening up. She’s been very down. She goes to her local pharmacy to get her anti anxiety meds. Liv, the pharmacist, comes up with a couple of ideas. In fact, Dorian is almost certain Liv has asked her out.

The Pharmacist

Olivia Keegan, (Liv) is very happy in her job. But she has a very low opinion of herself. She is always wanting to change herself into something she’s not. Now she’s joined a gym. She thinks she’s too fat. She has an appointment with Julia Hastings to discuss her fitness regime. Julia gives Liv a pep talk. Now Liv is really looking forward to seeing Dorian later.

The Fitness Instructor

Julia Hastings is a fitness instructor. She gives out lots of sound advice on self esteem and fitness. She’s now about to take some of her own advice. Her wife Christine has been cheating on her for a long time. It’s time to do something about it.

This book of short stories has been written in a surprisingly clever way. Each story connects to the previous one. This happens right the way through the book until the last story which has actually gone a full circle and leads back to the first story.

I loved each story. Most leave you to draw your own conclusions, but the hint is there as to how they will end.

I shouldn’t have expected anything less though from a book written by Georgia Beers. I’ve enjoyed all her books. This one is no exception. It’s very well written and although the stories are short, the characters have a depth to them that some writers fail to achieve in short stories.

Fire and Ice by Ali Spooner

Irish Immigrant, Blackie Walker, struck lucky when she arrived in Boston from Ireland. She landed a job at The Hennessey Pub. A pub with a side line of ladies of the evening in what was known as The Hen House. The pub is run by Kayla, her twin brother Ray runs The Ring among other interests, the not so legitimate side of their business empire.

Blackie tends the bar and does numerous other odd jobs around the place, nothing is too much trouble for her. Soon Blackie is a loved and trusted, adopted family member. The girls, staff and customers all look up to her.

Blackie is secretly in love with singer Lily and when Lily’s life is threatened by a stalker, Blackie goes all out to help the Boston Police find the perpetrator. The case soon gets complicated though as the police uncover some evidence that sends all concerned reeling. Lily is not the only girl being stalked. In fact one girl has been sadistically and ruthlessly killed. Will the police find the killer before he strikes again?

When the police do find the evidence they need and make an arrest, it becomes apparent that the killer may get away with the murder by pleading insanity. What can be done to make the murderer pay for his sins? More to the point, who will make the murderer pay for his sins?

Enter Bella, a VIP business associate of Kayla and her family. If Blackie thought she was smitten with Lily, she’s doubly smitten and enchanted by the dark and gorgeous sexy Bella. But Blackie doesn’t consider herself to be good enough for Bella. The thing is, will Blackie be quite so enamoured with Bella when she finds out what she does for a living?

This book begins in late 1940’s Boston. It is a well written page turner from the first page through to the last page. There are many twists and turns along the way making it a one sitting read. There is a delicious romance sizzling away at the core of the story, hot and steamy too.

Each of Ali Spooner’s stories are varied and very different from any of her others. This makes her a master storyteller in my opinion. When I pick up one of her books, I know I’m going to get a good read. Her writing grows and improves with each book she publishes. Her characters are multidimensional and easy to get to know and love. The scenic settings of the story are so vivid, I could visualize and actually feel myself transported back in time amongst the characters, experiencing first hand the events that are playing out. A sign for me that the writing is good and the story enthralling.

I have been so taken with Ali Spooner’s stories, that I simply had to go and buy everything I could find that she’s written. I’m hard pressed not to read everything back to back. I believe that Ali Spooner is destined to become a big name in in lesbian fiction once readers discover her books.

There are a few odd typos, but nothing that detracts from the story and the price is so reasonable, that I can easily look past them. If you are looking for a great story, with some great characters and a comfortable easy read, look no further. Give this one a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.