Monday, 17 February 2014

My Everything by Alane Hotchkin

Book Two in the Blackhawk Chronicles

Fate is finally catching up to Detective Alex Canton. Her life is on a downward spiral. Alex is learning just what the beginning of the end means. Although Alex is madly in love with Nikki McLoud, it doesn’t stop her womanizing, lies and deceit. What price will Alex have to pay? How and where will it all end?

Although Nikki is still deeply in love with Alex, how much more of the verbal and physical abuse will her mind and body be able to stand?

Nikki’s life is in a state of disarray. She has friends and family, but hides her dark secrets from them. No one can help her if she won’t let them in. But, Nikki can’t ever tell, can she?

Who can Nikki really trust out of the three women in her life? All are hiding secrets. All are darkly dangerous in different ways. There will only be one woman in the end to help Nikki and protect her from danger. But who?

Will Nikki find the courage to fight back? Will she find the confidence to reach out for the love she so deserves?

Another well written and exciting page turning second book in the Blackhawk series. Every bit as edge of the seat as the first book. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down and was hooked from the first page. I’d advise starting this early in the day for a one sitting read.

We meet the same well developed characters we met in the first book, The Beginning of the End and also some new ones too. This book could standalone, but I strongly advise reading the first book to get the background on the characters. You’ll be missing out on a great story and introduction if you don’t.

Alane Hotchkin has once again written a book that has me champing at the bit for the next in the series. Her writing flows, there are ups and downs, plus twists and turns throughout so I never knew what would be coming next. A book full of surprises.

This is not an easy read in parts. It’s dark, gritty and the emotions radiate off the pages. But, there is hope that shines through the darkness. Hope that these women will find comfort and peace. Another definite re-read for me. In fact, to get the full impact of this blockbuster of a series, I’ll be reading the first two books again before the final part.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Interludes by JD Glass

Short stories

Fear Less
An erotic story of writing about love as opposed to just sex. Hot and steamy.

Punk Like Me – You Say It’s Your Birthday
Samantha and Nina have a birthday gift giving moment on the beach.
Short and sweet

First Blood – I’ve Got You
Samantha and Francesca have deepened their bond. But Samantha being the Wielder and dormant functions coming to life has an effect on her and Fran.
Scorching hot.

Glass Lions – Wild Thing
Fran and Nina go home together after a party and they do far more than just talk.
A nicely written sweet encounter

The Night Garden – Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic
Ann is the Wielder and has begun a relationship with Candace. Candace wants to know about the shadow around Ann.
A sexy and emotional story.

Punk and Zen: The Remix – Love Is...
Nina and Fran are in a relationship. When the past collides with the present, they reach out, showing how close and deeply in love they’ve become.
Emotionally charged story.

Con – Summertime
Jean and her family attend a fireman’s camp for their summer vacation. Jean’s best friend, Linda is also there. Feelings and emotions come to the surface and the truth finally comes out.
Tender and sweet story of hidden feelings.

Red Light – Saint Patrick’s Day
Tori and Jean are having a get together with Jean’s extended family on Saint Patrick’s Day. They decide they need some alone time and go off somewhere quiet.
A hot and erotic story of true love.

Punk Like Me – Homework
Nina and Kerry Find out how deep their friendship is, then have to try it out all over again.
Steamy and hot.

First Blood – Unspoken Truth 
Samantha and Fran enjoy a break from their training. While waiting for Fran to return with their drinks, Samantha gets to thinking. Although they claim not to be together, it’s more than apparent they are.
A hot story of being in love and being loved.

Punk and Zen – The ReMix Truer Words
After a phone call out of the blue, Fran and Nina have to confront issues they’ve avoided. Nothing can take away their deep love for one another though.
Hot and spicy.

Glass Lions – Crayons In The Box
A conversation at work and a misleading declaration makes Nina confused and unsettled. Fran is there to reassure her. Showing is always nicer than explaining verbally.
Sweet and hot.

Core Iss 2 – Running With Scissors 
Nina’s in Spain on her own. This is giving her time to think and assess where she’s been, where she’s going and who she misses and loves.
A reflective journey of self discovery.

Red Light – After The Shooting Is Done
Tori and Jean have to deal with a dangerous call and it’s aftermath as part of their jobs on the Emergency Medical Service.
An exciting story. Plus how far a person would go in the name of love.

X – Breaking Through 
Anna is in the middle of a rescue mission. When she gets a few minutes, her thoughts go on to Charli and the honesty of their recent exchange. Now she wants to reveal herself to Charli.
A story of getting to know and trust one another.

Interludes is a well written, eclectic collection of short stories, mainly starring the colorful characters from the books of JD Glass.

Some of these characters are old favorites of mine, some are new. All are fully developed, multidimensional and interact well with their counterparts.

On the whole, these stories are erotic, hot and steamy. But, unlike some erotica, there is an actual story being told, it’s not all about sex. So, if you are looking for some hot and steamy short stories, look no further. Plus, whether you’ve read any of JD’s books yet or not, why not start now to whet your appetite for more?


Monday, 10 February 2014

Deception by Terry Baker

When I started up my blog, I thought I would be  keeping it solely for reviews of the lesbian fiction books I read and want to review. Today, I’m making an exception to this self imposed rule.

In the last week or so, there has been a lot of dissension amongst the lesbian community. This is mainly due to a male author posing as a female. Not only posing as a female for anonymity and writing purposes, but by publicly stating he is a woman interested in women on Facebook. Thereby duping lesbians into interacting personally with him.

Some of these women are vulnerable. Some have a fear of men. Some have been abused, or raped by men. I have one such vulnerable friend I met online several years ago. I won’t go into the story, it is not mine to tell. But suffice it to say, I feel guilty on her behalf. I introduced her to RR’s books and in a knock on effect him. She is in a dark place now and back seeing a counsellor.

I will only, where possible, read and review books written by lesbians for lesbians. So, I’ve been duped too. But, this isn’t the issue here. The issue that some people just can’t seem to get is, that this man has deceived the lesbian community. That I can’t forgive. But, it appears that some are ready to forgive and forget, their prerogative, but don’t expect me to.

This person has caused a division in the lesbian community. What he has done is truly despicable. But, all the time people stand up for him and others like him, this will keep happening.

The ultimate betrayal was in my inbox the other day. A lesbian hating man, J. Darroll Hall, was allowed by a fellow lesbian, Henriette, to join a mainly female online chat group. There are vulnerable women on this chat group. Women who trust that the group owners and moderators will look after their best interests. This was not done in this instance. I took the bull by the horns and contacted one of the other group owners. This person has now been removed. But, the question I’m now asking myself is, ‘are any of us safe on these groups’? We trust that our best interests are being looked after. But, how safe are we?

The person I have to personally thank for bringing all this to the attention of everyone is the very brave author and my friend, Trin Denise. She’s been publicly vilified on more than one occasion, but still she battles on sticking her neck out time and again. She deserves a medal and we should all be backing her up, not these creatures who prey on women for monetary gain.

I have been unfriended by some so called friends on Facebook for my part in these sorry states of affairs. I don’t care. In fact good. I don’t need people in my life who haven’t got my back and the backs of my fellow lesbians. There will be more unfriending being done, by me, before I’ve finished.

So, for anyone looking for my reviews of Robin Roseau’s books, you won’t find them. I’ve deleted them, hopefully from everywhere I posted them. If you think I’ve done the wrong thing, then please feel free to unfriend me. I don’t need or want people who condone deception in my life.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fire and Ice by Gaëlle Cathy

Twenty year old college student, Emma Beckett and her family are taking a break in New Hampshire after a vicious attack on a family member in New York City. They need a place to feel safe and heal.

When Emma meets glass artist, Charlie Campbell, sparks begin to fly between them. But given Charlie’s colorful past and her reluctance to have a steady relationship, plus Emma’s past history, their fledgling romance is struggling to ignite.

Just as Emma and Charlie are beginning to relax and love is smoldering between them, a deep dark family secret rears its ugly head. It’s not only Emma and Charlie’s relationship that is threatened, but also Emma’s relationship with her family.

Will Emma and Charlie’s love be strong enough to survive in the face of adversity? Does love or should love have the ability to heal and conquer all?

This is the second book I’ve read by this author. I liked the first very much. On the whole, the book is well written. The characters are multidimensional and the deep dark family secrets are well portrayed. I have to say, that I enjoyed the storyline in this book and liked the characters very much to begin with. But as the book progressed, alarm bells began to ring for me. The storyline seemed to be going off on a tangent that I neither liked or can condone. At this stage, I hoped I was wrong. (It wouldn’t be the first time)! Unfortunately, once I got to near the end of the book, I found my fears were realized.

The ending is controversial and may not be liked by all.


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Quickening by Yvonne Heidt

Book Two of the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy

Psychic medium, Sunny Skye, is the head investigator and founder of the Sisters of Spirits, a paranormal society. They specialize in helping people to understand what they can’t actually see. Sunny’s helped by her partners, Shade and Tiffany. Each woman has a slightly different role in their interactions with the paranormal. This book is mainly based around Tiffany, her family and her ability to read people and places by touch.

The gift Tiffany has is good for the people she is able to help, but can also be a big drawback in her personal life, as she can’t allow herself to have much human contact. Tiffany manages to keep her life on an even keel. She has to as a single mother with a young daughter, Angel. However, when Tiffany meets Katerina Volchosky, (Kat), when Kat calls upon the Sisters of Spirits for help, her life changes dramatically in ways she never thought possible.

Kat is a reporter. She hates reporting on all the violence and she is determined to make this story her last. Kat has been asked by the police to act as a go between between them and the Sisters of Spirits to try to connect with a serial killers victims and provide clues and evidence to the murderers identity. When Kat meets Tiffany, she is convinced she is the flame haired priestess, Tanna, her soul mate, from her past. She’s been seeking her for years. Is Kat right? If she is, will Tiffany remember her past from centuries ago?

Tiffany has been having nightmares that she’s being chased through some woods. But, who is chasing her and why? Are her dreams part of reality?

Ancient curses abound and the closer the team get to the murderer, the louder and more frequent Tiffany’s nightmares become? Can the past be connected to the present?

As the case progresses, Tiffany is sickened, she is sure she knows who the killer is. If Tiffany is right, it could change her life and the lives of those she loves forever.

Another wonderfully well written, page turning book from the pen of up and coming lesfic writer, Yvonne Heidt. I’ve read all of Yvonne’s books and they are superb. This is one of her best to date.

I love this series. I love the characters, they are fully formed and interact so well together. Yvonne has included the characters from her first in the series, The Awakening, and skilfully written in new characters to enhance and progress this story right through to it’s explosive ending.

There is a perfect mix of mystery, romance and paranormal intrigue to keep the reader engrossed and invested in this series. This book will standalone, but I strongly advise you to read The Awakening first. You’ll get to know the characters and also have another great book to read and enjoy. 

This story took me completely by surprise. I never would have guessed how it was going to twist and turn, let alone how it would end. I enjoyed the paranormal theme running through the true to life cases these girls do their utmost to solve.

Unfortunately, this book has ended in a cliff-hanger. Not just a small cliff-hanger, but one where I am left devastated and bereft because I’ll no doubt have to wait a long time for the last in the series to find out what happened. I don’t do waiting very well. But then all good things come to those who wait. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself.

Although I’ve read The Awakening twice, I will be reading it again along with this book before reading the last in the series. These are books to re-read and savor.


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Year of the Monsoon by Caren J Werlinger

Leisa Yeats has a good life.She has a loving family, her relationship with her wife of ten years, Nan, couldn’t be better and she enjoys her job working with children.

Suddenly within weeks, everything changed and Leisa’s well ordered life spirals downwards out of control.

Leisa has always known she was adopted, but never asked for any details. Then she discovers a web of secrets and lies her parents have kept from her for years. Now Leisa begins to question her whole beginning and existence.

Unfortunately at almost the same time, her relationship with Nan goes on the rocks. Nan has kept a deep dark secret from Leisa the whole of their time together. Leisa has totally lost her trust for Nan and her faith in their relationship. Will she ever be able to forgive Nan?

Everything Leisa held dear and believed in has come tumbling down around her and is being swept away. In her haste for some normality in her life, Leisa lets the wrong people in. Leisa is lost and floundering in the stormy waters of her once calm and well ordered life. Who can Leisa reach out to? Who can Leisa hold on to as she is tossed around in the muddied waters of the storm?

Another superbly well written, turbulent, blockbuster of a story from the very talented master storyteller, Caren J Werlinger. This is a story of strife and new beginnings. A story with real, true to life characters that will stay with me for a long time. This isn’t an emotionally easy read, but has some nice light hearted humor to lighten the darkness.

This story fits in so well with the title. How life can be on an even keel, ticking along nicely, then something like a virtual monsoon comes along to devastate it. One thing piles on top of another, destruction and upheaval reign supreme, then the waters go down and life begins to once again get back on track. Not without more stormy waters along the way though. Once the monsoon is over, life can begin again, although not as it once was. Life changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

This story of Leisa and Nan’s lives got under my skin. I was gripped from the very first page and I couldn’t get through it quick enough to find out if their relationship survived against all the odds. These two well developed, multifaceted characters were backed up by a wealth of equally wonderful characters. Some good, some bad, but all playing an important part in the story. 

Caren J Werlinger never writes two books with any similarities in the stories, just consistently good writing. So, when picking up one of her books, I know I’m in for a refreshingly different read each time with a good story where romance doesn’t over shadow the plot. Another book for my re-read folder.

Absolution by S. Anne Gardner

Cristina Uraca Alacala has been searching for the truth about her past for most of her life. She keeps hitting a brick wall whichever way she turns. Her grandmother is determined the truth will remain buried. Unfortunately, this means Cristina’s world is filled with deceptions and lies.

Wealthy socialite, Annais Francesca D’Autremond, (Francesca) comes into Cristina’s life like a whirlwind and plays a big part in Cristina’s quest for answers.

Cristina and Francesca find themselves deeply attracted to one another and begin a tumultuous affair. As the truth begins to emerge and their passion is burning brightly, the truth is surpassed. It’s possible that Cristina’s search for the truth and with past and present passions inflamed, they may both be crushed in the turmoil that ensues.

This is a story that I couldn’t put down. Right from the first page through to the last page I was hooked right in. There are so many twists and turns, secrets, lies and deceptions, the book is a veritable hot bed of emotions. The book is fairly short, so I didn’t have to wait too long for the dramatic, climatic ending. I have to say though, although I enjoyed the book all the way through, the ending didn’t sit well with me. I’ve no intentions of putting in any spoilers or putting anyone off of buying this book. You would have to read it yourself and form your own opinion. I’ll just say, that I’m pleased I read the story.

The book is well written, Cristina and Francesca are characters that I won’t be forgetting. I finished the book a few days ago, but the story is still going round in my head. I will definitely re-read this one as I’m sure I’ll get more from it the second time round.


See Right Through Me by L. T. Smith

School teacher, Gemma Hughes, is a regular, ordinary person. She’s a down to earth what you see is what you get woman and takes life in her stride. The fact that her life is disorganized and she’s like a bull in a china shop adds to her charm, especially for Doctor Maria Moran.

When Gemma and Maria first meet in the x-ray department at the hospital where Maria works,  the attraction is immediate and deep. Gemma doesn’t realise though that Maria has seen her before. But where? And will Maria tell Gemma? Gemma and Maria begin to date. But what happens when things begin to get serious between them and Gemma begins to doubt Maria? What happens when Gemma listens to other people without consulting Maria? Is Maria hiding something? Or is Gemma so insecure that she believes the hateful gossip over the woman she loves and should be trusting?

Will Gemma see the truth before she destroys the one thing she’s waited for her whole life? True love.

Unfortunately, Gemma has a habit of opening her mouth and putting her foot right in it. So, the situation has a fifty fifty chance of going either way.

I’ve read a few books by L.T Smith and loved each one of them. This one is no exception. This book is well written and hilarious in parts. The story is told in the first person, entirely by Gemma, including all her thoughts and actions. The story is set in England and there are obviously a lot of Britishisms and British humor in it. I think it’s easy to follow, but then I’m British.

Gemma is a loveable klutz. A bit accident prone, so this causes some real laugh out loud moments throughout the book. Maria is exactly the opposite, steady and solid. She knows what she wants out of life and grabs it with both hands. Including Gemma.

Gemma and Maria have a wonderful chemistry between them which really comes through in the story. These two lovely ladies are backed up by a strong cast of secondary characters that enhance and allow the story to flow along nicely to its satisfying conclusion.

I’m looking forward to reading more from L.T Smith soon.


Summer's End by Harper Bliss

A Novella

Emily Kane leaves London for Asia after breaking off her engagement to Jasper. On the last lap of her journey, Emily stays at a boarding house in Ko Samui owned by an alluring older lesbian, Marianne. Immediately the pieces fall into place and Emily realizes what she has suspected for years and pushed to the back of her mind, she’s attracted to women. Emily and Marianne are deeply attracted to one another. But, Emily has to return to London, can a long distance relationship with a big age gap really be possible?

Marianne had left the UK under a cloud herself and has her own demons to deal with. Will the allure of Emily amongst the sun, sea and the sand be enough to heal her broken heart? Will Marianne ever be able to move on from her past and confess her deepest darkest secret?

Another well written, wonderful erotic romance from the Queen of erotica, Harper Bliss. I was totally hooked on the story from the very first page right through to the last page and was sorry when the book ended.

Both Emily and Marianne are emotionally vulnerable. Given the fifteen year plus age gap too, they seemed to be set to fail. But, age is just a number. I was pleased to see that Emily and Marianne overcame that particular obstacle. Whether they overcome the rest, you will have to read the book to find out.

Emily and Marianne are both well developed characters and the scenic settings were so well described, I could almost smell the ocean and I felt as though I was on the beach with them.

If you are looking for a hot romance book, look no further. This is one of Harper’s best yet.


Guilty Hearts by Jade Winters

As a successful interior designer, Kathryn’s life shouldn’t just be ambling along in a mundane manner. But it is. She’s trapped in a loveless, boring marriage and she is in dire need of some excitement.

Rachel is a young, out going journalist and her life is fun filled. Mainly filled with one night stands, but exciting none the less.

When Kathryn and Rachel meet under contrived circumstances, the attraction between them is immediate, mutual and deep. If only their meeting had been coincidental things between them may have not taken the turn for the worse it did.

As time passes and attraction turns to love, will their chance of a happy ever after be lost when the truth finally comes out?

A lovely well written story of a deception with a slow and tender romance burning brightly throughout. There are a number of exciting twists and turns along the way, making this book more than just a simple romance.

The two main characters, Kathryn and Rachel, are fully developed and backed up by a wonderful cast of characters all essential in progressing the story forward.

From the outset I felt an affinity with all the characters and their lives. Although Kathryn is closeted, married and successful, she’s also a novice where love is concerned. Rachel is a bit of a player, but is also a novice at love. When these two women meet and begin to get to know one another, I felt their yearning and vulnerability shine through the pages. In my minds eye I was egging them on to get together.

I would dearly love to see a sequel with these characters. The book ended all too soon for me.

Unbreakable by Joann Lee

Lynn Feoras, her wife Alexis and their daughter Calista, are leading a near perfect life. Just one more thing would make their life perfect, a baby. Lynn is trying and failing to get pregnant. Unfortunately, this is the one thing for all Lynn’s money, she can’t buy.

Life is full of ups and downs for Lynn and her family. A move to New York, many doctors visits to the fertility clinic, a tour, is it any wonder Lynn is so stressed out?

Out of the blue, a blast from the past hits Lynn square on. Is she ready for it? How will it affect her and her family? More to the point, because of it, Lynn begins to question her ability to be a good parent. Will Lynn and Alexis’s relationship be strong enough to withstand all they are going through?

This is the long awaited sequel to Broken Star, which I really loved. The same characters are here once again, plus some really interesting new ones. My favorite is Morgan. You’ll see why when you read the book.

While Broken Star had a lot of intrigue and suspense, this book focuses more on the family life of Lynn and Alexis, although it does have its suspenseful moments. There are twists and turns throughout that kept me turning the pages quickly to find out how the family fared.

Joann Lee has covered the subject of IVF, relationships and family life as a whole very well. It was nice to get a bit more of Lynn’s background and see what has made her the woman she now is.

There are some steaming hot and erotic scenes too, not so many that they overshadow the actual story though. I think the balance is perfect.

There are a few typos throughout the book. But not enough to pull me out of the story, so I can easily forgive them for the price of the book.

If you like a romance that is centered around a wonderful loving family, look no further. This is it.


Flight by Kate Christie

In June 1993, in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, Ashley (Ash) Lake’s life is on a downward spiral. When Ash was three years old, she lost both her parents in a plane crash. Ash was the sole survivor out of the plane load of people. Now Ash’s beloved Aunt Selma, who had raised her has died from the cancer she bravely fought so hard. Ash is now all alone in life. As well as still suffering from the survivors guilt she’s battled most of her life, Ash is now wondering if her life is cursed.

While Aunt Selma was bravely fighting cancer, Ash put her up and coming school track and field events and plans for college on hold. Now the battle has been lost, Ash decides to go to New York City with her gay best friend, Austin Taylor.

Ash knows she is just marking time until she makes a decision about where her life is heading. She is still hoping to attend college to pursue her love of running. It’s here in New York City that Ash finally finds her true self.

Some of the things that draw me into Kate Christie’s writing are that her books are well written, well edited, well researched and no two stories are even similar. She is a fantastic storyteller.

This is a young adult book with a sports theme running through it. But, don’t let that put you off if you are over twenty one. I could identify with a lot of the emotionally charged feelings in this story. It is a book with tragedy and loss as well as love and hope and finding oneself and coming to terms with what and who you are. There is a nice sense of humor throughout too. This story will stay with me a long time.

This is not a typical romance. In fact, romance plays a small part and doesn’t come in until very late in the book. It’s the story of Ash’s life and her journey to find herself that takes up most of this book.

The story is set pre 9/11 and from the scenic descriptions, I could immerse myself fully in with the characters and live their lives along side of them back in the 1990’s. Kate Christie covered a lot of ground and emotional topics, AIDS, homophobia, self discovery, friendship, family, coming out. All written with a sympathetic understanding.

I have just one thing I wasn’t too keen on, I would have preferred more of Nic and Ash together and less of Drew and Ash.

I believe there is room for a sequel with these characters. Whether Ash’s happy ever after is with Nic or someone else, they have plenty more to tell us and entertain us with.


Echo's Revenge by Linda Kay Silva

Empath and Mentor, Echo Branson, is heading towards one of the biggest challenges she’s ever faced. She has to go head to head with her evil father and she must also try to destroy the Genesys Laboratories and all they stand for.

Echo finds herself in a situation of someone else’s making. She’s caught up in a web of deceit and intrigue. Echo has to make a plan to save the supernaturals Genesys is holding prisoner on a remote Hawaiian island. Will Echo come up with the perfect plan? Will Echo be in time to save some of the people she loves?

Echo finds herself alone in the lab where Genesys carries out agonizing experiments on supernaturals like her. Echo must draw on every bit of strength she possesses to win this battle. Echo becomes aware of super powers she had no idea existed other than in myth. Unfortunately, Echo can’t save everyone she loves and holds dear. She has to face her darkest fears if she is to destroy her creator and Genesys once and for all. The time has come to fight back any which way she can, it’s war.

Another exciting, riveting, page turning read in this brilliant series. Each book gets more exciting and it’s harder to wait for the next in the series. We have many of the characters from the earlier Echo books and some great new characters to enhance and progress the story. Each character is multidimensional and has been carefully created, written and woven into the story at just the right moment.

The one thing I really love about Linda Kay Silva’s books is, the characters from previous books remain the same. Plus the books are a nice length to get stuck in to.

Echo really comes into her own in this book. She’s super fit and steps up to kick ass when she needs to. No dithering, just straight in regardless of the consequences.

I’m not sure how many Echo books Linda Kay Silva has planned, but, I’m sure there must be more from the way this book ended. There is no cliff-hanger, but there is a terrific opening for the next in the series. I hope we won’t have to wait too long.