Friday, 30 March 2012

Twist of Fate by Syd Parker

Storm chaser Remy Tate is dedicated to her job. She lives, eats and breathes all things storm related. Her sole purpose is to try to devise a way to get the storm warnings out earlier and to try and save as many lives as possible. Remy has no time for anything else, not even love.

Sarah Phillips started her career as a meteorologist. But after meeting Remy eight years earlier, she decided on a career change to storm chaser. Sarah’s encounter with Remy was more than just work related, she ended up in Remy’s bed, having the best sex of her entire life. Eight years later she is still thinking about it.

Remy and Sarah both have pleasant memories of that one night of hot sex. Remy would like a repeat performance, but Sarah will never make the same mistake again of a one night stand with Remy.

Will Remy realize there is more to life than one night stands and storm chasing? Will Remy persuade Sarah to give love a chance? Will Sarah relent and allow Remy in to her heart?

I love this book. I think it is an exciting, well written and researched story involving violent tornadoes, storm chasers and has a hot romance at it’s heart, so hot it is sizzling. Right from the first page, I was hooked right in. It is a page turner from start to finish and a book I was sorry to reach the end of. I read this book in practically one sitting, I couldn’t put it down.

The story has the two main characters, Remy and Sarah, I couldn’t help myself hoping they would finally see sense and get together. Also there is Sarah’s cousin and her storm chasing partner, Parker. Plus Remy’s storm chasing partner, Carmen. The interaction between all the characters is brilliant. The humor throughout is of the laugh out loud sort. Which in turn tones down the seriousness of the actual story for those who are faint hearted, but does not, for one minute, take away the importance of the situations and the story being told.

Syd Parker is a fairly new author. Each book she publishes shows her growth as a writer. One of the things I really love about Syd’s books is that the stories are always so varied and different in content and are centered around a romance.

It is my honest opinion that Syd Parker is heading down the path to becoming a big name in lesfic writing.

This particular book would make a brilliant TV drama or even a film. It has the excitement, story and scenery to hold an audience. Think Twister, think Twist of Fate. Both entirely different stories but the excitement is the same ‘edge of the seat’ sort.

Well done Syd, this is another for my growing collection of books to re-read. I can’t wait for your next book now!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

L As In Love Book Four by Ruth Gogoll


This book carries on from where book three ended with the same group of friends plus some new ones added.

Writer Anna Lessing is in therapy. She’s trying to find a solution to her intimacy problems. That’s fine until she becomes attracted to her psychotherapist. There’s just a few problems with this. Her therapist is straight, she’s married and she never mixes business with pleasure anyway.

Carolin and Rebekka are enjoying married life. That’s when they see each other. Rebekka is still working all hours to keep her business afloat.

Silvia is still grieving the loss of her wife, Karla. Although Silvia has a constant stream of women, she can never allow herself to fall in love again.

Thea finds a new job and a rather interesting and surprising love interest.

Chris is not giving up hope on Sabrina making a full recovery.

Rick has a new woman in her life, but still carries a torch for Melly.

Melly will only have the odd one night stand. She can’t possibly allow herself to get involved with anyone.

Evelyn, Melly’s cook, wants to get to know Melly better. Will Melly have to let her go? She can’t work with someone knowing they want a relationship.

Marlene is still working in the porn business. She is currently living with her work colleague and friend, Carmen. Marlene is regretting losing Anita.

Anita begins seeing Anna again. Why would she do that? When Anita meets the obviously wealthy and attractive older woman, Tonia, sparks begin to fly between them. But what is Tonia hiding? Will poor, sweet, gullible Anita get hurt yet again?

This is another absolutely amazing addition to this wonderful series. A page turner that I just could not put down. A book I was sorry to see end.

I love losing myself in these books amongst the now well loved characters. I never know which way their lives are going to turn next. For better or for worse. As each book comes to an end, I feel a profound sense of loss and feel anxious as to how long I will have to wait for the next book to be published.

Like all the rest of the books in this series, this one does not disappoint. There is the consistency of good writing and the storylines are followed on seamlessly. The writing flows.

This book has all the usual drama’s, dilemma’s, heartbreak, and in places hilarity as the previous books. Oh, I should also add in here, in parts it’s so hot it’s smoking. In my opinion, this series would be great made into a film or a mini TV series. There is plenty to capture an audience.

I hope Book Five will appear soon. Very soon.

L As In Love Book Three by Ruth Gogoll


This book continues directly where book two ended and is mainly focused on Silvia Wilke.

Carolin and Rebekka’s love seems to be going from strength to strength. They are for the most part a devoted and happy couple. So, why isn’t Rebekka spending more time with Carolin? What secret is she hiding? Carolin loves Rebekka with all her heart, but how long will she let Rebekka get away with leaving her alone evenings and weekends?

Chris and Sabrina, once the ideal couple, the couple everyone thought was together forever, seem to be trying to work through their problems. Then Sabrina drops a bombshell. What secret has Sabrina divulged? Will Chris and Sabina get over this latest problem or will it be the end of their relationship?

Marlene is currently making porn films, of course she would rather be driving a truck, but beggars can’t be choosers. She has to earn some money to pay her bills. She certainly isn’t without a variety of women. But does she want any of them?

Thea is still around. She has broken the hearts of both men and women. Now it appears she is breaking her own heart. Will she ever find the love she is looking for?

Anna and Anita have got together. Anna is still carrying a torch for Sabrina. Can their relationship last under these circumstances? Anita is loveable and easy going, but how much will she put up with before she has had enough of being second best? Or will Anna see what she has right in front of her and change?

Rick, Carolin’s best friend is still yearning for Melly. This doesn’t stop her having dates with other women though.

Melly’s past catches up with her. Her long hidden, deep dark secret is revealed. Is this why she keeps women at arms length? What is going to happen to her now?

Last but not least, we come to Silvia, Melly’s sister. Silvia goes through the most devastating traumatic experience she is ever likely to have in her life. How is she going to cope? Will Silvia give up the will to go on living?

This is another wonderfully well written book in the L as in Love series. As with the previous two books, I found I couldn’t put it down. The book is a real page turner. I wanted to read fast to find out what was going to happen next. But I forced myself to slow down to savor the reading experience.

The characters are so true to friends we could and indeed probably do have in our everyday lives. It’s like being part of the group. We meet characters from the previous books, plus new ones are added in as the story progresses.

There is quite a mixture of different stories here, so there is a lot of different emotions. Sad, happy, some parts are humorous and some parts are hot, sizzling hot. It all comes together seamlessly for our reading pleasure.

I would advise getting book four ready to read right after this one. I simply can’t wait to get stuck in right away. A lovely book for a cold winter night in by the fire or equally great for a read on the beach.

How To Wrangle A Woman by Susan X Meagher

Brooklyn York is a celebrity. She works hard, she takes part in a talk radio show and has to be at work by 6.AM and her weekends are spent traveling all over the country doing one night shows.

Brooklyn isn’t in control of her life. She finds it hard to get in to any sort of routine with her odd working hours. She drinks a bit too much, pops the odd sleeping pills and can’t get up in the mornings. Her manager, Kat, is no help to her either. All Kat wants is her pay check, she does next to nothing to earn her money.

Matters come to a head when Brooklyn gets in to a spot of trouble. Spectrum, Brooklyn’s employers, hire a talent wrangler/babysitter to organize her life and to try and get her back on track. Brooklyn is not pleased.

Kerri Klein, is the woman hired to babysit Brooklyn. When Brooklyn meets Kerri, she finds she is not at all what she expected. Kerri soon gets settled in and begins to find that although Brooklyn is easy to get on with, she is going to find it hard to keep their relationship, business only. Kerri is drawn to Brooklyn in a way that is anything but professional. Will Kerri give in to her desires? Meanwhile Brooklyn is battling with her own desires. Which one will give in first? Or will both women decide to keep things on a professional level?

I have to say, that although I am a great fan of Susan Meagher’s books, this book did not grip me.The two main characters, Brooklyn and Kerri spent almost the entire book playing cat and mouse around one another and getting no where. I found them both extremely irritating. In my opinion, they did not suit one another right from the very beginning. Chalk and cheese can sometimes be good, but Brooklyn and Kerri just did not seem to gel.

Brooklyn has so many issues, which takes up a good part of the book and doesn’t get resolved until almost the end. Kerri has her own issues and problems, which also takes up most of the book and once again, does not get resolved until almost the end.

There is no real spark between these two women until, once again, almost the end. By which time I really couldn’t have cared if they got together or not!

I always look forward to any new release from this author. I’m really disappointed with this book. I tried so hard to like it, to like the characters and to like the story. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

I will buy Susan’s next book because she has given me hours of reading pleasure and I’ve dearly loved her other books. But I guess, there has to be the odd book that just doesn’t hit the spot.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Strangers by Dejay

Justina Murphy, (Murphy) had a miserable childhood with regular beatings from her mother. At the tender age of thirteen, she was betrayed by her best friend and outed. Her mother beat her within an inch of her life and threw her out onto the streets to fend for herself.

Somehow Murphy survived life on the streets and got her life into a semblance of order. Now thirty years later, she owns her own car wash business that is getting more profitable as each year passes.

Victoria Wainwright, (Vicki) works for the DCS, Department of Child Services. Murphy and Vicki meet when Vicki has to try to persuade Murphy to take in and care for two strangers. The two young girls are her nieces, Jesse and Brianna. Murphy’s deceased sister Bernadette’s daughters. Murphy had no idea they even existed after being estranged from her family for so long.

Murphy at first declines to help them. How can she stretch her sparse earnings three ways? Every extra cent she has is put back into the business. Murphy is used to solitude. How can she allow two strangers to disrupt her orderly existence? As it is, Murphy is living her life on the edge, struggling with secrets and a past she just can’t let go of. What will Murphy do?

Jesse is the eldest and had promised her mother to take care of her younger sister, Brianna. Bernadette explained that Murphy would need help and understanding if they were to have any chance of being a family together. Murphy hadn’t a clue what normal family life could be like. Jesse is also conflicted and confused by her feelings for another girl. She knows her aunt Murphy is a lesbian, but she also knows this is totally unacceptable in the catholic school both girls attend.

Inevitably when the two girls and Murphy live together, there are problems. Will Murphy be able to cope, or will she just give in?

During the course of solving some of these problems, the past comes back to hit Murphy full force. But it also gives up the answers to a thirty year old suicide, that Murphy has nursed close to her chest all these years.

Meanwhile in amongst all the family problems, Murphy finds herself attracted to Vicki. But Vicki is hiding a terrible secret. One which will not allow her to even consider pursuing a relationship with anyone. Ever. Will Vicki trust Murphy enough to reveal all to her?

When I read Dejay’s first book, Redemption, I didn’t think her writing or story telling could get any better. I was wrong. Redemption is a truly excellent book, but I think Strangers has the a slight edge over it. If asked why, I would say I preferred the storyline in Strangers. But this of course, is just my opinion. Both are wonderful books.

Dejay strikes me as an author who goes where other authors fear to tread. She doesn’t mind writing about controversial issues. This book, like her first, contains subject matter that not everyone will be comfortable with. But, please don’t let this put you off of buying this wonderfully well written book. Everything is written in a tasteful and sympathetic way. Sympathetic to the subject matter and the reader. There are no nasty graphic details in this book. Just fact, written with empathy and woven in to a beautiful story.

The characters are all well formed and easy to get to know, so that it is easy to feel part of the story. Each character is essential to progressing the story along.

From the first page I was hooked in to the story. I found myself rushing to find out what happened next. I had to slow myself down. This is one of those books I simply didn’t want to end. The whole book was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Full of twists and turns along the way. Leaving the reader breathless and wanting more. The element of mystery had me on the edge of my seat. The past and the present are all cleverly written so that the reader knows exactly where they are.

The book also made me think about the issues homeless people face. The animosity they come across and their fight for survival.

Dejay is a wonderful writer, she must have done extensive research for this book. It’s obvious that she cares about what she writes. Dejay is on my list of ‘must buy the books of authors’. This book is a definite re-read.