Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Hell Of Osirak by Jaye Rothman


British agent, Nikki Sinclair, is on an intelligence mission in South Africa. The question to be answered is- ‘is the assignment a cover up job, or is it genuine and crucial to the British government and security’?

Sinclair finds herself deep into an extremely dangerous undercover operation. Her position is fraught with danger and she fears for her life.

When Sinclair meets up with her ex lover, the lover she’s been unable to get out of her mind and is still deeply in love with, she is easily persuaded back into her bed. Unfortunately, Sinclair’s Mossad lover may not be all she seems, causing Sinclair to confront her demons and question her sexuality, integrity and whether she is still cut out for her job. Sinclair’s most pressing concern is getting out of Kinshasa in one piece.

Sinclair suffers a brutal assault carried out by another agent. She’s badly hurt physically and mentally and is forced to take time out of the field and sit behind a desk. She hates it.

When Sinclair is browbeaten into accepting another mission, before she’s mentally ready, she finds the assignment is her absolute worst nightmare. She is transported to a nuclear plant in Iraq as an undercover agent. It’s here that Sinclair has to fight hard to escape her demons, her passion for her ex lover and the worst nightmare of all, the sex crazed Pierre Harcourt.

Sinclair is at an all time low. Who can she trust? Her own side have betrayed her, her lover left her for dead after betraying her. Maybe it’s best to trust only herself and her own instincts. But, can she even trust herself?

This is Jaye Rothman’s debut novel. It’s a fast paced, action packed, thrilling spy story. I have no idea how any country runs their intelligence operations, so all I can say is, the storyline made perfect sense and appears to be very well researched.

The characters are well formed and multidimensional. They all play their parts very well, whether they are the goodies or the baddies.

I have no intention of putting in any spoilers. But I did have a few problems getting my head round the way Sinclair was treated by her own country after her return from a particularly dreadful mission and her being assigned a subsequent mission before she was ready. I wasn’t overjoyed with some of the violent sex scenes. But, it did appear to be essential to the story. I just found it very hard to take. This is only my own impressions of the horrific torturous events suffered by Sinclair over a period of time.

All in all, this book is very well written. The story flows along nicely. Apparently, this is the first in a series of books. I will definitely be looking out for the next book in the series.


Beginning of the End by Alane Hotchkin

Book One of the Blackhawk Series.

Nikki McLoud had endured a traumatic childhood. All she yearns for now is to find happiness. She wants a happy ever after, just like something straight from a romance book. Nikki hasn’t found it yet. She finds hell, or hell finds her. She has to move past it, move on to better things. So she gives her heart again, hopefully for the last time.

Detective Alex Canton is a rebel at heart. She’s had a childhood most can only dream of having. Alex is the apple of her father’s eye, anything Alex desired was hers for the asking.

Alex’s dream is to protect others. She is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps. Unfortunately, Alex uses violence far too often. She controls women through fear and sex. Will Alex ever break the never ending cycle?

When Alex and Nikki meet, they are both smitten with one another. Alex tries hard to resist the allure of her attraction, knowing full well what her track record is like. Will living with Nikki change Alex or is she too set in her ways to change?

Alex is deeply and profoundly in love with Nikki. Nikki feels the same. Alex would give Nikki anything, but is the price too much to pay? When reality snaps and all hell breaks loose, what is next? Who will be making the sacrifice and who will experience the beginning of the end?

This is the first book in a wonderfully well written new series. It is off to a flying start. There is excellent character development, they all interact really well together and play their parts to perfection. The scenic descriptions allowed me to feel a part of the action and there is a great dark and gritty storyline.

I had already read the free short story, The Ball, which gave me an insight into some of the characters and a little knowledge of them. I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to this first book being published. I have not been disappointed.

The book is a page turner from start to finish with plenty of twists and turns and very hard to put down once started. So allow plenty of time for a one sitting read.

I’ve no intentions of putting in any spoilers, so I won’t dwell on the storyline. But.....If you like a good story, one that is really hot and spicy in places, then I would highly recommend this book.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book in this series. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait too long.


Mistletoe by Lyn Gardner

When Diana Clarke was four years old, she sent a letter to Santa. Unfortunately it remained undiscovered in the lining of Santa’s sack for thirty years. Santa has a huge problem. Well, two really. First a child’s wish has never been not answered. Second, Diana isn’t a child any longer and there is nothing in the workshop suitable. Santa is at a loss as to know what to do. After all, Santa is for kids..........Right? Santa calls upon his boss, the Higher Power. He is given a suggestion. There is one possibility.

Santa knows Diana will be attending three Christmas parties. So he arranges for his head Elf, Percy Giggly-Legs, to deliver a sprig of mistletoe to each party. Hopefully Diana will find the present she asked for thirty years previously under one of them.

A lovely, hilarious, delightful, well written tale of romance for adults at Christmas. Even though we know Santa only existed in a fantasy world, this fantasy story brought back all the feel good emotions and anticipation I associated with being a child at Christmas.

The characters are all cute and multidimensional. Whether or not you believe in love at first sight, this story is a little treasure. To be read each year as my build up to Christmas.

This is the second time I’ve read this book and it gets better each time. I read it after Christmas earlier on in the year and knew I’d read it again, so saved my review for now.

If you only buy one Christmas fantasy romance, I’d recommend this one. I love it.


The Reunion by Susan X Meagher

English Priest, Jemima Stokes-Kydd, (Jemma) had pushed thoughts of her traumatic final senior school year aside when she was living back in England. But she’s living in New York now and can no longer ignore her high school reunion. The invitation is burning an impression on her mind. All the emotional turmoil and angst she experienced during that last year comes rushing back to her. At that time, Jemma thought she knew where her life was headed and with whom. Jemma simply has to know what happened to Shelby. She needs to know the truth of what happened to take away the happiness she was sure was theirs for the taking.

Shelby Parker-Bates has every material thing she could want. Lavish houses, cars, a nice life style, but she’s unable to escape from the past and thoughts of what might have been. Stuck in a marriage she’s never wanted, living a lie, what can she do to help herself? Maybe attending the reunion will help her free herself from the past so she can live her life as she should.

Meeting old classmates, sharing memories and reminiscing is usually just a good old blast from the past. But for Jemma and Shelby, the reunion changes their lives forever.

This is a wonderful well written blockbuster of a story. A book that is long and one to really get stuck into. The two main characters, Jemma and Shelby are both multi-faceted and their interactions together showed me they were simply made for each other. Soul mates. But how they can get to be together is the journey we follow in this story. If indeed they do eventually get together.

The story is written both in the past and the present. Very easy to follow. Susan Meagher has obviously done an enormous amount of research into the early days of the AIDS virus and it’s affect on the gay population.

The story is full of depression, angst, emotional turmoil, heartbreak, heartache, fear and betrayal. But, it is also written about hope, forgiveness, healing and romance. Although basically this book is a romance, it is far more than a simple girl meets girl, girl loses girl and girl gets girl again story. Susan has taken us deep into the depths of the despair of Shelby’s depression. She has also shown us how Shelby managed to overcome the dark feelings and get herself back to being Shelby again. It’s an interesting journey of ups and downs and twists and turns. On the other hand, we also get to see how Jemma reacts and copes after being badly betrayed by the one she loved. The story spans decades and allows the reader to understand exactly how easy it is to be afraid of coming out and how much of a stigma being a lesbian is for some of us.

This is a book I will be re-reading. A book I know I will get more out of on a second read without the ‘not knowing how it ends’.

In Reflection by Angela Peach

Aoife Carmichael is just a regular girl. Shy and a bit of an introvert, but she’s just met the man of her dreams. All this changes when she takes a hallucinogenic drug at a party. The cup of spiked herbal tea ensures that her life will never be the same again.

This story is all about Aoife and finding her inner self, her dark side or her evil self, whichever way this experience can be described. Her dark side takes complete control over her life after she persuaded Aoife to swap places with her. Aoife is locked inside of her own head with no way out. She can only watch helplessly while her dark side completely destroys everyone she cares for and loves.

Aoife’s best friend and roommate Sarah, senses something is wrong with Aoife. But Aoife seduces her and Sarah falls in love with her. Unfortunately, Aoife’s dark side has plans for Sarah.

Will Aoife be able to get rid of her other self? Will she be able to get her life back before it’s been totally destroyed by her evil side. Or is Aoife trapped, locked inside herself forever?

On the whole, this is an exciting and emotionally charged psychological thriller. A  book along the lines of Jekyll and Hyde. The main characters are multi-faceted and fully formed. They are bolstered by a cast of well written secondary characters that enhanced the story and progressed it along. There are lots of ups and downs throughout, making this book a roller coaster ride.

There was one thing that spoilt this book for me quite early on. What I thought was totally a lesbian fiction book, has graphic hetero sex in it. Although I skipped over it, I spent the rest of the book dreading more such scenes cropping up.

For anyone liking a good psychological thriller with a twist, this is a good book to read. Angela Peach has really got into the mind of Aoife and her evil side.


Torn Deep by JM Dragon

A Novella

Archaeologist, Susan Callahan, specializes in ancient history. Her life is pretty much good. When Susan is hired as a consultant to verify the authenticity of some works of art that she knows are in the Smithsonian Institution, she smells a rat and refuses the commission. Susan has no idea of knowing that her life is about to change forever.

Susan is subsequently kidnapped and then thrown off a boat and left to drown. Fortunately Susan is rescued by a mysterious woman called Zea. Although Susan can barely see Zea without her missing glasses, she feels an immediate affinity towards her.

When Susan returns to her well ordered life, she can’t forget Zea. She has wild fantasies about her and would dearly love to meet her again. Five years and many unanswered letters and messages later, Susan is beginning to give up hope of ever meeting Zea again.

When Susan has an unexpected encounter with a woman at a museum, she begins to let her thoughts of Zea go in order to begin living her life again. But will she be able to?

Another winner from the talented JM Dragon. Far too short for my liking of course, but then I’m greedy and can’t get enough of JMD’s well written and thought out stories.

The story was a page turner from start to finish. Susan is the main character and she is easy to get to know. She interacts well with other minor characters that are all essential in the progression of the story.

There is a lot packed into this short and exciting book. There are twists and turns throughout that surprised me, which added to my enjoyment and an ending I never expected. I would dearly love to see these characters again sometime. I feel they have a lot more to offer.


Time of Grace by Gabriella West

Caroline Singleton is a shy and reserved young woman. After the death of her beloved brother Ralph, she moves from her home in London to take up a post as a governess in Lady Wilcox’s household in Ireland, leaving behind her ailing mother. This type of post is one of the very few opportunities open to a woman in 1916.

It’s in the house of Lady Wilcox that Caroline meets the beautiful and alluring maid servant, Grace Sheridan. Grace isn’t all she seems at face value. She’s hiding a secret. She’s caught up in Ireland’s fight for freedom.

When Caroline and Grace begin an illicit relationship, Grace trusts Caroline with her secrets. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond the control of both Caroline and Grace separates them. Will they find one another again? Will their love be strong enough to survive the condemnation and rumors that follow Caroline back to England and forwards again to Ireland? What of Grace’s involvement in the Easter Uprising? Will Grace even survive?

A wonderful historical romance set against a backdrop of the Irish Easter Uprising of 1916 during WW1.

Caroline had never expected to find the love of her life in Ireland, nor did she expect that love to be another woman, let alone a woman from a lower class than her own. Even in a conventional relationship, the class war created a big divide in those days.

It’s a very difficult time for Caroline and Grace. The emotional turmoil both women feel is so well described, I could feel their anguish. There are lots of ups and downs in their tumultuous relationship. So many, that as much as Caroline loves Grace, she does begin to have doubts and lose trust in her. As much as Caroline wants Grace, Grace appears to be pushing her away and Caroline wonders if it is all worthwhile.

I’m not well versed in Irish history, although I have heard of the Irish Easter Uprising. Gabriella West has described the events very well. As I always do when I’m interested in a particular storyline, I use Google and Google images to find out more. The historical facts appear to be accurate. The images I saw, were in fact as I’d visualized them whilst reading the story. The people mentioned in the book as leaders of the rebellion are real people. All in all, I feel Gabriella West has written a terrific and true to history account in her book. Her research is very well done. Her scenic descriptions were excellent.

The history and facts are carefully integrated and neither over shadows the other. In my honest opinion, there is a perfect balance between the facts, fiction and romance.

This is the first book I’ve read from Gabriella West, I look forward to reading more soon.


Wolf at the Door by Erin O'Reilly

Book Six of the When Hell Meets Heaven Series

Parker Davis is back in action. All she has to do now is to prove she is up to re-joining the Department Of Covert Operations. (DOCO) Her fall from grace wasn’t pretty and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get back into the service she loves. Even accepting someone else as team leader..........For now.

Parker is given a mission to carry out. She’s to be part of a team, she’s the sniper. The assignment goes badly wrong. Parker finds herself on the run with the very attractive team leader, Remington Wolf. (The Wolf) Both Parker and The Wolf find they must trust and rely on each other. They can trust no one. But can they trust each other?

They are on the run and fighting for their lives. Will they manage to stay one step ahead of the faceless enemy? Will they find out who their enemy is in time to save themselves?

Another riveting episode in the enjoyable When Hell Meets Heaven series. As with the rest of the series, this is another fast paced page turner. This story features Parker and a new character, Remington Wolf. Both characters interact well together, even though they spend a lot of their time in a sort of love/hate way.

This whole series has been exciting and thrilling. I’m really looking forward to the next book. I read these books before and this is where the series ground to a halt. I’m only too pleased we are now going to get more in the series.

Whether these books have been written by JM Dragon or Erin O’Reilly or both together, they are a great read. At the cheap price Affinity are asking for them, now is the time to give them a try.  


I Still Remember by Haprper Bliss

A Novella

Well known news anchor, Elise Frost, (Eli) fled from town as a teenager, leaving behind her best friend Amy Waters and her unrequited love for Amy. Twenty years later, Eli returns to her hometown for her father’s birthday party.

Eli runs into the now professional masseuse, Amy, at the local massage parlour. All the old feelings and emotions come crashing back for Eli when her and Amy revisit past times. This time though, Eli knows exactly what she wants. But how does Amy feel?

A well written, emotionally charged story of a teenage crush on a friend. All the pain and turmoil, lust and love, Eli suffered as a young lesbian, radiates in waves from the pages. Her despair at her feelings for Amy and her flight from her home to escape them, leaves Eli bereft and unable to love again with such depth.

This story is told in the past using flashbacks and in the present. It’s easy to read and follow. The one thing I love about Harper Bliss’s books is, they are hot and basically heavy on the erotica and there is always a heartfelt story throughout.

A completely satisfying hot short read. Not to be missed.


Galveston 1900: Swept Away by Linda Crist

Rachel Travis has always known she’s different from other girls. She dresses like a man and is a dockworker at Galveston dockyard. In the evenings, she moonlights as a bartender. Rather than enter a convent or marry, she ran away from her home at fifteen. Rachel knows she is unlikely to have female company other than the prostitute, Lillie who had become her friend and she regularly visits.

Mattie Crockett was married at fourteen to her violent, physically and mentally abusive husband, Adam. Other than working at a tailor shop, she is not allowed out anywhere alone. The only time Mattie gets any respite from the constant verbal abuse and beatings, is when Adam has business to attend to in Houston. Which, fortunately for her, is quite often. There was nothing Mattie enjoyed more than walking along the beach in Adam’s absence. It was during one of these beach visits that Mattie and Rachel first met. They struck up an unlikely friendship. Both women were lonely and starved for company.

It’s not long before Rachel realizes she feels more for Mattie than just friendship. She can never allow herself to dare to hope that Mattie will feel the same. After all, she’s married to Adam, albeit unhappily, so she can’t like women that way, can she?

I first read this story online many years ago. Twice, in fact. I loved the story, but the book, by then, had gone out of print. I am so pleased to see it has now been re-published.

This is a beautifully written historical romance novel. Linda Crist has obviously done extensive research. The scenic descriptions of Galveston and the flood along with the characters, made me feel as though I was actually living the story with the people of Galveston. I could almost smell and taste the great storm.

Each and every character is fully formed and multi-faceted. The story is intricately woven with historical facts and fictional romance. It is a fast paced page turner from beginning to end. It’s multi layered in a colorful way with a depth to it that goes beyond any of the regular historical romance books.

The story of Mattie and the awful abuse she suffered at the hands of her despicable tyrant of a husband, was all too common for those times. Men ruled, women were subservient. Having said this, not every man was like Adam, but they existed and women were definitely the weaker downtrodden sex most of the time.

The love between Rachel and Mattie is a joy to read about. That Mattie should find love and peace is wonderful. But, will she be able to stay safe and away from Adam? Will Rachel get her wish for Mattie to be hers? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

This is without a doubt an epic novel of love, abuse, despair, hard work, intolerance, disaster and above all, hope.

I am hoping that Affinity will release Linda Crist’s other earlier novels too. She is a terrific author and creates wonderful characters in nice scenic settings. It goes without saying that I will definitely read this book again.  


Monday, 11 November 2013

Rapture: Sins of the Sinners by AC Henley and Fran Heckrotte

Detective Agnes Kelly-Elliot is an excellent and methodical cop. She works in Ft Worth Police Department. She knows her job inside and out. Agnes is also a closeted lesbian and unfortunately for her, her desires could become her downfall, losing her her family and the career she’s worked so hard to build.

There is a serial killer on the loose killing young lesbians in Texas. He or she has been dubbed the Rapture Killer by the press, due to seemingly religious and maybe ritual sacrifices. The Rapture signaled Christ’s second coming.

Ranger Cochetta Lovejoy is arrogant, headstrong and egotistical. She has been assigned the Rapture Killer case. Cochetta thinks she knows who the killer is. In fact, she’s quite sure of it. She’ll do whatever it takes to see the killer incarcerated. Even if this means cutting corners and manipulating judges, police chiefs and other detectives.

When Cochetta arrives at the scene of another of the Rapture Killer’s victims, she comes face to face with the person she is sure committed the murders. The person who had once scared her badly.

Agnes is at the scene of the Rapture Killer’s latest victim and comes face to face with a woman she thought she’d never see again. What Agnes didn’t know was, her life was about to be turned upside down and inside out due to the one encounter she’d had with Ranger Lovejoy in Houston.

Cochetta launches a vendetta to secure the arrest of Agnes. Is Agnes the serial killer? Will she confess? Or is she innocent? There’s only one way to find out, wait and see if the murders continue or cease with Agnes out of the way.

This is without a doubt one of the best crime thrillers I’ve read in it’s category. The plot is intricately and seamlessly woven together and well thought out. The storyline is well written. It’s a fast paced, edge of the seat, nail biting, page turner, from the first page right through to the last page. It’s intense, it’s full of suspense, it’s grisly, it’s gruesome, it’s a very real, true to life, gory read. I loved it.

The late AC Henley and Fran Heckrotte between them have created a masterpiece. I’m still reeling from the story several days after I finished it. 

Agnes, Cochetta and all the rest of the characters are well formed, multidimensional and interact really well together. So well in fact, that it’s like being amongst the characters. From the colorful descriptive dialogue, I found myself transported along watching as the story progressed, rather than simply reading it.

I particularly enjoyed the build up and suspense throughout the book. The author’s have ensured that the reader could feel the range of emotions experienced by all the characters. The utter despair felt by Agnes, the dislike and self righteousness felt by Cochetta, when she was on her ego trip of being the big shot ranger who knows best. The one thing that struck me the most, was how we get to see inside the mind of a serial killer. It was deep, dark and quite simply horrifying. Which of course, made the book all the more enjoyable for me.

I wish I could say I could look forward to more from these two author’s, but I can’t, which makes me very sad. So, suffice it to say, that this is in my re-read folder, to be read again to savor without the pressures of knowing the ending.


Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Ball by Alane Hotchkin

A Short Story

Construction worker and part time author, Shane Blackhawk, was painfully shy, with no self confidence. She had very few friends and had no idea how to put herself out there to make any. Shane is currently writing a series of novels. The first of which is due to be published in the next few months.

When Shane begins to take a bit more interest in online groups, she meets someone online. Someone who seems to like her as much as she likes them. Shane’s luck has taken a turn for the better, she’s finally met her soul mate.

Three years later a family tragedy occurs. Shane travels to Ireland, leaving her wife and mother behind, to bury one of the few people she’s ever loved dearly. Shane decides she must stay in Ireland for a while to try to make sense of the recent events.

A ghostly encounter sets Shane back on the right track and headed home to her wife and mother, just in time for the Halloween Ball.

This well written short story is the introduction to a new series, The Blackhawk Chronicles. If this story is anything to go by, the series is going to be a blockbuster. The characters kicking off the series are all ones I simply have to know more about. This short story is by no means enough for me. It’s a mere taster of what is yet to come.

The story is full of tantalising titbits, just enough to whet my appetite, but nowhere near enough to sate it. I Can hardly wait for the first book to be published.

This story is free on the Affinity website. You’ve got nothing to lose by downloading it and everything to gain. 


Friday, 1 November 2013

The End Game by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

The Fifth book in the When Hell Meets Heaven series

Olivia and Amanda are back. Olivia is more in love with Amelia than ever. Unfortunately, she has a few personal hang ups and things aren’t going as well as they could. Also at the moment, she is being kept very busy with one case after another. Plus she is having an added problem with her elaborate security system.

Amelia is madly and deeply in love with Olivia. All she yearns for is for their love to become physical.

A new patient arrives for therapy at Amelia’s practice. All is not as it seems. The patient plants doubts of Olivia’s fidelity into Amelia’s mind. Just who is this person and why are they doing this?

Olivia finds herself the victim of an intricate plot to destroy her life. People Olivia and Amelia have trusted, could be their enemy. There is no way of knowing who is friend and who is foe.

Will Olivia and Amelia’s love survive this latest onslaught?

Another rewarding winner in this exciting and thrilling series. Mystery, murder, intrigue, obsession, romance and true love all come together in this explosive page turning book.

I love these characters, they are well formed and play their parts to perfection. It is so easy to get lost in with the story and all too soon, reach the end of the book.

The fact that Affinity are practically giving this book series away, is all the more reason to give the series a try. JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly together have succeeded in writing a very intense and thrilling series that is not to be missed. This is the second time I’ve read this series and I’ve enjoyed it just as much this time as I did the first.


Connection by Kim Pritekel

Teacher, Julie Wilson, lives in the small town of Woodland. Her life is laid back and relaxed. She is very close to her brother Matt and young nephew Skylar. She lives alone with her two beloved dogs, Bonnie and Clyde. Just one thing mars Julie’s otherwise perfect life, her controlling ex boyfriend, Ray, who refuses to believe their relationship is over and continues to harass her. Julie has no idea when she goes to the school one summer afternoon that Ray may well be the least of her problems. Hell and horror is about to enter Julie’s life and change it forever.

Drifter, Remmy Foster travels around from place to place, unable to settle down anywhere. She’s had a rough childhood and has suffered all manners of torment and abuse due to her special gift. Remmy is on the run from the ghosts of the past, although she’s never admitted as much to herself.

When Julie gives hitchhiker Remmy a ride into Woodland, Remmy finds herself thrown into a dangerous and dark abyss, something different from all her other experiences involving her special gift. Something she didn’t see coming until it arrived and more to the point, didn’t totally understand the meaning of. It will take all of Remmy’s power and ability to make the right connection in time. Life and death is in Remmy’s hands. Tick tock, the race against time has begun.

I want to start by saying that this book is dark, deep and dark, the darkest Kim Pritekel has written yet. It comes with a warning from the author too. I’d also like to add, there are graphic and grisly scenes and it may not be for the faint hearted. This says a lot about me. I absolutely LOVED it. Kim has written a true blockbuster. In my opinion, and I don’t say this lightly, it is her best ever book yet. But, I have thought this before about Kim’s books.

This book is a well written, edge of the seat, nail biting, thrilling, fast paced, action packed page turner right from the beginning. I hated to put this down once I’d started. But, it really was too long for one sitting, even though I stayed up late.

All the characters are multidimensional and interact very well together. The way the scenes are described, transported me right into the middle of the action to live the story as it played out. It’s shocking in parts. But, there is an underlying humor too.

The plot is so intense and intricately woven together, very well synchronized. It alternates between the victims and the would be rescuers seamlessly, going back and forth between the two.

Although there is a lot of fear throughout this book and the different tactics used to try to overcome it, the central pivot to the story is actually the connection felt by one person to another. A connection of souls which can only come into being when you’ve met your soul mate.

Kim Pritekel has really got deep into the minds of the characters she’s writing about. Nothing is left to the readers imagination and all ends to the story are neatly tied up. Which in turn has resulted in a really satisfying read. This is a book that will be in my re-read folder. I need to read it again to savor the story without the pressures of knowing the ending.


Bound by Ali Spooner

Book 2 in The Devil’s Tree series

Tia and Devin are now a mated couple. Tia is a witch and Devin is a werewolf. They are currently living in New Orleans. When a powerful rogue vampire and his band of rogue ‘were’s’ threaten to destroy the peace and harmony between the human and supernatural inhabitants of New Orleans, including the planned take over of Devin’s home wolf pack, action must be taken.

Lord Jordan, a strong and powerful ruling member of the New Orleans vampire clan, hires bounty hunters, mated couple, human, Win and werecat, Alix to rid the world of the rogues. Unable to tackle the enormous task alone, they join forces with Tia and Devin. But even with Tia’s special spells and the combined efforts of the others, will they be strong enough to succeed? Or will the rogues win and bring chaos to New Orleans?

Another winning series from Ali Spooner. She has put out a good series, different to others, in the world of ‘were’ animals. As with each book I’ve read of Ali’s, I found myself unable to put this down. It’s a page turner from start to finish.

We met Tia and Devin in The Devil’s Tree. In Bound, we meet Win and Alix. They are all joined by a number of characters from the first book along with other new characters and they all interact well together.

As always, Ali has shown herself to be a master storyteller. Each book she writes is vastly different from her others. No two stories are alike. This is one of the things that draws me to her books. I never know what I’m going to be reading about. She tells her stories with a touch of humor throughout, making a heavy story a touch more light hearted, without detracting from it’s seriousness.

Although both books are stories that conclude and could be read as a standalone, I feel a reader would lose out on a great book by not reading The Devil’s Tree first. It really sets the scene and introduces us to the characters and the settings.

As well as an exciting story, there is a tender romance simmering away throughout the book. Well, two romances really, as an added bonus.

I’ve added this book into my re-read folder.


Black-Hearted Bitch by Lynn Kear

A Kell Digby Crime Novel

Kell Digby has a rather unusual career, she’s a hit man. She’s been doing the job so long, she’s bored with it. But, she’s stuck in a rut.

Kell gets out of the rut quicker than she anticipated, after a routine hit in Atlanta goes badly wrong, in ways Kell didn’t think possible. She returns home to Chicago to figure out what to do next. Against her better instincts, Kell is persuaded to help with an elaborate con game, set up by the person who had betrayed her. The con involves a sister Kell had no idea existed. Can Kell carry out her mission? Or will blood be thicker than water?

Once again Lynn Kear has written a page turning, exciting, edge of the seat crime thriller with a sense of humor throughout.

Kell Digby is a character, who by rights, we really shouldn’t like due to the nature of her occupation. She’s a a hardened criminal, a cold blooded killer and as the title states, a black hearted bitch. But, I defy anyone to read this book and not find her likable and endearing once they get to know her.

I loved the multi-faceted characters and the scenic descriptions leave nothing to the imagination. Lynn Kear has the art of showing the reader the story rather than telling them what they are reading. I easily lost myself in the story and read the book almost in one sitting. 

The plots within are tight and well written, but not to be taken seriously. More of a light hearted black crime thriller/comedy, a highly entertaining read.

I’m looking forward greatly to the next in the series with the zany and slightly whacky Kell Digby and her friends.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Neither Present Time by Caren Werlinger

University librarian, Beryl Gray, is in a job in which she is seriously over qualified for, but enjoys doing. She also has a very low opinion of herself, thanks to outside interference. She’s the person everyone relies on. Work colleagues, friends, family and her partner Claire. Claire is a control freak. Unfortunately, others see this, but Beryl doesn’t. She thinks she’s happy in their eight year relationship. Until one day, Beryl finds out the truth about Claire.

Aggie Bishop hasn’t been dating since her girlfriend left her three years previously. In fact, her life is one round of her work as a teacher and watching over her feisty, independent, great aunt Cory, who is active and in her nineties.

Cory lived alone in the run down family mansion until Aggie moved in to be with her. The rest of the family want Cory put into a care facility and the mansion sold. Neither Cory or Aggie are about to let that happen.

When Beryl comes across a book with an inscription in it from back in 1945, she is curious to find out who the two women were. Little does Beryl know that the acquisition of this book will change her life, and the as yet unmet, Cory’s and Aggie’s lives forever.

It appears that not only a book, but a moldering mansion, and a love spanning decades and to eternity and beyond will have a huge impact in the lives of Cory, Beryl and Aggie.

This book is an absolute page turner from start to finish. In my honest opinion, it is a blockbuster. The well written story seamlessly traverses the decades of time, going back and forth from past to present to give the reader all the relevant background on the characters and their stories.

Central to the story is the Bishop mansion, a character in itself. I could feel the atmospheric warmth interspersed with cold radiating from the pages.

The one thing that shone through in this story throughout the entire book, is that love is an all time consuming passion that will withstand almost anything, even death if your partner is your soul mate.

Caren Werlinger is a terrific writer and a wonderful master storyteller. This book is full of love, happiness, sadness, even anger at times. To be able to feel the emotions of the characters when reading about them, means the author has got the dialogue just right.

Aunt Cory, Beryl, Aggie, Ridley and all the secondary characters are multidimensional and so easy to get to know and love. I love the humor  throughout too. It gives the story a light hearted touch just where it’s needed.

There are two love stories entwined together in this book. One past and one present. It’s the effect that the past has on the present, that for me, was a joy to behold.

This story will join the rest of Caren’s books in my re-read folder. I’m now looking forward to her next book eagerly.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

One Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki Archer

Susan Quinn is a teacher at the exclusive, private all girls school, St Wilfred’s. The same school she had attended as a girl.

Jenna James is a Club Ski instructor in the French Alps. Jenna had also attended St Wilfred’s as a girl.

When the girls from St Wilfred’s arrive in Morzine, in the French Alps for their skiing trip, Susan, the lead teacher on the trip and Jenna, their guide, meet again for the first time in years. Although they were never friends at school, they find themselves drawn to one another. But, are their lives too different for them to pursue a romance? Especially when Susan isn’t even sure she’s a lesbian. Will the past come back to haunt the present?

Another well written page turning romance from Kiki Archer. Although this book could be perceived to be fluffy chick lit, it goes a little deeper than that. Kiki has taken the bull by the horns and written of a character that is one of the most obnoxious I’ve come across in a light romance book. I absolutely detested  Professor Marcus Ramsbottom. I’m not putting in any spoilers in this review, so I’ll just say that Kiki has excelled herself and shown her excellent penmanship in the portrayal of this lower than life person. To evoke such off the chart emotions in me, she’s done her job exceedingly well.

As much as I hated Marcus, I loved the multidimensional characters of Jenna and Susan. Although Jenna comes across as a player and a ‘love them and leave them’ girl, there is a depth to her as yet to shine, if you look beneath the surface. One of the things I really like about Jenna is, she has many faults, but she readily owns up to them. Susan is a bit of a shy introvert, it comes as quite a revelation to her to actually think she’s worthy of someone’s love, this is a first for Susan. There appears to be a lot more about her that is ready to come to the surface. Jenna and Susan are bolstered by some wonderfully written secondary characters throughout the book. Characters that I’m hoping will show up in the sequel to One Foot Onto The Ice. Champagne and Priggy certainly livened up the trip. My favorite out of all the girls is little Daisy Button. She’s adorable.

The story and a simmering romance are entwined together in a beautifully described scenic setting in the French Alps. My best friend Google showed me just how well the description was written. Another plus for Kiki Archer.

One of the really great things about this book is the laugh out loud humor throughout. I’m only too pleased I read this book indoors. It’s hilarious in places. I would defy anyone to read the scene with Susan and Jenna in the bathroom without laughing. This is a brilliantly written scene as it shows Jenna in a really different light. So, there is a whole range of emotions across the board to be experienced between the pages.

One of the things I’ve taken away from this story is, once you’ve met your soul mate, you know it and the bond is there. You just have to put that one foot onto the ice, have faith and trust and take a chance.

I have been assured that there will definitely be a sequel sometime in 2014. Hopefully not too far away now. I’m looking forward to it already.


For The Love Of Indiana by Natalie Vivien

The Chronicles of Indiana Books 1 to 3

The Trouble With Indiana

After Bella Farley broke up with her girlfriend, she found she missed their dog Booger more than she did her girlfriend. When Marcia, (Marsh) Bella’s best friend takes her to an animal rescue shelter, Bella had no idea she would be taking home border collie Indiana, a dog just about to be euthanized. It was love at first sight for Bella and Indiana. Little did Bella know the chaos the energetic and disaster prone Indiana was going to bring into her life. Nothing is safe around Indiana. Bella’s life will never be the same again.

While Bella and Indiana are walking in the local dog park, they meet Comfort Allen, a dog trainer. This is after Bella landed on top of her, Indiana once again!

Bella and Comfort are instantly smitten with one another. It seems that although Indiana is destructive, he is also the bringer of good luck.

The Disaster of Indiana

The carnage and mayhem continues with Indiana, the over active border collie, bringing yet more disaster into Bella’s life. Her apartment is wrecked, wherever Bella and Indiana go, he wreaks havoc. The fact that Bella and Indiana have a strong and loving bond doesn’t stop Indiana from his wrecking spree.

But on the whole, Bella’s luck has taken a change for the better since she adopted Indiana. She’s met the woman of her dreams, dog trainer Comfort Allen.

Unfortunately when Marsh, Bella’s best friend asks Bella to march in the Pride Parade with Indiana, he causes the biggest disaster ever. The fireworks banging overhead didn’t help either. The final straw is the thunderstorm raging. Indiana leaps the fence and runs. He’s disappeared.

The Search For Indiana

Indiana is missing. The destructive, super hyperactive border collie had jumped the fence during a raging storm and disappeared without a trace.

Bella and her girlfriend Comfort search high and low for Indiana, enlisting the help of friends and colleagues along the way.

As the search carries on, really strange and weird things begin to occur. It may sound ridiculous, but could Indiana be influencing these happenings from afar? After all, Bella literally fell across the love of her life Comfort, all thanks to Indiana. Now it appears other nice things are happening to friends and colleagues too.

This series is without a doubt the cutest, funniest, most wonderfully well written story about one of the most annoying, but loveable dogs I’ve ever read about. There is also a simmering romance smoldering away throughout too.

I love all the hilarious and well formed characters. We meet more as each story in the series emerges. But right at the very center is Indiana. A dog that would be enough to drive most people insane.

Whether you love dogs or not, Indiana’s story is well worth the read. Just try not to read it in public. The laugh out loud moments cannot be suppressed very easily.


My Fair Maiden by Del Robertson

A Novella

Swordswoman, Bodhi, rides into a tiny village. She wants to get out of the heat and to have some food and drink. She didn’t imagine she would be approached by a beautiful maiden in the tavern and invited to seduce her. But women do tend to throw themselves at her quite regularly, so she’s not altogether surprised. What is surprising is the reactions of the local people, including the gorgeous Gwen. Something is wrong, Bodhi just has to figure out what. Her mighty sword is no use without knowing what is going on in the village.

Beautiful virgin, Gwendolyn, (Gwen) is living a mundane existence, each day is filled with mundane chores. But......when an ugly ogre arrives in the village wanting a fresh and luscious virgin, Gwen is chosen as the offering served by her own villagers. Her days are numbered.

When the tall blonde swordswoman Bodhi arrives, Gwen hopes against hope that she will be the one to save her. Bodhi isn’t quite the hero Gwen envisaged saving her. She’s arrogant and rude, but she may be Gwen’s only chance against being the ogres next victim.

This is a beautifully written fairy tale with a difference. This one is for adults only. I loved both the main characters, Bodhi and Gwen. They are as different as night and day. Although this book is short, the story isn’t rushed at all and has a lot packed into it. It’s told in a typical fairy tale style. The beautiful maiden, the dashing hero and the nasty ogre. But in this case, the hero and potential rescuer of the maiden is a woman.

The story is a page turner from start to finish. The scenic descriptions enabled me to actually lose myself amongst the characters as the story unfolded. This is a sort of Grimm’s meets lesfic tale. Utterly delightful and hopefully the first of more tales in the same vein by Del Robertson. In fact, Bodhi and Gwen have only just started out on their journey, how about a sequel so we can follow them on their path?



Yak by Lois Cloarec Hart

A Novella

When you live in a small town and you are a lesbian, true love is hard to find. Leni, a blue collar lesbian, is in despair. Even a date appears to be too much to ask for. Love interests or lack of them aside, Leni likes living in the town she was born in and being with her family.

Leni’s life is about to change when she gets a new job as a nightshift chef at the Jester’s Court, a busy roadside truck stop. Leni meets a reclusive woman nicknamed Yak. Leni is in awe of Yak. But despite her best efforts, she can’t find out why Yak is a loner and why everyone is avoiding her like she has the plague. When events take a turn for the worse and Leni learns the truth about Yak, she has to decide whether falling even more in love with Yak will be worth paying the price.

A wonderfully well written story that left me wanting more. I loved the characters of Leni and Yak. They are so vastly different from each other and not only from the class divide aspect, Leni is outgoing, Yak is a loner and has an air of mystery surrounding her. I loved the interaction between the two of them.

For a short book, there is a lot crammed into it. The touch of mystery and suspense throughout kept me turning the pages until all too soon I’d reached the end.

I’ll be watching out for more from Lois Cloarec Hart in the future.


Paradox Of Love by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

When Hell Meets Heaven Book 4

Parker Davis’s car gave out just as she arrived in Portsmouth. Parker had been traveling around for a while, but never seemed to settle anywhere. She has no choice now. Her car needs major repairs, so she has to try and get a job with the local police department to pay for it.

Police Officer, Olivia Santos, lives and breathes her job, she’s proudly following in her families footsteps. Only one thing comes before her job, her love for her undercover cop brother.

When Parker and Olivia meet, they are both smitten. The love bug has struck. So begins a hard, fast and passionate love affair. Soon they are inseparable. Partners at work and in love. Then a terrible tragedy occurs which threatens their love and life together. Will their love be strong enough to overcome it? What will happen to them both?

Anyone who has been following this excellent series and read the previous book, will already know the answer to this. Although this is my second time round of reading this series, I can’t see why suddenly the series went back in time at this particular point.

However, this book has cleared up a lot of loose ends about the lives of Parker and Olivia prior to their last meeting. So, maybe I’ve answered my own question.

As always with the previous three books, this has been a well written page turner from the very outset. I loved Olivia in the previous books, it was good to find out what and who has made her the person she is today. It was also good to get to know more about Parker and her previous life before she came back into Olivia’s life again in Echoes of the Past.

The actual story takes the reader on a journey that is full of excitement and surprises throughout. An added bonus is, it’s hot in parts. Red hot and sizzling.

JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly have written another winner between them. The books in this series are so cheap that it would be a crime not to give them a try.




The Horde by Linda Kay Silva

Second in a series

Dallas and Roper are fighting an endless battle against the man eaters. For every one they annihilate, a dozen or more are created. They come in hordes, dragging their lifeless forms and squelching their way forwards in their quest for fresh human flesh. Dallas, Roper and their small band of survivors have spent a year cooped up in the Bayou. The alligators are their allies and clean up team. But now it’s time to move on. They need to do more than survive, they have to move forward, live their lives and fight back. Fight the hordes, fight the government attacks and protect the new home they’ve found, an ex prison.

Dallas and Roper collect survivors along the way. They eventually begin to build a new life, they survive the military attacks, survive the hordes and survive the barbaric atrocities caused by their fellow mankind.

Will Dallas and Roper win their fight? Can they defeat so many things all at once? Are their efforts too little too late?

This second book in the series follows on from Man Eaters as a standalone book. There is more than enough background without reading Man Eaters. But why miss out on another excellent book? I strongly recommend reading Man Eaters first.

This is a well written, edge of the seat page turner that had me hooked right from the very first page in true Linda Kay Silva fashion.

The characters from Man Eaters are all here as well as new ones added in along the way. All fully developed and well formed, they are seamlessly integrated into the story.

The scenic descriptions are absolutely terrific. I immersed myself fully into the story and didn’t emerge until I’d turned the last page. The book did conclude, but the opening is there for the third in the series, which can’t be published soon enough.

A New Leash On Life by Suzie Carr

Veterinarian, Olivia Clark, owns and runs a no kill animal shelter. After a hurricane causes substantial damage, Olivia is at a loss to know how to fund the repairs. Although she does everything in her power, including public appeals, the whole town is hurting from the devastation the hurricane brought and no one has much to spare.

At last there is hope. Chloe Homestead is Olivia’s ex girlfriend from thirteen years previously. Chloe is now a millionaire. She’s also the only girl Olivia has ever loved. When Chloe offers to help financially, Olivia at first balks at the idea. But she’s in no position to refuse. The animals have to come first.

As Olivia and Chloe begin to work together to re-build the shelter, Olivia finds herself once again under Chloe’s spell. Unfortunately, Chloe is hiding a deep dark secret. A secret she has hidden for thirteen years. If the secret comes out, it could threaten the existence of the shelter and put paid to any chances of any future relationship Olivia and Chloe may have.

I’ve often looked at Suzie Carr’s books and never bought them before. My reason being the DRM on them. I’m pleased to say that Suzie is now offering some of her books DRM free. I’ve sorely been missing out on good books if this book is anything to go by. I loved it. I may be a little biased as I love animals and they play a huge part in this story. But putting the animals aside, I totally enjoyed the whole book.

Both Olivia and Chloe are so different. Well formed and multi-faceted characters, they dance around one another throughout the book. The book goes between the past and the present so that the reader gets to know how their lives previously shaped them into the people they became. The secondary characters are equally as well written and I include the animals in with them as well, as they are essential to the progression of the story.

There is a lot crammed into this book. It is not a simple romance with animals. The story starts out on a slow and meandering path and gradually builds up in it’s intensity. It certainly evoked many emotions in me. Mainly due to Chloe. I have to say, I wasn’t endeared to her at all for most of the book. Although she isn’t my favorite character, I did warm to her in the end.

The story is told throughout in the first person. Suzie Carr has done this very well.

Although this is the first book I’ve read of Suzie’s, it won’t be my last. I hope to read them all if they become available DRM free.


Backcountry by Trin Denise

A Novella

Single, stressed and a workaholic, highflying defence attorney, Lyndsey Carlisle is fast burning out. Over the years she’s defended some of the most undesirable, prolific offenders known to mankind and her last case is the straw that broke the camels back. Lyndsey has had enough and is taking time off to go back packing with her faithful dog, Sadie. She intends to re-evaluate her life. Lyndsey and Sadie head off to Natural Bridge, Kentucky.

Brae Colson is a native of Natural Bridge. After her lover of five years, leaves her a Dear Jane letter, Brae goes off for some hiking and rest and relaxation.

After less than one day hiking the trails, Lyndsey makes a terrible mistake and ends up falling twenty feet to the bottom of a cliff. She’s badly sprained her ankle and can’t call for help.

When Brae sees Lyndsey at the bottom of the cliff, she curses her bad luck. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a woman right now. But she can’t leave her stranded.

There is immediate animosity between the two women. Sadie is the peacemaker and gradually that changes. Although there is now an attraction between Lyndsey and Brae, will they allow the flames of love to spark? Neither woman believes in a happy ever after.

Another well written page turner from Trin Denise. I love the characters. There are three main characters, Lyndsey, Brae and Sadie. All are essential to the story and interact well together. The usual Trin Denise touch of humor I’ve come to love and expect is present throughout.

This is the beginning of a new series of novellas and it’s off to a very promising start. We are introduced to the characters and have been told a bit about their backgrounds. The scene is set for the next in the series. The ending has left me wanting the next book sooner, rather than later.


Bleeding Hearts by Lindy Cameron

Book two in the Kit O’Malley series

Private Investigator, Kit O’Malley, finds herself once again up to her eyeballs in what appears to be a straight forward investigation. In the beginning, television presenter, Rebecca Jones, hires Kit to investigate who is sending her a spate of threatening poison pen letters. But as Kit’s investigation gets underway, she finds that there are other factors worming their way into her investigation. Looking out for Rebecca and keeping her safe and able to go on air simply isn’t enough. Kit is besieged by one person after another requiring her services. Soon Kit is knee deep in cases, including those thrown up by the vilest criminals she’s ever had the misfortune to meet. Murder, sexual misdeeds, kidnapping. money laundering, political misdemeanours are just some of the things Kit encounters.

Will Kit be able to sort out each case or will it all be too much?

Amongst all the confusion, Alex Cazenove, Kit’s love interest, breezes back into Kit’s life. How can Kit possibly think of love amidst all the murder and mayhem?

Another well written and exciting book that follows directly on from Blood Guilt. Both books are standalones and can be read entirely separately. The one thing I especially liked about this book is that I didn’t have endless pages of repeated ‘catch up’ dialogue from the first book. It wasn’t needed. Personally, I would recommend you read Blood Guilt for the excellent story it is. No point in missing out.

This second book was even more exciting than the first. The many twists, turns, ups and downs kept me feverishly turning the pages until the end. It’s quite a long action packed book and I had a job to put it down.

There is one mystery after another and I was kept guessing at the ending. I never did figure it out. I liked the light heartedness and the humor in the book too between the characters. They interact so well together.

If you are looking for a good intriguing, gruesome, mystery murder, with a nice romance entwined that doesn’t over power the story, with believable characters, in my opinion, you’ll enjoy this book.


A Walk Into Darkness by Jade Winters

Detective Sergeant Ashley McCoy’s latest case isn’t going to be easy to solve. Twenty five years previously a young girl went missing in South East England. Almost everyone had given up any hope of solving the mystery of her sudden disappearance. Her family had never given up wanting the closure they were so desperate for though.

When psychic Aaron Davies has a vivid vision of a murder, the cold case of the ‘woodlands killer’ is re-opened and given to Ashley and her team to delve in to.

As Ashley and her work partner Dale begin their investigation, more questions than answers are thrown up.

During the investigation, Ashley meets Tasha through the dog walking agency she contacts to walk her dog, Muffin. Both women are attracted to one another, but struggle against their feelings. Tasha has family commitments that she feels obligated to fulfil. She can’t set herself or Olivia up for the heartbreak of leaving Ashley in the near future. Both women feel that their love could be the real deal. Is there any way for Tasha to stay in England? What will they both decide? The decision may well be taken out of their hands entirely by circumstances beyond their control.

This well written mystery, murder, intrigue, romance had me totally hooked from the very first page through to the last page. To say it is a page turner is an understatement. I couldn’t get through the book fast enough to find out how it ended.

I knew Jade Winters was a talented writer from reading some of her short stories. But, she has really excelled herself in penning this full length book that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

This is the first in a series with Ashley McCoy and it’s off to a flying start. The next book can’t be published soon enough.

Ashley McCoy is a well formed and rounded character. She has her faults like anyone else. When she meets Tasha, it is very apparent they are made for one another. But nothing in life and love is simple. Whether they get together or whether they don’t is secondary to the murder mystery. The romance is gently interwoven between the on-going investigation. The balance between both is perfect.

I liked the minor characters too. Dale, Ashley’s work partner and Ashley’s family all integrate into the story enabling it to trickle along in between the gruesome findings.

There is plenty of intrigue and romance to satisfy both mystery and romance lovers.

I’ll be looking out for more from Jade Winters, hopefully very soon.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hidden Desires by TJ Vertigo

Cayden Riley has given up on dating. Several dates causing varying degrees of disaster, mainly arranged by her best friend Jodie and roommate Wade have made up her mind for her. No More. Enough is enough. Cayden isn’t a people person, she’s a bit moody and eccentric. The one great enjoyment in her life is working at her business, pet boutique, Fuzzy Belly Deli.

Brooke Hewitt is living with her controlling boyfriend Grant. She thinks she’s happy with their relationship, right up until the day she walks into the Fuzzy Belly Deli with her little dog Fred. As soon as her eyes meet Cayden’s, she’s a goner. After Brooke leaves the store, she can’t stop thinking and dreaming about Cayden. Brooke has always thought she was straight, her thoughts however are telling her something else entirely. So begins a lot of planning for Brooke to be able to meet Cayden again.

This one chance encounter is going to change the lives of both women forever.

This beautifully written romance is an extremely hot and erotic page turner from beginning to end. Unlike a lot of romances with lots of hot sex scenes, this book actually has a wonderful story running throughout. A story of sexual awakening, awareness, hope and change. The humor throughout is the laugh out loud sort. These characters are truly a laugh a minute.

Cayden and Brooke, the two main characters don’t quite get on well together to begin with. This is where help from Cayden’s best friend Jodie and roommate, the flamboyant and gay Wade comes in. Cayden has to be educated. Throw in Brooke’s parents, dad Bert and overbearing mother Harriet and you almost have a riot to contend with. Long suffering Bert was easy to get to know. Harriet, I could have strangled. It all added to the fun though.

Throughout the book I could see the way Cayden was gradually changing her way of thinking. It’s really amazing to see how people can go from arguing one moment to being friends and more the next. I can speak from my own experience, that this is very often the case. The way TJ Vertigo portrayed Cayden and Brooke’s interactions at the beginning of the book was very true to life.

The interactions between all the characters was like watching a carefully synchronized play. Each character is fully formed, multidimensional and plays his or her part to perfection.

Although this book is fairly long, I still hadn’t had enough and wanted more. I’d love to know what happens next for Cayden and Brooke, also Jodie and Wade. Oh, I nearly forgot, La La Bird, Wade’s cat. A true character in his own right.

Another book added into my favorites folder to be read time and again.


Glass Lions by JD Glass

Francesca DeTomassa, (Fran or Chesca to her friends) lives a privileged life. Her father is a local politician and she has scholarships to college and law school. She is coming to the end of her final year. After she graduates, she has an internship at a production studio in California.

Fran however has a secret. She is a member of an order, a Circle to protect and promote the Light. Fran’s life is tethered to them by oath, law, blood, soul and love, bound to the Circle’s focal point, the Wielder.

Love has to be sacrificed for the hope of someday. But when someday becomes today, a choice has to be made. A choice not only between love or between right or wrong. The choice has to be for the good of everyone.

This is a well written, but somewhat confusing story at times. It’s told from Fran’s point of view. The story is mostly about the two main characters, Fran and Nina. Nina is a woman Fran was told had died several years previously, although Fran was never convinced Nina was actually dead. When Fran suddenly comes face to face with Nina, it’s a terrible shock for her. The two women spend time together and eventually become lovers. Their love is tender and sweet, a really nice romance.

The part I found a bit confusing is where the Circle and the Light comes in. In fact, I went back and re-read the book again in the hope I would find out what I was wasn’t seeing. I’m still none the wiser now. But putting this aside, I did enjoy Fran and Nina’s story.

I read JD Glass’s earlier books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Punk Like Me and Punk and Zen. These characters first appear there. Maybe I would understand the story better if I went back and re-read them.

Although there were bits that confused me, overall, I did enjoy the story.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Waiting For Harper Lee by Lea Daley

After being dumped by her girlfriend Sarah, potter Lynn Westfall, moves to the quiet town of Quillan’s Crossing, Missouri. It’s a town where the men folk rule their wives, including telling them how to vote. Lynn isn’t happy with this and decides to try her best to implement some changes. Most of the women think liberation is a good thing, they are happy to talk about changes, but not to act towards getting anything changed. One woman has other ideas though.

Sexy and gorgeous Alix Dunnevan is married to Charles, a powerful politician. Their marriage is the perfect example of how all marriages should be. Isn’t it?

From the outset Lynn is smitten with Alix. She tries her best to put her feelings aside. A friendship develops between the two women and they find they share many of the same interests, including a deep love of music. It becomes harder and harder for Lynn to suppress her feelings for Alix. Even if Alix did share her feelings, the lesbian and the straight woman rarely works out. Plus there is Charles, Lynn knows he will do anything and everything possible to keep Alix and their two daughters with him. As they are to find out, this includes getting Alix committed if he has to.

Lynn searches her soul and tries to find the strength to walk away. Alix has no intentions of allowing this. Her marriage is flawed and far from the perfect ideal the outside world sees. But getting out of her marriage won’t be easy. Is it too much to hope for that Lynn and Alix will find a way for them to be together without Alix losing her daughters?

This is an excellent, well written debut book. Had I not known this was Lea Daley’s first book, I would never have guessed. Her writing style is unique. She shows, rather than tells the story.

There is a wealth of colorful and wonderful characters all fully formed and essential in progressing the story forward and on to it’s climatic conclusion.

The story is actually quite a well used and tested formula. A married woman with two children, straight to all intents and purposes and an out  lesbian fall in love. There begins all the trials and tribulations of will they, won’t they, be able to make the relationship work. But, this is where the tried and tested formula stops. Lea Daley has woven their story beautifully together and there are a lot of ups and downs and heartfelt scenarios to take the reader on a rollercoaster ride. I hated the character Charles, but he is so well written and he added a great deal of emotion and excitement to the book, albeit in the form of despising him to the point of wanting to hit him. To evoke such emotion in a reader tells me that this author is extremely talented.

I’m looking forward to Lea Daley’s next book. Will she be able to top this one? I can’t wait to find out.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Echoes Of The Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

Olivia and Amelia are amicably running their business, When Hell Meets Heaven together. They are also platonically living together. Although Olivia would like more. When Olivia’s ex lover, Parker Davis asks for help, Olivia is in a turmoil. Ten years have gone past since Olivia last saw Parker. Ten years since Parker’s betrayal. A myriad of different emotions comes rushing back to Olivia and she’s in a bit of a quandary. Should she act on her desires? Or should she turn to Amelia?

This is another blockbuster in the series. With so many twists and turns, ups and downs, I didn’t know if I was on a roller coaster or a carousel.

This well written book is fast paced and an edge of the seat page turner right from the outset. We meet many of the characters from the first two books as well as some new ones to progress the story forward.

Each case Olivia and Amelia become embroiled in is so vastly different from the others. This keeps the series boiling and a must read. I read these book when they were first published. This second read is just as satisfying as the first. It’s nice to go back and enjoy good stories again. I always get great pleasure in actually knowing how the story ends and not having to rush to find out.

JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly are great writers in their own rights. Together they are dynamite. Each of these books can be read as a standalone, but to get the full impact and to get to know the characters, I would advise reading them in sequence. They are simply too good to miss.

Although this series is basically a private investigation/mystery/intrigue with a touch of romance, there is an underlying humor throughout, which keeps the book a bit lighter without detracting from the seriousness of the story.

At the giveaway price Affinity are asking for a quality book, you simply can’t go wrong in giving them a try.


Inner Compass by Margo Moon

Journalist Alexi Jule, (Alex) is on an assignment to investigate the killing of some poachers in the Appalachian Foothills, Tennessee. Alex turns up before the hunting season begins, hoping to get settled in and chat to the locals. Alex’s first interview is with a local hermit, Faye Carson. From the moment Alex met Faye, she was smitten. Faye isn’t like any hermit Alex could have imagined. Unfortunately, Faye is also the number one suspect in the murders. Alex has to negotiate the rocky road of falling in love with the woman central to the murder investigation. What will her inner compass lead her to?

Faye is used to being alone with her animals and has been for years. She’s also hiding a past that may interfere with her future. But, truth be told, she’s just as smitten as Alex. Will Faye reveal her past to Alex in order to move on?

This story is a well written, beautifully woven tale of mystery, intrigue and murder. It also has a sweet and tender romance at it’s heart.

This is Margo Moon’s second book and she is showing true promise in being a top notch, up and coming lesbian fiction writer.

I loved the scenic settings, so well described, I lost myself totally in amongst the characters.

There are three main characters, all are fully developed and multi faceted. They are joined by a brilliant cast of secondary characters to enable the story to go forward in it’s tumultuous journey to the end.

Alex and Faye quickly fall in love. Hovering on the edge of their romance is Chloe, Alex’s ex lover and her long time best friend. Surprisingly, all three women get on very well together after an initial distrust on Chloe’s part, without the usual jealousies sometimes encountered by ex’s and new partners. However, when Chloe meets Jessica, things do get a little more difficult for Chloe.

This book is more than a regular mystery/romance. There are a lot of emotional highs and lows as well as some extremely hilarious moments. There is a lot of ground covered in this book. Look out for Sheriff Lindegaard!

I enjoyed meeting Faye’s animals, Colt the dog and Castor and Pollux the two cats. They all played a good role in the story as well as adding to the amusement.

I think one of my favorite characters was Theory James. a colorful character with an uncanny ability to see things no one else can. I’d love to get to know her better. I would dearly love a sequel to this book. There is a lot more these characters have to tell us. We haven’t heard how Chloe and Jessica get on yet. Hint, hint.

If you love a good mystery, a romance and animals, give this book a try.

I’m looking forward to reading more from Margo Moon in the not too distant future.