Monday, 15 July 2013

Nocturnes by JD Glass

A collection of short stories

Identity  (Standalone)
A short story as the title suggests about finding ones identity and what physical intimacy is about.
Short, sharp and to the point. A good kick off for the book.

Freshman  (American Goth)
Samantha Cray is in England after moving from the USA. She is visited by her close friend Fran after an alleged death.
A poignant and tender story.

Chemistry  (Punk and Zen)
Nina Boyd finds out all about herself and her capabilities when there is a confrontation at the women’s bar she works in. 
Sweet, hot and erotic

Deeper Than Skin (X) 
Charli and Anna are closer than just friends. But there are hidden secrets. Some Anna can tell, but some she hides. But.....what is the most important truth of all?
Secrets or no secrets, it didn’t stop an extremely hot and erotic encounter between Charli and Anna.

Breathing  (Red Light)
New Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT) Tori, is on a training run with two qualified technicians on a life and death situation. It’s a good job she had someone to console her afterwards.
A lovely short and hot story.

Possession  (Glass Lions)
Possession is about giving and not taking when it comes to love.
Hot, sweet and sexy. 

Flash  (The Chemicals Between Us)  A work in progress.
Gwen and Jules share a passionate history. Their visit to San Francisco goes very well for them both.
Hot and erotic.

Nadlehee  (American Goth)
A new danger is threatening all the people Samantha Cray loves. She’s still training, but learning has it’s price.
A touching and hot story.

Daisy Chain (Standalone, set after American Goth but before Punk and Zen)
Tells us more about Samantha Cray AKA Ann during the interim.
Chock full of steaming hot sex

This Is Not A Test (Glass Lion)
Set during the Punk and Zen Timeline. Fran’s point of view.
A nice short, sweet and hot encounter.

Bizarre Love Triangle  (Punk and Zen)
A band tour goes off track and Nina stays in Spain for a while. When her friends find her and join her, see what happens next.
Steaming hot and pleasurable.

Extremity/Extrication  (Red Light)
Tori and Jean are deeply in love, they decide it’s time to get married. This story is of their first night as a married couple.
In true JD Glass tradition, this is hot.

Claiming The Angel  (Standalone)
Told from Jean’s point of view some years after her and Tori married. A story of trying to find a way back again when all seems lost.
Heartfelt serious story

Triskelion  (Standalone)
Rather than give away anything, here is JD Glass’s take on this story:-
(Every now and again, the characters—who have become real entities in their own right—demand to be heard, insist that part of a story be told, even if it is outside of their usual modes of telling. This…is one of those, and an introduction to points of view and therefore a window into lives we’ve never peeked through before.)
A longer story with some favorite characters from the books.

I read most of JD Glass’s books several years ago and enjoyed them so much, they are on my re-read book shelf. Hard copies in those days, not ebooks. It’s been really great to see some of my favorite characters in these short stories. There is no need to have read the books first, the characters are easy to get to know. But I feel if you know the characters, it will enhance these stories for you. Or maybe you could look at it the other way round. Once you’ve read these stories, you’ll want to read the books. Either way, it’s a win, win situation. You’ll be getting some great books and getting to know some awesome characters.

These stories are well written and a quick and easy read. If you enjoy short stories with a heat factor off the scale at times, this is the book of shorts for you. I’d say a beach read, but you’d need to take a tent. Maybe a cosy night in would be better.

I’m looking forward to more from JD Glass in the near future.    






When Hell Meets Heaven by JM Dragon

Psychologist, Dr Amelia West, is asked by Father Johansson, the priest she has known since childhood, to speak to one of the nuns in a cloistered order, Sister Marie Clarise-Benoite, regarding a private issue. At the same time, Father Johansson asks Private Detective, Olivia Santos, to discreetly assist Amelia in solving a mystery surrounding Sister Marie.

After a rocky beginning, Amelia and Olivia bond together in their quest to find the missing answers. You could say this is heaven meeting hell as the mystery deepens, with no apparent end in sight.

First in a compelling series and it’s off to a flying start. The book is a page turner right from the start through to the end. JM Dragon is a terrific writer. I’ve read all of her books, some of them several times. This is my second time of reading this book. It is the second edition. I can tell everyone here and now that the series is a winner.

I loved the chemistry between Amelia and Olivia. They balance one another out. Their interaction is great. They are backed up with a solid cast of secondary characters to progress the story forward.

There are plenty of twists and turns along the way that kept me on the edge of my seat, right through to the very end.

This book is either free or next to nothing to buy. Don’t miss out on a great series. Once again, Affinity are looking after their readers.


Monday, 8 July 2013

The Road To Her by KE Payne

Twenty year old Holly Croft, star of Portobello Road, a UK soap, is currently single after being dumped by her lover two years previously. When Holly learns that her role in Portobello Road is going to be expanded to include a lesbian love interest for her character Jasmine, she’s in a state of hype and excitement. When Holly meets Elise Manford, the actress who will be playing her lover, Casey, she doesn’t get off to a very good start with her. Elise is a bit of a live wire. She oozes confidence and gets under Holly’s skin with her unwelcome advice.

The first ever lesbian storyline on Portobello Road is a big hit with the soaps fans. Holly and Elise find themselves spending more time together reading through scripts and generally being seen in public to keep the flames burning and public interest running high.

It’s not long before Holly finds herself falling in love with Elise. Unfortunately for Holly, Elise appears to all intents and purposes to be straight. As much as Holly tries to push the real life attraction back, the tenuous line between real life attraction and life on the set between Jasmine and Casey blurs, making it hard to distinguish between fact and fiction.

I have to confess, this is the first book I’ve read from KE Payne. I don’t read many young adult books. But having read this one and thoroughly enjoyed it, this is about to change. This is a beautifully written book that can be enjoyed by any of us, regardless of age. In fact, once I started it, I couldn’t put it down and read right through to the end.

KE Payne has written a wonderful, heart warming story of love, unrequited love, betrayal, self discovery and coming out. She has also giving us a first hand insight into life on a television soap opera. From the dialogue, it was very easy to immerse myself in the story amongst the characters.

The two main characters, Holly and Elise are as different as chalk and cheese on the outside, but inside, not so different. They both have their own hang ups and secrets. I really felt for Holly, whilst at the same time feeling I could give Elise a good slap. The interaction between them both is superbly written. Both off screen and on screen. There is a wealth of different friends and colleagues backing the main characters up and moving the story forward at a nice pace.

Personally, I’d love to see more of these characters and more of the soap, Portobello Road.


A Delicate Refusal by T.T. Thomas

Heiress Rosemary Parker Pryce is completely, utterly and madly in love with Victoria Anne Cabot-Jones. There is just one smallish problem with this, Victoria is married to David Cabot-Jones and he is not about to give her up any time soon.

Rosemary and Victoria both have health problems to contend with, so written correspondence is the only way to keep their love alive. Unfortunately, Rosemary’s eyesight isn’t good, so she employs January (Jan) Jameson to read and write her letters for her. The antics and outcome that ensues from this arrangement takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, twists and turns with a lot of hilarity along the way.

As with all of TT Thomas’s books, I anticipated this one with eagerness and excitement. TT Thomas writes excellent, historically authentic, fictionalized novels of the highest standards. The fact that she writes in the lesbian fiction world is a true blessing.

This book is a thoroughly well written, exciting, romantic page turner from the very first page through to it’s dramatic conclusion. Oh, and just for good measure, it’s steaming hot in places too. But not in the usual way of a romance book. To find out my meaning, (no spoilers from me) you’ll have to read the book.

All the characters are fully formed, multifaceted and play well together. From the scenic descriptions of England as the country is on the verge of WW1 in 1914, I could immerse myself completely in the story and live it with them. A true sign of a talented writer. The tensions and fears that were running high at that time were radiating off the pages in waves. Coupled with the enticing dialogue which includes hidden family secrets, affairs of the heart and the meaning of a delicate refusal, this book is dynamite.  

This is a book that once started simply has to be finished. I couldn’t get through the book fast enough. For being naughty and doing this work of art an injustice, I had to read it a second time. A treat indeed. The second time I savored the story. Decadent and a true pleasure to read without the pressures of having to know what comes next.

I’m not sure if TT Thomas has anything else planned for these two ladies and their friends, but I would certainly love to read more about them.


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Magical Echo by Linda Kay Silva

Echo Branson is now mentor of the supernaturals. In this latest blockbuster adventure, Echo and her team of both supers and naturals are out investigating a murder in Las Vegas. A rogue gang of independent supers are wreaking havoc. Echo and her team are working flat out to find out who is behind the murder. Will they find out who is in charge? Or will they become statistics of the mindless killing?

Echo soon finds out she has an enemy close to her. Who is betraying her? Will Echo discover the traitor in time to stop bloodshed?

Whilst Echo is desperately trying to find answers and protect herself and her team, she discovers a magical secret, a secret that has remained hidden all her life. What is it? More importantly, will it show itself in time to save them all?

I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed all the Echo series. But I can honestly say, this is the best in the series so far.

The story is a fast paced, exciting, thrilling, edge of the seat page turner from page one. I simply couldn’t put this down. A true rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and twists and turns.

Echo and the rest of the characters are all well formed, multidimensional and a true delight to get to know. For diehard Linda Kay Silva fans, there is an appearance from Delta Stevens, The Storm series. It’s always a pleasure to meet Delta.

You can read this book as a standalone. There is enough background for it. But, I would strongly advise you read the whole series. There is no point in missing out on hours of brilliant reading. The main story did end, but there is a little bit of a cliff-hanger to lead the story on to the next in the series. I’m absolutely champing at the bit now for book six. It can’t be published soon enough.


Andy's Song by Beth Burnett

Sequel to Man Enough

Andy Ericksson is trying her best to find out if her life is being fulfilled by sex without having a loving relationship to bolster it. She’s a big tough butch, but she has a loving tender way about her too. She doesn’t have to work, her trust fund is more than enough for her to live in comfort, but she works part time in a book store because she feels she should do something.

Andy has a lot of close friends and all the one night stands she could wish for. But she feels something is missing. Could it be that the something missing is love?

When Andy’s almost lifelong best friend and unrequited love interest falls in love with someone else, Andy is at a bit of a crossroads in her life. She meets someone who is not prepared to be yet another notch on her bedpost, someone Andy may be able to want more than just a casual hook up with. What will Andy do?

To complicate Andy’s life just a little bit more, her ex girl friend from college twenty years previously turns up again. Just when Andy thinks she may be able to fall in love, she’s now torn two ways. Will Andy’s ex lover thwart her plans to explore the possibility of a monogamous relationship with her new girlfriend? More to the point, will Andy be able to enter into a relationship and still have her freedom and her best friends?

In this sequel to Man Enough, we have the same circle of best friends, plus some new ones to get to know. There is more than enough background to read this as a standalone. The characters are so easy to get to know and love. The story flows along with much hilarity along the way.

The characters are all well formed and interact well together, making this an excellent read right the way through. There are lots of ups and downs and twists and turns along the way to enhance the story and move it forward at a nice comfortable pace. I ended up not being able to put this down and reading it right through.

This is a light hearted read with a serious theme running through it. I’m hoping there will be another book with these characters in. I’d like to see how Andy’s new life turns out.


American Yakuza II The Lies That Bind by Isabella

Luce Potter, Head of the American Yakuza, rules with a rod of iron. She controls her crime organization with the precision of a well oiled piece of machinery. That is until lies, treachery and deception make her well ordered world spiral out of control. Luce has suffered a terrible betrayal, which is eating at her very soul and slowly destroying the life and love she has with her partner, Brooke Erickson.

Brooke finds her all consuming love with Luce being pushed aside, with Luce pushing her further away until Brooke is finally out of Luce’s life altogether.

Although Brooke is alone, she has no intentions of letting go of Luce. Not until she’s been given a satisfactory answer as to why Luce suddenly decided to throw the love they had together away.

Federal Agent, Colby Water, is investigating Luce and her crime organization. Colby is shocked to find someone she cared for in the past in the forefront of her investigation in to the Yakuza boss. Colby is determined to put Luce away for a long time. But before she can do that, she has to sort out her own organization first.

Federal agents, Russians, crime bosses, deceptions, betrayals and death are a melting pot for disaster. Will Luce and Brooke even survive everything that is being thrown at them from all directions? If they survive, will their love be strong enough to bond them back together?

Ever since I finished American Yakuza, I’ve been looking forward to the sequel. To say I wasn’t disappointed seems trite and no where near enough to say for this excellent follow up. The story is absolutely spellbinding, riveting and a page turner from the first page. Unfortunately, I’m never satisfied. Now I want more. I hope the sequel is well underway. 

The surviving characters from American Yakuza are all back with some more added in. All the characters are fully formed and they all play their parts to absolute perfection. Interacting really well together. Goodies and baddies alike.

The story is fast paced and once started, I couldn’t put the book down. I devoured it in one sitting. Which means I got to read it again to write my review. No hardship there. My second reading was every bit as good as the first, if not better. I could take my time, enabling me to savor the story without the pressures of not knowing how it ended. This series is a keeper and when it’s all written, it will be nice to read each one back to back.

Life Rewired by Lynn Galli

Ex con, Falyn Shaw is finding that life outside of prison isn’t much better for her than it was in prison. Her friends have disowned her. People have no respect for her once they know she’s served a prison sentence. She’s working in a job she hates for a pittance. Plus the police come round and question her each time a crime has been committed.

When Falyn meets up with her old friend Nat, she is offered a job at Nat’s construction company in Aspen, doing the work she loves and has trained for as an electrician. This is her chance to leave her old life behind and start anew.

Falyn is soon doing very well in Aspen, she’s enjoying her job and has found some new friends. No one knows of her shady past except Nat. When Falyn meets Molly Sokol, she finds a friend she has lots in common with. They begin to spend a lot of time together as buddies. Falyn’s life is finally back on track and is good. Better than good in fact. Her relationship with Molly develops into a sweet romance, that neither of them saw coming.

Unfortunately, it’s too good to be true when Falyn’s past catches up with her. Will Falyn be able to keep the past from ruining her new life and her future? Or will she have to walk away from all she’s just built, including the woman she’s grown to love?

Another well written page turner from Lynn Galli. We have some of the Aspen friends back, along with some new characters to keep the story burning brightly throughout.

I like the way Lynn sets her books amongst a group of friends and then introduces other characters and builds the storyline around the new character. In this book, Falyn is the central character and we see how her criminal past catches up with her. She had paid the price and served her sentence, but second chances are not easy to come by. Even though Falyn has learnt a valuable lesson, she still isn’t left alone to get on with her life. This is very true to real life too. I know I’ve been guilty of thinking, once a criminal always a criminal, instead of taking each case on it’s own merit. So, although this book is fiction, I do feel we can take something out of it for ourselves. This is also a story about second chances. There is a lot of wisdom packed into this sometimes serious, sometimes funny romance.

I always look forward to anything new from Lynn Galli. This has been well worth the wait.