Friday, 24 August 2012

The Killing Ground by Syd Parker

FBI Special Agent Jordan Gray and her FBI partner Matt Riley, are called in urgently one night by their boss, Assistant Director Susan Mitchell, to investigate the rape and near murder of her pregnant partner, Julie Keppler. Jordan and Matt are asked to work the case off the clock as a favor to Susan. To do this, they have to get the cooperation of the detective in charge of the case.

Detective Rebecca Foxx, is not too happy about the involvement of the FBI. But she knows she needs all the help she can get with tracking down the person responsible for not only Julie’s attack, but the rape and murder of several other victims. There appears to be a pattern to the attacks. Each victim has been pregnant and seemingly all the victims are lesbians. Is this a hate crime? The perpetrator attacks the victims, rapes them, kills them and takes their babies. He has to be stopped. So far this unsub (unknown subject) has evaded capture, but will he be smart enough to outwit the FBI and the Chicago Police Department?

Jordan and Rebecca and their partners begin their investigation in earnest to track down the perpetrator. As the hunt gets underway, more women are murdered. Suddenly the unsub appears to change his M.O, (Modus Operandi). He is not only attacking lesbians anymore, but also married women. Why has the perpetrator changed his tactics?

Just as the FBI and Chicago P.D think they are making progress, so they find themselves back to square one. Will they ever catch the perpetrator of these horrendous crimes?

During the course of their investigation, it becomes apparent to Jordan and Rebecca that they have a strong attraction towards each other. Jordan, who in the past has been quite a player, would like to act on it. But Rebecca is very career minded and fights her feelings. Will Rebecca relent?

This is a wonderfully well written murder, mystery, romance with so many twists and turns and ups and downs it was hard to figure out who the murderer was and why they were committing the atrocities on unsuspecting pregnant women.

Right from the very first page I was hooked on this story and I stayed hooked, right through to the last page. Be advised, don’t start this book until you have plenty of time to read right through and finish it. I couldn’t put the book down. I simply could not figure out who the murderer was. When I finally found out, I was flabbergasted. Such a total shock.

I love the two main characters, Jordan and Rebecca. They work well and play well together. They are both multidimensional and along with the rest of the characters in the story, play their parts to perfection in furthering the story along at a nice pace.

As well as the complex murder mystery, at the heart of the book is a steamy, red hot, sizzling romance, with all the ups and downs of real life getting in the way.

I’ve read all of Syd Parker’s books. This is her first murder mystery, I have to say, she’s exceeded all my expectations. I’ve loved her romance books from the outset, but this book simply has to be her best ever yet. But then, I say that about each of her books. Seriously, I would recommend this to all lesbian fiction mystery lovers. A great plot and excellent dialogue.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fractured by Erin O'Reilly

Homicide Detective, Tess Jacoby, has one rule in her life, never get involved. All Tess is concerned with is keeping her distance from everybody and maintaining a self imposed, self controlled, cool calm exterior. Why is Tess like this?

When basketball player, Dana Stratton is viciously murdered, Tess finds her emotions spiralling out of control. What is it about Dana’s murder that so deeply affects Tess?

Inevitably in the course of their work, Tess meets Federal Prosecutor, Anna Mikaelson. Anna is greatly attracted to Tess, but Anna can’t allow herself to lose her heart to Tess, or anyone else for that matter. What has happened in Anna’s past to make her so wary of letting herself love? Even if Anna was emotionally free, would Tess welcome her advances?

Tess and her cop partner, Gus, find their investigation into Dana’s murder does not run smoothly. They follow too many different clues, just to find themselves right back where they started from. Will they ever get to find out what happened?

There are many twists and turns along the way, both with Tess’s case and her feelings for Anna. Anna herself, is struggling with her own feelings. What happens when neither woman can deny their attraction any longer?
This is a wonderfully well written murder mystery, a real page turner from start to finish. I love a murder mystery and read a fair few of them, but the ending was a total surprise.

I loved the two main characters, Tess and Anna, they are multidimensional and interact well together. They both have problems, but they are realistic and believable. There is a fantastic cast of supporting characters to enhance and progress this story to it’s dramatic conclusion.

The balance between the mystery and romance is perfect. One has not over shadowed the other.

This is a wonderful mystery/romance that has in my opinion been overlooked in the past and not given the recognition it so well deserves. I was so pleased to see that Affinity have re-edited and re-published Fractured. I love Erin O’Reilly’s writing and I eagerly look forward to anything she writes.

I highly recommend you give this book a try. It’s worth every cent of it’s almost giveaway reasonable price.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Reapers Inc Rogue Reaper by B.L Newport

Brigit Malone is carrying out her position of Assistant Grim Reaper efficiently and to the very best of her ability. The threat made by Seamus Flannery nine months previously has not been carried out........Yet. Brigit is under no illusions though, that he is just biding his time to get to her in a weak moment.

John Blackwick has left Brigit in charge as Head Reaper while he opens up satellite offices round the world. Brigit is working round the clock crossing souls and trying her best to run the office. She can’t even get home very often to spend time with her beloved Maggie.

The Bailey is acting up and the work load due to his increased activity is never ending. Brigit also has to face a ghost she’d rather not face from her past. Then the unthinkable happens, Seamus shows his hand at last. He has found a way to carry out his threat to Brigit. He is going after the one person Brigit would give up her immortal soul for. Will Seamus succeed in destroying Brigit?

Reapers Inc Brigit’s Cross was a superb book. This second in the series is even better, if that’s possible.

The characters are diverse and multidimensional. As the firm of Reapers Inc grows, so we meet more characters. Some nicer than others. But they all pull their own weight in progressing the story along at a nice pace, with twists and turns along the way.

It’s fascinating to read about the dead interacting with the living. This series is giving me a whole new perception of a genre previously either ignored or read by those considered ghoulish. Personally, although I know these things can’t and don’t happen, a part of me wonders, what if.........

B.L Newport has a unique way with words. Her storytelling just makes me want to read more from her. She has created a wonderful set of characters, even when I’m not reading a Reapers Inc book, I’m thinking about them.

If anyone is unsure as to whether they will like the series, just buy the first book. The price is very reasonable too.

Reapers Inc Brigit's Cross by B.L Newport

It’s Halloween and Brigit Malone is late to meet her partner, Maggie Devon. Unfortunately she isn’t going to be meeting her at all. She’s just been killed on her way home. Brigit and Maggie had been together almost ten years. One more day and they would have been celebrating their tenth anniversary.

Brigit had promised Maggie to always look after her and to always be there for her. How is she going to do that now?

As luck would have it, Brigit is offered a job at Reapers Incorporated. The firm of Reapers Inc carries out the unenviable task of crossing departed souls over to their final judgements. Brigit accepts the position of Assistant Reaper to John Blackwick, the Head Reaper. With a little negotiation, Brigit makes it possible to be able to keep her promise to Maggie. She will be able to watch over her.

Brigit begins her new career and so the next stage of her un-existence begins.

As far as I can ascertain, this is B.L Newport’s debut book. The story is refreshing and different from other books in the same genre I’ve read. A whole new idea.

I love all the characters, even the baddies. They are multidimensional and play well together. The scenic descriptions made me feel I was looking on as the story unfolded. This is the sort of book that I wouldn’t actually want to be a part of the story. To be with the Reapers crossing the departed souls over, wouldn’t be my idea of a fun time. But, like a film, to be able to watch it from a far, is great.

I liked the way B.L Newport told Brigit’s story and also put a different spin on her job as a Grim Reaper. No skeletal figure in a hooded cloak etc, but a regular person. Albeit, a dead one. It was storytelling at it’s best. I also liked the dry humor throughout. It added a nice touch to what could have been a rather serious book.

Once I started this book, I couldn’t stop reading until I’d finished it. It is a real page turner. So, I would advise allowing plenty of leisure time to read this. Fortunately I had the next in the series lined up ready to read. I wouldn’t have liked to wait as this does end in a bit of a cliff-hanger.

I’ll be keeping this to re-read once all the series is complete.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Short snippets of July reads

Oath Of Honor by Radclyffe

When Navy Captain Wes Masters is posted to The White House Medical Unit, her number one priority is President Andrew Powell. Special Agent Evyn Daniels is a member of the President’s Personal Protection Unit. When the two women meet, sparks fly, but they both agree they can’t have a relationship, their jobs have to come first. But there must be a way for love to conquer.

An enjoyable read with some of my favorite characters from Radclyffe’s previous books. Blair and Cam, Tanner and Adrienne and others. Star rating 4/5


Rhapsody by KG MacGregor

Respected veteran TV anchor, Ashley Giraud, is a virtual recluse and she is hiding secrets from her past. Julia Whitethorn, stylist and owner of Rhapsody hair salon gets the contract to style Ashley’s hair. It’s not long before Ashley and Julia feel an attraction to each other. However, Ashley can never allow more than friendship between them. Her past has encroached into her present and is affecting her future. Will Ashley learn to love again?

Another really great read from KG MacGregor. The writing and the storyline is wonderful. Star rating 5/5


Moon Through The Magnolia by Kate Sweeney

Judge Cass O’Banion has had more than enough of her job on the bench in Chicago. She’s hanging up her robes and moving to a Louisiana backwater to be a lawyer. Regina Devereaux, (Dev) had the misfortune to end up in Cass’s courtroom in Chicago, she was immediately smitten, not so for Cass. When Cass and Dev run in to each other in Louisiana, fate must have had a hand. But what of love?

A well written heartfelt romance with the usual humor than only comes from the pen of Kate Sweeney. Star rating 5/5


Stone Walls by Kate Sweeney A Novella

Top skier Tyler Cameron had everything she wanted. Fame, money, women etc. Until she suffered a terrible accident. Nurse Rachel Whitaker had left England hiding a deep dark secret. When sparks begin to ignite between Tyler and Rachel, will either or both of them hide behind their stone walls or knock them down?

A really enjoyable romance with a nice storyline and the usual Kate Sweeney humor. Star rating 5/5


The Night Off by Meghan O’Brien

Accountant Emily Parker, the daughter of drug addict parents, is caring for her eighteen year old sister. Emily has no life of her own, it’s all work and no play. Until she books an evening with an escort to live out her fantasies.

Nat Swayne enjoys her job as an escort and is very good at it. She never allows herself to become emotionally involved. Until she meets Emily. Sparks fly between them both. They have an undeniable attraction to each other. Could it possibly amount to more?

An excellent, well written erotic story. Sizzling and steaming hot. Another winner for Meghan O’Brien. Star rating 5/5


Accidental Love by B.L Miller re-read

Powerful and rich Ronnie Cartwright is on her way home late one snowy night, when she runs down and seriously injures a poverty stricken young woman, Rose Grayson. Horrified, Ronnie puts Rose into her car and rushes her to hospital. Circumstances throw the two women together. But Ronnie hides the fact from Rose that she caused her injuries. The two women fall in love. But can love based on a deception survive?

A nice well written romance. One of my all time favorites I’ve read numerous times. Star rating 5/5


Graceful Waters by B.L Miller and V.H Foster re-read

Joanna Carey is the senior instructor at a boot camp. Grace Waters has been sent to the boot camp to learn the error of her ways. Both Joanna and Grace are fighting a losing battle against their attraction for each other. Grace would be more than willing to take a chance, but can she persuade Joanna?

A well written and heart warming comfort book I love to re-read once in a while.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Fern Witches Series by Joanna Macowl

Talking To Trees Book One.

Dana Quinn has been meaning to write her dissertation for years. This is the year she is finally going to do it. She’s taking a whole year off and is going up to the old family cabin in Fern, New Hampshire. Peace and solitude are going to be her only companions. Dana loves the old family cabin, it holds special memories from her childhood. Including her first love.

Dana is looking forward to the year off and knows that at the end of it, she will be right on track for tenure and a very comfortable life. Dana doesn’t figure her two neighbours into her lonely existence though. Carla, her childhood friend and first lover at the render age of thirteen and Liz, a woman in dire need of Dana’s help. Help that Dana has no idea she can actually give. Heck, she doesn’t even know she is a witch, let alone that she has special powers. Although, there has been some strange happenings in the past.........

This first book in The Fern Witch series is a delightful page turner that I simply couldn’t put down once I’d started it. At the beginning we have an ordinary woman, Dana at a crossroads in her life. Dana knows she has to make changes and thus begins a roller coaster ride on a journey of self discovery. But as with any journey, there are plenty of twists and turns and a few bumps along the way.

This is Joanna Macowl’s debut book, but you would never know it from the excellent writing and clean editing. She has excelled in her story telling, scenic descriptions, the multidimensional characters and their development. As the title suggests, this story has a pagan/wiccan theme. The witches are everyday ordinary people, with a little extra power. I loved the whole setting and the romance throughout is hot. I was pleased that I had the trilogy, I wouldn’t have liked to have to wait for the second book in the series. This will be a definite re-read for me.

The Wand. Book Two

Dana Quinn continues on her path of learning all the things she needs to know to fit in with the women of the coven. She finds herself being tested along the way as she finds new friends and connections. Dana as the newest witch, is also becoming one of the most powerful witches in Fern. Villette Madden, another powerful witch is not about to let Dana succeed Ivy Wynn as the High Priestess when the time comes. She has met her match in Dana. But she will stop at nothing to prevent Dana from taking the title. As each woman battles for supremacy, who will get hurt in the process?

Deidre Bast has set her sights on Liz Abbott. How will she get on there? Liz and Carla, an on and off again couple find they both hide secrets. Dana and Hannah had a little liaison going until Hannah ups and leaves. Zack Reese, Hannah’s brother helps Dana find the elusive Julia. Could Julia be Hannah’s reason for leaving Fern?

As Dana’s powers grow, she finds help in the form of the dark wand. Which also brings about some life changing challenges as well as a lot of surprises along the way.

This second book in the Fern Witch series begins directly where the first one ended. I thought the first book was superb, this one is equally as good, if not a little better, if that’s even possible. The story is a lot darker and deeper than the first book, although there is a touch of humor throughout. There is more depth to the characters relationships and the romance is hot.

We see how Dana is developing her power on her way to becoming the all powerful High Priestess when Ivy can no longer be there.

The story telling is superb, the characters are wonderful and well written. Each interacts with the others in such a way they they are almost choreographed and dancing together. Once again, I’m thankful I don’t have to wait for the third and final book.

Silvery Moon Book Three

Dana Quinn has been in Fern for two years. She loves the people, the place and all the challenges in her life. Her powers are increasing in strength. Life is good for Dana. She feels she is finally ready to settle down and maybe have a family. Things she’s shied away from in the past. But Dana finds herself waging a war with herself. A traumatic event sends Dana and Carla hurtling down a path that could very well end in destruction for them both, unless Dana can find a way to put the brakes on and turn things around.

Unfortunately, Dana’s power fails her, just when it is so badly needed. Dana has to seek help from the one witch she’d rather not ask.

Alexandra Conti is a High Priestess, she initiates Dana and not only in to the coven! But Alexandra is hiding secrets from her past. Secrets that may well come back to haunt them all.

Hannah and Julia have to sort out their feeling for each other. What will they decide?

Meanwhile, Liz is searching for a dark haired woman she is destined to marry one year ahead. Could this woman be right under her nose?

Last, but by no means least, Ruby Gray-Quinn is born. She is a delightful baby and totally surprises both her mothers.

Dana has to evaluate her past and use all her strength and magick, because hanging on to her past could be her downfall. Will Dana find the courage to protect her family and her future, or will she simply coast along?

This is the third and sadly final book in this fantastic series.......Maybe.The whole three books have been an absolutely wonderfully well written and great read.

The series has been dramatic, romantic, humorous and at times sad. I can’t praise these books enough. I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent in Fern with these delightful characters. There would be only one complaint I’d have, I would have loved the series to continue. I have heard there may just be a possibility of the witches returning. We’ll have to wait and see. I haven’t had anywhere near enough of Dana and her coven. Whether you like paganism, Wicca, witches or not, these characters and their stories are excellent. I’ll be re-reading these books very soon.

Angel Food and Devil Dogs by Liz Bradbury

Ex police officer Maggie Gale has started up her own Private detective business. She is currently investigating a case on behalf of her sister Sara, a lawyer. Childlike Mickey Murphy, has been accused of murder. A murder both Sara and her law partner Emma are sure he didn’t commit.

When Maggie receives a phone call from the President of Irwin College, Max Bouchet, she finds herself with two cases to solve. Max needs Maggie to investigate the apparent suicide of blind music professor, Carl Rasmus.

Once Maggie begins her investigation, a spree of murder, attempted murder and injuries begins to mount up. Maggie has no idea in the beginning if a murder has been committed and if it has, who the murderer is likely to be. It soon becomes apparent though that Carl was murdered. There are several likely suspects.

It’s during the course of her investigation that Maggie meets Doctor Kathryn Anthony, known to her students as the Ice Queen. Maggie is fascinated and greatly attracted to Kathryn. It’s just as well that Kathryn is not a suspect and has a cast iron alibi for the time of Carl’s murder and other nasty happenings.

Maggie and Kathryn soon become lovers. Together they begin to unravel the mystery surrounding Carl’s death and other events. But Maggie has been totally looking at the wrong person as a suspect. Could Maggie become the next victim? Will Maggie discover the blunder she’s made in time to save her life or that of others?

This is Maggie Gale’s first outing as a private detective and what an outing it is. This book is superb and wonderfully well written. Full of mystery, intrigue and a real page turner right the way through. I simply couldn’t put this book down once I’d started it. So, be warned, allow a whole day of leisure to read it.

I love the characters, Maggie and Kathryn. They are backed up by a strong cast of characters each playing their parts to perfection to progress the story forward to it’s climatic conclusion. The book is full of twists and turns along the way. Just when I thought I knew who the perpetrator was, so I found that I was wrong. I’m usually quite good at guessing, but I didn’t see the ending at all until right at the last minute.

Although there are lots of different characters in this book, I didn’t find it hard to keep up with them or get confused. Liz Bradbury has a great way of writing the dialogue so that I knew at all times what was happening and who was speaking. From the descriptive dialogue, it was easy to fall right in to the story and visualize myself amongst the characters as the story unfolded.

The book mainly focuses on the murder of Carl Rasmus, but along the way, Maggie does find time to solve the case against Mickey Murphy.

Even though this book is a mystery, there is a nice slow burning romance amid all the grim occurrences. This lightens up the tone of the book, plus adds a nice touch of humor throughout too. As the passion heats up, the book almost ignites. So, yes, it’s hot too. An added bonus.

I’m very much looking forward to reading the next in this series. Fortunately, I already have the book, so no waiting.

Building Character by Kate Genet

Successful author, Fen Marshall, lives her life for number one, herself. Fen is a womanizer, a love them and leave them type. Everything must be on her own terms and heaven help anyone who tries to get close to Fen in any way, she won’t let them at any price. However, Fen comes unstuck when she falls head over heels in lust with Ruby.

Ruby is the woman of Fen’s imagination, of her dreams. Fen is totally obsessed and besotted with Ruby. The only trouble is........Ruby is a character right from the pages of one of Fen’s noir fiction novels.

Ruby has been brought to life, in the flesh by Fen’s obsession. How could that happen? Don’t even ask, but it does. Fen decides she doesn’t care, as long as she can have Ruby.

Entangled amongst the Fen/Ruby liaison is stalker Marissa. Marissa had set her sights on Fen, only to find Fen is not interested. So she sets about stalking her. But Marissa doesn’t bargain on Ruby. Ruby will never let go of what is hers. And Fen is most definitely hers. Who wins? Ruby or Marissa?

Unfortunately for Fen, Ruby is not nice. Not in the least. There is something cold and calculating about her. But has Fen realized this too late?

Ruby may be voluptuous and gorgeous, but she has no heart and soul, no blood either for that matter. Has Fen just made a huge error of judgement in creating Ruby? If she has, how on earth does she get rid of her without harming herself?

When I opened this book, I had no idea what to expect. The synopsis seemed strange, yet attracted me to the book. From the very first page, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put this book down.

Fen herself, isn’t a very nice person. Yet I was drawn to her character. There was just something about her that intrigued me. Ruby seems to be somehow a part of Fen’s inner self. As the story progresses, Fen begins to see what she’s created in Ruby and tries to rid herself of her. But Fen is being sucked dry by Ruby. It begins to look as though to get rid of Ruby, Fen will end up destroying herself. Maybe.

This book is certainly different from any other I’ve read. It is a page turner from the first page through to the last. The book is full of twists and turns throughout. All the characters interact well together and are essential to moving the story forward to a dramatic conclusion. Plus there are some very passionate sex scenes, always a bonus. Kate Genet has proved herself time and again to be an excellent storyteller. This book is one of her best ever.

Just one negative point I’d make, the book could do with another thorough edit. Having said this, the typos didn’t spoil the story in any way. This is a definite re-read for me.

Serial Justice by Tammy Whaley

Even on her death bed, female assassin, Carson Davidson, has an agenda that no one knows about. Carson Davidson has decided to confess to killing criminals who had committed the most horrendous atrocities imaginable. In Carson’s mind they deserved to die. She had spent over twenty years hunting down and killing these monsters. Now it’s time to tell all. But what else is she hiding?

FBI Agent Miriam Mackenzie, (Mac) is assigned to document and to ascertain the authenticity of Carson’s crimes. Unfortunately two FBI agents are killed and Mac finds herself minus her badge and her gun and under an internal investigation. As if this isn’t enough, Mac is attracted to Dana, Carson’s daughter. Even though Mac knows Dana went along with Carson when she committed her crimes and Dana herself could be a killer, Mac can’t seem to help how she feels.

Due to the rapport between Carson and Mac, Mac is asked to continue to take down Carson’s confession. As the story of Carson’s life unfolds, so events are taking place leading to an explosive sequence of events. Mac finally realizes that nothing and nobody are as they seem.

This is the first I’ve read from Tammy Whaley and I assume it is her debut novel. The storyline is thrilling, full of mystery and intrigue, twists and turns and ups and downs and is a page turner. There is no doubt that Tammy is a wonderful storyteller.

The story is fast paced all the way through, alternating between Carson’s confession and present day. However, I felt the ending was rather abrupt. Almost as if the author cut it short in order to leave room for a sequel. Which I would be delighted to see.

There are a few typos and errors. But they didn’t take me out of the story. This book is well worth reading and I highly recommend it.

Just Me by Graysen Morgen

When a terrible accident occurs, wild girl, Ian Wiley has to grow up quickly to take over the multimillion dollar company she is the sole heir to, Wiley Steel. But will Ian calm down enough to run the business started by her Great Grandfather over one hundred years before? Ian is all too aware that she, as the heir, must make significant changes to her life. When Ian begins looking in to her business, she realizes all is not well, the company has suffered some severe losses. Will Ian have the knowledge and the support of her staff to be able to get Wiley Steel back on track? Thus begins the start of an investigation that will shock and anger Ian, along with her trusted board members.

Cassidy Harland is in Aspen with her two best friends, when she sees a drop dead gorgeous blonde woman in the bar. She toys with the idea of an encounter with her and decides against it. For weeks afterwards, Cassidy regrets her decision not to play. Imagine her surprise and shock when she encounters the lovely blonde again, to discover that she is none other than Ian Wiley, head of the company she works for and her boss. Cassidy is torn between still wanting Ian and staying well away from her. After all, nothing can ever come of it, can it? Ian’s the boss! Unknown to Cassidy, Ian is feeling a similar attraction. Can there be any hope for love? Will the two women find a way to be together?

This is another really excellent story from the pen of Graysen Morgen. I loved the exciting storyline. The descriptive scenic settings gave me the feel of being there amongst the characters and the romance is hot. The two main characters, Ian and Cassidy are well developed and multidimensional. They are backed up with a supporting cast of strong minor characters. All equally important in furthering the story along.

Unfortunately, once again Graysen has been badly let down by her editor. There are numerous typos and grammatical errors throughout this book. Given that the price is so high, it is unacceptable.

Natural Instinct by Graysen Morgen

Marine Biologist, Chandler Scott, keeps her private life strictly to herself. She is getting over a nasty ordeal and has been badly hurt in the past. So she is wary of anyone trying to get too close to her. Chandler has been heading up a sea life project in the Florida Keys. She’s been very successful in her research so far. When she is told by the US Fish and Wildlife that another biologist has to come on board, she is beyond furious.

Corey Jolsen is the biologist sprung upon Chandler. Corey immediately decides she likes Chandler and becomes determined to find out all there is to know about the secretive woman. But will Corey get more than she bargains for?

Chandler tries keeping her distance and being aloof, but will this be enough to deter Corey? Eventually Corey breaks down Chandler’s barriers. But when Chandler bares her life and soul to Corey, will she stay or run off back to her home in California?

This is the third book I’ve read by Graysen Morgen. There is no doubt about it, Graysen is a terrific storyteller. Each book is so very different.

I loved the two main characters. They were obviously made for each other from the very start. But it’s how and if they get together that is interesting and kept me turning the pages. Both main characters are backed up with a nice cast of minor characters to further the story along. The scenic descriptions are vivid and pulled me totally in, so I could imagine I was there with them all.

Unfortunately, this book has typos and grammatical errors and is in need of a really good editor. It is a real shame, story wise, I would love to give this book top marks. But in view of this and the fact that the book is priced high, it really doesn’t warrant more than an average rating.