Monday, 27 May 2013

Melt by Robbi McCoy

Photo Journalist, Kelly Sheffield, jumps at the chance of a trip to Greenland to cover the American Science teams. It’s an assignment of a lifetime. Not only that, it means Kelly can once again meet with Jordan Westgate, a glaciologist studying the melting ice cap. Kelly had a major crush on Jordan when she was her student and has never forgotten her. Will Jordan remember her?

Jordan has never forgotten Kelly. She’d found it really difficult to resist the allure of her forward, irresistible student. But she knew she couldn’t allow anything to happen between them.

When Kelly and Jordan meet again, Jordan finds Kelly at the age of thirty, even more attractive. She’s successful, beautiful and oozes confidence. But still Jordan can’t allow Kelly to get close to her. Why is Jordan holding back?

Despite both women being attracted to each other, it begins to look as though they will part forever when Kelly leaves Greenland for home. Will Jordan’s icy heart melt along with the ice in Greenland and allow her to accept Kelly’s love and love her back? Or will she remain the ice queen?

Yet another winner from Robbi McCoy. A beautifully written page turner from start to finish.

Both Kelly and Jordan are multifaceted, easy to get to know characters amongst a wealth of well formed friends and colleagues to enhance the story and progress it forward.

The scenic descriptions of Greenland were so well written, they had me shivering and reaching for a jacket. I was transported in amongst the characters and living the story with them.

This is more than just one present day story. There is also a dreamlike fantasy, which dates back to the days of the Vikings settling in Greenland. It is a story which could quite conceivably be a true account from the way it is written. Who knows? This dream is very cleverly interspersed in with the main story and it’s seamlessly done so that it doesn’t interfere with the main plot or detract from your reading pleasure.

As with all the rest of Robbi McCoy’s books, you never know what theme you are getting. They are all so different. The one thing I do know when picking up one of Robbi’s books, is that I’ll be in for a jolly good read. I can’t wait now to see what will be next.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Perfect Romance by Layce Gardner

Dana Dooley has just met the perfect woman. It really is love at first sight. There is just one tiny problem, well two or three really, Dana already has a girlfriend, so does Ellen the woman she’s just met. Plus there is the fact that she met Ellen at an AA meeting, when she accompanied her best friend Trudy there in her quest to find some new men to date. Somehow, Dana doesn’t think Ellen will understand her questionable motives for being in an AA meeting if she comes clean. However, Dana knows the only way she can keep on seeing Ellen is by attending the meetings and pretending to be an alcoholic.

Unfortunately, Dana is getting in much deeper than she thinks. Surely there must be an easier way to see Ellen than this? Then of course, there is another problem to face up to. If Dana does manage to admit her deceit and win Ellen over, what about their girlfriends?

If anyone thinks this book is a straight forward, run of the mill romance, they would be wrong. Yes, there is a romance, but it’s a rollercoaster ride of side splitting, gut wrenching laughter right the way through. Plus there is a deliciously hilarious twist that I really didn’t see coming.

The main characters are both multidimensional and interact well with the lesser characters. Dana and Ellen are very different, which often makes for a good relationship. The only way I can describe Dana, is a loveable, slightly nutty, screwball. Which is hardly surprising when you get to meet her family. Ellen is the more staid of the two, although she has her moments.

I like the way Layce Gardner seamlessly put this book together. Dana herself is writing a book and there are snippets of her true story throughout. It’s very cleverly crafted and it all blends in very well and is easy to follow.

This is a book I would pick up to read again if I was in need of cheering up. It would certainly uplift my spirits with a laugh on almost every page.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Private Dancer by TJ Vertigo

After Reece Corbett had suffered all sorts of abuse, been in trouble with the law and basically hit rock bottom, she’s pulled from her deep dark abyss by a mysterious, kind hearted man named Frank. Reece goes to work for Frank in his club as a bouncer and soon her life begins to get back to something resembling normality.

When Frank suddenly dies, Reece finds she has inherited his Gentlemen’s Club called The Lounge, as well as his home. Reece’s aim in life is to look after the girls working at The Lounge, provide a safe place of employment and top notch entertainment for her customers.

Cori is a dancer at the club, a little on the freaky side, she is the apple of Reece’s eye. Although they were lovers once, they are now friends, rather than boss and employee.

Faith Ashford had lived a life of wealth and privilege. She threw it all aside to become an actress. Faith finds herself living in a filthy tenement in New York’s Alphabet City. She’s barely able to make ends meet and works the night shift at one of the run down bars in the area. Becoming an actress is still her dream.

One particular night, Cori goes into Faith’s bar. Unknown to them both, their meeting will change both their lives and that of others forever.

When Faith and Reece meet there is an immediate attraction between them, although both women are reluctant to act on it for various different reasons.

This is a re-print of one of my favorite books, a book I’ve re-read a couple of times. It still holds it’s original magic for me. I love the story and the characters. Even now on my third read, once I started this book, it was very hard to put down. A really well written book.

The characters are all fully formed and multidimensional. They all interact really well together. The story is well planned out, the scenic descriptions are so well written it was easy to lose myself completely in with the characters.

This book is a page turner from start to finish. The sex scenes are so red hot, the heat radiates off the page. Absolutely sizzling.

I’ve always loved TJ Vertigo’s writing. I’m so pleased she’s found a new home for her books at Affinity. I’m hoping she is writing us up a storm with some new books too. It would be great to see a sequel to Private Dancer.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

That Kiss by Erin O'Reilly

Carlin Whittaker is in a twelve year relationship with Sue Macmillan. She’s basically happy, isn’t she? Sometimes she does wonder.

When Carlin is due to go to San Francisco on a business trip and Sue cancels going on the trip with her at the last minute, supposedly due to work, (once again) Carlin begins to really question herself as to whether their relationship is outwardly all seems. Too many cancelled vacations, late nights, drinking, etc, something isn’t quite right.

When Carlin meets a woman in the hotel bar in San Francisco, they share drinks, the elevator and the most delicious and delectable kiss at the end of the evening. Carlin knows she wants more. There are just a few problems with this, one, the woman has disappeared and two, there is Sue. What will Carlin do?

A short, sweet and beautiful story. One I was really sorry to come to the end of. A page turner from start to finish. For a novella, there is a lot packed into it. Carlin is the main character, she is easy to get to know and is multifaceted. The interaction between her and the other characters is well written and from the descriptions, I lost myself totally in the surroundings.

I found myself wanting to know more about these characters. More about their pasts and their future. This was a most enjoyable read and I would welcome another story with Carlin and her friends.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Short Snippets From April Reads

First Robin Of Spring by Natalie London

After a fire at the laboratory where she worked killed two of her work colleagues, Julie Burke moves to Wisconsin to the house she had inherited from her aunt. Julie still suffers nightmares about it all.

When Julie meets Dr Elisabeth de Gramont, (Lily) there is an immediate attraction. But Julie is sure it won’t be reciprocated.

Lily isn’t ready for more than friendship after she’s suffered a betrayal. Will Lily relent and go with her feelings as time passes? Or will Julie suffer unrequited love?

Smoldering in the background of all this is the story of a disappearance, a pile of old letters and a new possibility of love.

An excellent well written debut book. Great scenic descriptions, great story and well formed characters. I eagerly look forward to more from this author soon. Star rating 5/5


The Midnight Room by Ronica Black

Therapist, Lillian Gray’s life is just about ticking along since her girl friend Holly left her. It’s all work, church and sobriety. Constant thoughts of Holly returning occupies the rest of her time.

Personal fitness trainer, Audrey McCarthy, is a player. She’s not looking for love. Until she meets Lillian in the Midnight Room at The Griffin. Life will never be the same for either of them.

Audrey is smitten with Lillian. But Lillian is sticking by her guns. She won’t get her heart broken again. Especially not by a love them and leave them type like Audrey.

A well written story. However, I didn’t warm to Lillian or Audrey or their friends. I’ve loved all of Ronica’s other books. Star rating 3/5


The Storm by Shelley Thrasher

Well travelled Jaq drove an ambulance on the battlefields of Europe during WW1. She hastily marries war hero Eric in an attempt to be ‘normal’. She realizes her mistake immediately. She will always be attracted to other women. On her return to East Texas while she waits for her marriage to be annulled, Jaq meets Molly.

Molly cares for her older husband James and her son, Patrick, on the family farm where she is treated worse than the cattle by her horrendous mother in law.

Jaq and Molly are soon firm friends, it’s not long before they both want more. Will they ever find the courage to leave and have a life together?

A well written historical romance covering  the great Galveston Storm,  WW1, the Spanish Influenza epidemic and much more. I found the story quite slow and a little hard to follow at times. Namely, I couldn’t differentiate between which character was speaking, I had to constantly backtrack. Star rating 3/5


You Can’t Run From Love by Kate Snowdon

Jess Brewster is part owner of Woodlands Lodge in Scotland. Her Uncle Jack, the other part owner, is ill and Jess’s usual travel plans have been axed.

Rachel Cummings is a regular long stay visitor to the lodge. She knows and loves everyone there, but she’s never met Jess. Rachel is suffering the aftermath of a traumatic break up. The fact that she still has to have contact with her ex, is grating on her last nerve.

When Rachel meets Jess, although she’s attracted to her, she knows she can’t risk getting hurt again.

Jess wouldn’t mind a casual hook up, relationships are not her style, but there is something about Rachel that makes her more worthy than another fling. What will happen between Jess and Rachel? Will one or both of them end up  getting hurt?

A nice well written debut book with a sweet and tender romance, that simmers throughout the book. The scenic descriptions and wildlife are brilliant too. Star rating 5/5


One Night In Paris by Kate Sweeney

Maureen Costello is now in America working with Kate Ryan in Ryan, Costello and Winfield Investigations. Her past life had been full of unrest and turmoil. In this book we get a glimpse into Maureen’s past before her life with her lover, Rose Clancy ended so tragically.

When Maureen met Annabel Mitchell one night in Paris, their story quickly progressed from Paris to Dublin involving an encounter with drugs, murder and a tender sweet romance.

The story is a well written mystery/romance with the usual spark of Kate Sweeney humor to help it along. The characters are all well formed and each one enhances the story and progresses it forward to the end. Just one complaint, the book was too short. I wanted more. Star rating 5/5


Cut to the Chase by Lisa Girolami

Paige Cornish is writing her third book, it’s about Hollywood. She’s currently researching and meets the wild impulsive actress, Avalon Randolph. Avalon sweeps Paige off her feet. Paige soon finds out what it’s like to date a prolific Hollywood star.

Paige and Avalon are so different, opposites may attract, but can they stay together? Can Paige accept Avalon’s wild behavior?

A nicely written story centered around the Hollywood film industry and beyond. Star rating 4/5


Sequestered Hearts by Erin Dutton  (Re-read)

When popular artist Cori Saxton suddenly goes into hiding, people want to know why. Cori agrees to give an exclusive interview to one reporter only.

Journalist Bennett McClain (Ben) is assigned to interview Cori. She feels an immediate attraction to Cori, but must remain professional. Unknown to Ben, Cori feels the same way.

When the truth is revealed about Cori’s seclusion, Ben is torn between loving Cori and running due to her own painful demons.

A heartfelt well written romance story with a twist. Star rating 5/5



Curse of Cache La Poudre by Kelli Jae Baeli

Danica and Rikki missed their plane. In doing so, it’s beginning to look like they are going to miss their wedding. But.....maybe not. They are offered a lift by the pilot of a light aircraft. He has one delivery to make to a ranger station in Cache La Poudre. Rikki isn’t too keen on the idea, but Danica persuades her all is okay.  Anything to be able to make it to their wedding on time. What can possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, Rikki was right! The pilot isn’t above board and he hands Danica and Rikki over to an armed man. They are told they are needed for a babysitting job. Danica and Rikki are not too keen on this, obviously. What about their wedding and honeymoon? This trip into the wilderness to babysit is not going to happen if they can prevent it. What can be happening? Where does a baby enter into the mix? If they can escape, should they try it without scoping out whether there is a baby or not?

A nice fast paced thrilling page turner from the first page right through to the last. Both Danica and Rikki are great characters and have a cast of equally good, (even if some of them are despicable) characters to progress the story forward to a dramatic conclusion.

The plot is good and the settings are very well described. I could totally immerse myself in the story as it unfolded and lose myself in the wilderness.

For me the moral of the story is ‘don’t accept a ride from a stranger’. 

A short and enjoyable read.


Soul Kiss by Ali Spooner

Travel photographer, Simone, is in the Cayman Islands. She’s been working hard and is now enjoying a break.

Retired basket ball player, Celine, is also taking a break to work out exactly what it is she’s going to do with her life next.

When Simone and Celine meet, there is an instant attraction, which is mutual for both women. Neither Simone or Celine had been looking for a relationship. Simone due to work commitments and Celine because she’d been hurt in the past. But as the two women begin to spend more time together, they both realize they are falling deeply in love. Sharing a beautiful vacation together looks to be the beginning of a whole new life for both women. For Simone and Celine their fairy tale love has come true. All they have to do is figure out how they are going to stay together after their vacation.

I loved this book. From the very first page I was hooked right in. It’s a real page turner. A slow and tender romance begins from the first tiny spark of attraction and simmers away until it bursts into flame with a love that most people would be lucky to find.

Both Simone and Celine are multidimensional and loveable characters. They are backed up by a strong cast of characters to enhance and move the story forward. In particular one favorite of mine, Booyah Boy Timba. Timba is a young boy tour guide, older in mentality by far than his actual years.

The scenic descriptions of the Cayman Islands are so beautifully written, I could almost feel the heat of the sun and taste the salt in the sea air.

I love Ali Spooner’s stories and I’m thankful I still have some unread to savor and enjoy.

There are a few typos in this book, but nothing that pulled me out of the story and for the very reasonable price, I can easily overlook them.


From The Boots Up by Andi Marquette

Meg Tallmadge is home from college for the summer at her dad, Stan’s ranch, Diamond Rock in Southern Wyoming. She’s just finishing up a college degree and is hoping to get into vet school.

Meg has to be on her best behavior. A reporter from the Los Angeles Times is due to arrive to do a story on the workings of the dude ranch. Meg isn’t looking forward to looking after a big city reporter for a week.

When the reporter scheduled to do the story cancels, Meg and Stan worry the ranch won’t get the publicity it so desperately needs. Fortunately a replacement is found. When Meg meets Gina, bells, whistles and sirens sound loudly in her head. Meg can’t afford to let her feelings get the better of her. Diamond Rock must come first and that means strictly no fraternization. That’s even if her feelings would be reciprocated.

This could be one of the hardest weeks in Meg’s life. But what will happen when the week comes to an end? All bets are off then!

A beautifully written modern day western. With a sweet and tender romance simmering away in the background. Everything about this book screamed wonderful. The settings, the working/dude ranch, the characters, the animals, the cowgirls, but most of all, the love that radiated from the pages.

The story grabbed my attention from the very first page. No.....Strike that, from the great title and the cover. The story is sometimes funny, sad, sexy and hot. I do have one complaint, I wanted more, much more. I’d love to see a sequel or even a full length book with these characters. I’ve added this to my list of re-reads.


Irrevocable by Kate Genet

Serenity’s wife Lillian is dying. Serenity can’t come to terms with it. Cancer has woven it’s devastating tentacles throughout her beloved Lillian’s body and also figuratively, through Serenity’s own heart, making her question her love for Lillian. It’s now got to the stage where Serenity is no longer a wife to Lillian, just a nursemaid. When did it all change? After the diagnosis certainly, but it must have come on gradually.

Serenity and Lillian embark on a road trip to allow Lillian to say her final goodbyes to her mother.

A strange encounter with a weird light on the journey has Serenity questioning herself as to whether she’s had a glimpse of the supernatural.

When Serenity meets Julie, a neighbour of Lillian’s mother, she finds a comfort she knows she shouldn’t. She loves her wife, doesn’t she? Even though she’s questioned it in the past.

Serenity is seeing more of the strange glowing orbs. She’s convinced these lights are going after Lillian for some reason. Somehow everything all seems to be connected, the lights, Lillian, Julie. What are these lights? Who or what are they after?

When the truth finally emerges, Serenity has to make some choices that she’d rather not make. Serenity isn’t liking any of these weird goings on, not one little bit.

Another excellent story from master storyteller, Kate Genet. A page turner from beginning to end. I have to admit, when I read the synopsis, I was wary of the subject matter. Death and dying isn’t exactly light reading. But, this isn’t a regular story of someone with a terminal illness. Although, I have to say, it was heart breaking in parts. But Kate Genet handled the subject with an incredible sensitivity and understanding.

The encounter with the supernatural was tense and spell binding. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out which direction this story was heading in. I have to say, I was in two minds as to whether I liked Serenity and Julie or not. Don’t misunderstand me, their characters were very well written and formed. It was their behavior that I wasn’t over joyed with. But I have no idea how I would react if I was in Serenity’s or Julie’s position. I did warm to them both in the end. My heart though was with Lillian. Terminally ill and defenceless, her character really tugged at my heart strings. The rest of the characters bolstered up the main characters and enhanced the story through to it’s astounding conclusion.

I never know what to expect when I pick up a Kate Genet book. Her stories are always so diverse and no two stories are ever the same, or even similar. She writes in a nice easy to read comfortable way, making her books a must buy for me.  


Hot Line by Alison Grey


Lonely psychologist, Linda, is a workaholic. She has no friends so she spends the majority of her time with her patients.

Mature student, Christina pays her way through school by running a phone sex line. Her working name is Chantel.

When Christina answers her sex line one night, it’s Linda on the line. She isn’t interested in phone sex, but she has a proposition for Christina. If Christina accepts, both their lives could change forever.

A very nicely written short novella, translated from German. The translation is so well done, I would never have known if I hadn’t been made aware.

Here are two women from very different backgrounds. Women who if they’d met under different circumstances may well have never given each other the time of day.

Both Christina and Linda’s characters are multidimensional and well formed. There is a lot of detail packed into this short book. A lot of the actual story is based on the characters actual thoughts. I think this is how so much has been packed in to such a short book. It’s easier to read the characters thoughts than to have the story played out between the characters. Having said that, there is plenty of actual character action. Both Christina and Linda interact well together and the story is hot and erotic.

I look forward to reading more from Alison Grey soon.


Finding Home by Ali Spooner

When pioneer Nat St Croix’s father is killed by a bear while they are out trapping along the Canadian border, Nat is in a turmoil. What should she do? The war is raging between the north and the south, so Nat decides to carry on with the plans they had already made. Nat and her animals are going to spend the winter in the small north west town they usually went to.

On Nat’s arrival in town, she checks into the hotel. She decides to eat in the dining room. It’s here that Nat’s life is turned upside down. But will she find her home?

Another excellent heartfelt story from one of my favorite authors. This book is a romance written in the historical time of the American civil war. One of my favorite periods in history.

All the characters are well developed and multidimensional. Gyp the dog plays a main part and is equally as loveable as his mistress, Nat.

The story is all about choices. But I had to question myself as to whether we actually have a choice when we meet our soul mate. Nat has to make a choice, the big outdoors or love. What will she choose?

As with previous Ali Spooner books I’ve read, I couldn’t put this down. It’s a page turner from the first page through to the last page. I love her easy to read, comfortable style of writing. There are a few typos, but nothing that pulled me out of the story, far from it. For the very reasonable price and the pleasure I got from this book, I can overlook those.

I have all of Ali’s works and I haven’t read them all yet. But believe me when I say, this is going to be a great pleasure.