Sunday, 20 May 2012

Spring Tide by Robbi McCoy

After a terrible tragedy, ex cop Stef Byers makes her escape from her job and her colleagues. She heads off to the Sacramento Delta, where she impulsively buys a run down houseboat. Stef’s plans are to get the houseboat up and running and sail off into the sunset, just her and her dog, Deuce.

Veterinarian Jackie Townsend has lived in Stillwater Bay all her life. She loves her job, the area and everyone in the tight knit community. There is one thing though that would complete Jackie’s world, a woman to love, a woman that would love her right back.

When Jackie meets Stef, she wonders if she could be just the woman she’s looking for. She feels an immediate attraction to her. But Stef is moody, she blows hot and cold. It’s apparent to Jackie that Stef is hiding something. Will Jackie break through Stef’s tough exterior? Will Stef ever get over her past to allow herself to have a future with Jackie? The attraction between the two of them is definitely mutual, but until Stef can rid herself of her demons, neither woman can have the love they both desire.

Once again, Robbi McCoy has written a winner. Each and every book Robbi writes becomes my favorite of hers until her next. One thing that I like about Robbi’s books is, her stories are always so varied. The reader never knows what to expect.

This book is more than just a romance, yet follows a tried, tested and loved format, girl meets girl, they have problems and all’s well that ends well. It’s the process they go through that makes this story different and sets it apart from others. There is excitement, intrigue, love, passion and some wonderful scenic settings.

This is a book about tragedy, without being full of angst, and how to overcome it, forgive yourself, find peace with yourself and finally be able to move on.

 The chemistry between Stef and Jackie really shines through. There is a wonderful cast of supporting characters, all really well developed, whether friends, family, goodies or baddies, they all do their part in progressing this nicely paced story along.

I found myself totally lost in this story, I was there in Stillwater Bay with everybody. I could almost smell and taste the crawdads. For an author to be able to get this across to a reader, it is in my opinion, a sign of excellent writing.

This book ended far too soon for me. I would have loved to have had several more chapters. Another sign of a well enjoyed book. This will join Robbi’s other books on my re-read shelf.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

American Yakuza by Isabella

Luce Potter is the head of the American Yakuza. She has to juggle living with family ideals, honor and duty. She was given the prestigious, coveted position by her grandfather, Tamiko Yoshida, oyabun of the clan, when he stepped down. There are some men however, that don’t agree with a woman taking this position of power. Why should they listen to a woman? Will Luce gain their respect?

Luce is also the owner of Kaida Enterprises. She is rich, successful and much sort after as a catch by many women, both gay and straight.

Brooke Erikson is a reporter for the Financial Times newspaper. She is given an assignment to interview Luce. Unfortunately, Brooke has already had a run in with Luce, literally. What will happen when Luce and Brooke meet again?

When Brooke researches Luce and Kaida Enterprises, she becomes determined to find out what makes Luce the woman she is today. It’s rumored that Luce is into organized crime. What will Brooke find out?

As soon as I opened this book and read the opening sentence:- ‘A razor sharp stiletto buried between his eyes.’ My attention was grabbed. I immediately had to begin reading the story, even though I was just checking the book was on my ereader and displayed correctly.

This book is far more than a run of the mill crime/romance story. There is so much packed in to it. Organized crime, murder investigations, betrayal, family history and hatred, revenge, violence, martial arts, a touch of BDSM and last, but by no means least, romance, hot and steamy passion.

Isabella has obviously done plenty of research. I had no idea what the Yakuza was. So, I checked it out. I think Isabella has done a perfect job of writing about the Yakuza in America.

The two main characters, Luce and Brooke interact really well together. It’s great to see how Brooke begins to chip away at the hard shell that Luce displays for the world. These two characters interact so well together, it’s like watching a synchronized dance.

The supporting characters, whether goodies or baddies are all essential and playing their roles perfectly to progress the story along.

The story is exciting and thrilling. There are lots of has twists and turns to throw the reader off the scent of the truth. There is so much packed into this book. Isabella has excelled herself once again with her storytelling and writing.

As with all of Isabella’s books, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Although I slowed myself down, I still managed to read this in one long sitting. I have since read it again to savor it.

This book does conclude, no nasty cliff-hanger, but there is an opening for a sequel, which I am pleased to note is in the pipeline. I hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sapphic Planet. Ed's Beth Wylde & Kissa Starling

Bathing Beauty by Allison Wonderland

A story of a lesbian couple who have been together for ten years. Featuring a delicious bathing scene and a discussion of a possible addition to their family.
Very erotic.

Fame by Jean Roberta

A meeting between two women, a writer and a professor goes in a different direction to the one the professor anticipated. What will happen when the writer informs the professor she has a mistress and a threesome may be on the cards?
Subtle hints of BDSM. .

An Act Of Passion by Kissa Starling

A beauty contest with an unusual twist. It’s the Miss USA Erotica Pageant. Plenty of hot women and their antics. Some of which will end up on the five o’clock news. That will teach the bigoted audience that spoke up about same sex marriage.
A longer story to get your teeth in to.

Licked by Jodi Payne

An encounter in a dyke bar with a boi dyke leaves the mature dyke panting and wondering who taught the boi her tricks.
A hot sweet short encounter in a restroom which will leave you panting for more.

Patience by Jennifer Cross

A story based on second chances. After a disastrous first time, two women try again a second time, this time with a strap on.
A horny story chock full of sex.

Haircut by Dylynn DeSaint

A trip to the hairdresser turns out to be so much more for Syona and her stylist Adrianna. After hours hot sex, spanking, a strap and other delicacies for your pleasure.
Heated and heavy erotica.

Eyes of Surrender by J.T Langdon

A story of submission and dominance. When two women meet in front of a painting called Eyes of Surrender, it sparks off a conversation which leads to hot sex, spanking, strap on‘s and other delights.
Sensual and erotic

Her Smile by Nan Andrews

A story of a love lost and found. After Elaine’s love Janine leaves her, she finds herself attracted to Margarite, a woman she’s just met. When Elaine comes to Margarite’s rescue, things really hot up.
More than just sex. This story is a tender sweet romance too.

Two Steps Back by Meg Leigh

Juliet has writers block. Her friend persuades her to go away for a weekend break. What Juliet finds at her B&B cottage retreat is far more than she bargained for. Her past is suddenly thrust right at her. Can you move forward by moving backwards?
A tender and sweet story of love lost and found.

Love, Zora by Fiona Zedde. Set in Harlem in 1927

A waitress meets a writer and becomes addicted to her. But the writer has no intentions of having a relationship. This encounter is all about sex. Soon the writer will be gone, never to return.
A bitter sweet romantic tale.

Her Forever by Ann Cory

Callista is promised to Selena’s brother, but Selena is her one true love. Callista knows she will have to marry Selena’s brother. But her heart and soul will always belong to Selena.
A story of love and heartbreak.

Accidental Contact by Adriana Craft

Forty year old Natalie and twenty six year old Bridgette are stuck in New York due to the snow. Natalie would like to be more than just friends with Bridgette, but has concerns about the age difference. It turns out that Natalie isn’t the only one with these feelings. What will happen next?
A Nice weekend romance.

A Secret Liaison by Dalia Craig

Jenna has been starved for love since her partner left her. So she turns to cyber sex. She meets Abi online and gets a bit more than she bargained for when she finds out who Abi really is.
Hot and sexy.

Traffic Stop by Stephanie Rose

When Mia gets pulled over for speeding by a hot cop, she hopes to talk her way out of a ticket. But there isn’t much talking being done. Actions speak louder than words. Especially since Mia’s been on this cops radar.
Steaming hard sex at the roadside.

Taming Tildy by Tenille Brown

When her partner Tildy began getting out of hand and above herself, she has to be taught a lesson. A spanking seems to be in order. But will it tame her?
Erotic, short and to the point.

Seduced by Kira Chase

Kate is looking for a hot encounter. She has her eyes on a woman at a bar. After a sex filled assignation in a restroom, Kate wants more. Unfortunately she doesn’t even know the woman’s name. So, she decides to follow her, but will she catch her.
A nice juicy bathroom scene.

Top Priority by Moondancer Drake

When Lydia gets home from work on Christmas Eve, she doesn’t expect to find her partner Kim at home, let alone with the surprise she has waiting for her. What lovely early Christmas present has Kim planned?
A nice love story

The Ungirdling by Roxy Katt

Cheryl has the hots for her straight, girdle wearing boss. Will she be able to get the upper hand and persuade her boss to ungirdle?
A hot work place encounter.

Brotherly Love by Beth Wylde

Debbie’s brother-in-law knows exactly what Debbie wants, a date with a beautiful woman. Will the date he arranges with Kris go according to plan, or will it backfire? After all, no one in the family knows Debbie is gay. Do they?
A blind date, nicely arranged.

I have to confess that I have never been a great lover of short stories or erotica. This book has given me a change of heart. These stories are quite simply superb.
Each and every story in this book is very well written, with some truly lovely characters.

This is a wonderful collection written by some terrific authors. I can honestly say this is one of the best short story/erotica collections I’ve ever read. Some short/erotica stories are purely just sex, BDSM etc without a story. Not so with this book. Each title in this book is a nice story. The fact that they are so hot they are steaming is an added bonus. There wasn’t one story I didn’t like. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite, they were all so good.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Switch by Q Kelly

Switch by Q Kelly

Forty year old Ellora Landry has been in a loveless marriage for over twenty years. She has had her own reasons for staying with her husband Jeffrey, but that is all about to change. After a startling discovery and a cash settlement, Ellora is ready to move on. Ready to live her own life and be herself.

Forty year old June Blue Sky is an out lesbian. She runs a hippy store with her sister Peaches. When June hears some potentially life changing news, she doesn’t realize just how much her life could change.

Both Ellora and June were switched at birth.

Ellora has been brought up in a regular church going household with a conservative life style. June has been brought up in a free loving hippy household. What will happen when Ellora and June meet? What will happen when the two women meet the families they should have been brought up in?

Ellora and June find themselves being attracted to one another.

June is hiding a secret though. Ellora has just left Jeffrey. Both women have reasons why it is not a good idea to start up a relationship. What will happen when secrets are told? Can Ellora and June hide from true love?

The story of babies being switched at birth is not a new one and has actually happened. But the story of Ellora and June is certainly like no other story I’ve read before. The fact that both women turn out to be lesbians is a good twist.

I liked the storyline and the characters. Although I found myself becoming a little confused with June’s mother’s name, Understanding. It pulled me out of the story as I couldn’t grasp that Understanding was a name and not part of the dialogue.

I found it difficult to believe that Ellora would move in and live with two Indian men she didn’t know. Money wasn’t an issue for her, she could easily afford a place of her own. As Ellora was coming to terms with her sexuality, I would have thought if she must share a place, she would choose women to share with. But that is just my opinion.

Ellora and June’s relationship happened very quickly. But stranger things have happened in real life and this is fiction.

The reactions of Ellora and June’s parents to the situation is about what I would expect too.

Overall the story is good and I enjoyed it, although I thought it was a bit on the pricey side for what it was.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Casa Parisi by Janet Albert

Lucia Parisi’s life is a mess. She is the owner of an up and coming winery in Finger Lakes, New York State. Her business life is great. Her personal life is shattered and falling apart. Her heart is broken and she is convinced it will never heal and she will never love again.

Juliet Renard is a French Canadian winemaker. Her reputation is second to none. Juliet is ready to move on up to the next rung of the career ladder and to take on the responsibilities of a head winemaker. Hence she is job hunting.

In need of a head winemaker and through a mutual friend, Lucia hears about Juliet. Juliet sounds perfect for the job at Casa Parisi. Lucia quickly offers Juliet the job before she is snapped up by someone else.

Lucia and Juliet have a business and personal relationship that blows hot and cold. Lucia is attracted to Juliet, but her past haunts her. Juliet is straight, but begins to question her sexuality when she becomes attracted to Lucia.

Will Lucia be able to overcome demons from her past to be able to move on? Will Juliet figure out what and who she wants?

I enjoyed this book immensely. The scenic settings are amazing. There are lots of facts about winemaking and running a winery throughout the story. It gives the reader the feel of actually being there amongst the all things wine. I could almost smell the grapes.

The two main characters, Lucia and Juliet are so obviously made for each other, I felt like shouting at them to get it together. Their story is believable, although a bit predictable.

A nice book to relax with on the beach for a couple of hours or to curl up in front of the fire with on a cold night.

Appointment With A Smile by Kieran York

Artist Danielle O’Hara is still in love with Molly, the partner who deserted her thirty years previously. She’s never allowed herself to fall in love again. Danielle’s art career has just ticked along for years too. It’s like time stood still for Danielle when Molly left, her life plodded along.

When Danielle is sixty years old, her life changes drastically. Danielle leaves her Colorado home and flies to London for her first solo art showing. As Danielle is exploring the area, she sees her ex partner Molly for the first time in thirty years.

Danielle’s feelings haven’t changed, she is still just as much in love with Molly as she has always been. She had never accepted Molly’s reasons for leaving her. Danielle is hopeful for a reconciliation. Will Molly agree to meet Danielle? Will Molly feel the same?

It’s during this same period of time in London, that Danielle meets Bethany Cortland, a beautiful successful woman. Danielle finds herself attracted to Bethany. Bethany is everything Danielle could ever want in a woman, except for one thing, she is not Molly.

Danielle finds herself torn between Molly and the love she’s harbored all these years and Bethany, who she could easily fall in love with if it wasn’t for Molly. Then last but not least, there’s Danielle’s art. Suddenly almost overnight Danielle is selling paintings for enormous prices. At last she has got the break she’s been waiting for all these years. Will Danielle put her art on hold for her love life? Will Molly want Danielle back? Will Bethany break through Danielle’s barriers and in to her heart?

I like that this book is about the lives and loves of mature lesbians. There are far too few books for this age group.

The book was extremely well written. It’s quite obvious that Kieran York has a great way with words. Kieran writes about love and loss with a great sensitivity.

However, I found myself being pulled out from the story by the endless astronomy quotes and trivia by Esther. It got to the point where I felt like gagging her. As she is Danielle’s best friend, she plays a big part in the story. So there are lots of these quotes. None of which has anything to do with, or to progress the story.

The world of art and shows was interesting, although I know nothing about it. From the scenic descriptions I could easily imagine myself there.

I have to admit to being rather at odds with this book. On the one hand, the storyline is good. On the other hand it is somewhat unbelievable from the time scale factor. Had this story evolved over a year or two, I would have found it much more believable. But to have all these things happen over the course of two weeks, I found it very hard to believe. Especially after Danielle’s thirty years of pining for Molly.

I also thought a little more research would have enhanced the story further. I don’t want to put any spoilers in here, so I won’t elaborate any further.

Overall, the book isn’t a bad read, but I felt with a little more thought it could have been a brilliant read.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Fighting Chance by Barb Wolfe

Gym owner and Sensei, DJ Brown runs Mixed Martial Arts classes for women only.

Erin Ryan is a reporter. She meets DJ when she assigned to interview her for an article in the newspaper she works for.

DJ is immediately taken with the small blonde. Unfortunately, DJ’s gaydar doesn’t ping. She’s almost certain Erin isn’t gay. DJ tells herself she has too much baggage to get involved with anyone anyway. She hasn’t had a relationship since her last girlfriend, Sandy, left her ten years earlier. One night stands and no love has been DJ’s life ever since.

Love however, has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. It’s not long before it’s apparent to both women, that there is a mutual attraction between them. But, the path of true love rarely runs smoothly.

There are a few ups and and downs culminating in a serious incident that will either pull DJ and Erin apart or push them together and make their love much stronger. Which will it be?

Although I have no experience in the world of martial arts, I really enjoyed the settings and storyline in this book. The story goes far beyond martial arts with a romance thrown in. There is a couple of serious occurrences in the story that are written about in a sympathetic and understanding way. Both main characters have had incidences in their lives, that they have to resolve before they can move on. Their emotional trauma’s were described so well, I felt their anguish. They were helped along by a great cast of supporting characters throughout the book too.

I thought Barb Wolfe explained a lot about the rules and moves in martial arts extremely well and without getting away from the actual story. In fact the story clipped along at a very nice pace. It certainly kept me turning the pages wanting to find out what was going to happen.

This is a very good debut book. I’ll be sure to look out for more from this author.

Orange moon by Kate Genet

Battered and bruised, Alice Hughes simply has to find a way to get out of the abusive marriage she is in. She knows it’s only a matter of time, not if, but when her husband Richard will end up killing her.

After a particularly bad beating, Alice hits upon the perfect plan. She will leave Richard. But she’s not going to move out. Oh no, it’s her house, she will simply stay in it and remain hidden. This will give her body the time it needs to heal and also the time to think about her next step towards ridding herself of Richard for good.

Unfortunately happenings of long past from her youth interfere with Alice’s present. Alice gets to the point where she wonders which is worse, Richard or the unknown. Who or what is haunting Alice? Is it real or imagined? Or is Alice going mad?

Things come to a head when Richard discovers Alice’s hiding place. An ugly confrontation occurs and Alice ends up in the hospital. Her life is changed for ever.

It’s here that Alice eventually finds the love she needs and deserves. But before there can be a happy ever after, Alice has to confront her past. Will Alice be strong enough to rid herself of her demons once and for all? Will Alice’s house be safe to live in again?

Right from the very first opening lines of this book, I was hooked. I knew I would love the book by the end of the first chapter.

The book is well written and the story flows like an endless stream, on and on until the end. I was so sorry to reach the end too.

At first the book seemed to be quite straight forward. Solely about a down trodden, abused woman, who was on the verge of collapse from all the beatings she’d received. But the book goes far beyond the subject of abuse. This is also a supernatural, paranormal, edge of the seat, spine tingling story. The book is intense, intriguing and scary, a page turner from start to finish.

Apart from the horror, there is the love and intimacy between Alice and Hope. After all Alice has been thorough, it is so nice to see how Alice embraces her new love. Kate Genet has really excelled herself with her portrayal of the love shared between these two women.

This is one book I am so glad I’ve read. This is a very definite re-read for me.

Holding On To Faith by Joy Argento

Devout Christian, Faith Hughes, had never given a thought to being attracted to another woman. Not until she met Sami Everette.

Faith and Sami began sharing Sami’s house as roommates only. However, it isn’t long before there is a mutual attraction between the two women.

Faith is consumed with guilt. Loving another woman goes against everything she has been brought up to believe. The church has made it abundantly clear, that homosexuality will send a person straight to hell. Even worse than Faith herself going to hell, is the thought that she will be responsible for Sami going to hell too.

Faith takes the only way out she feels she can take at the time. She can’t find any way to have the woman she loves and remain true to her beliefs and have the love of God, or can she?

This book is centered around religion, the church and love. It covers a lot of ground. Faith’s beliefs and Christian upbringing, the church Faith joins when she is an adult and the homophobic attitude of the Pastor. Which all influences Faith’s decisions.

When Faith makes the only choice she feels she can make, I felt the angst radiate off the page. I wanted to get hold of Faith and shake some sense in to her.

Sami is also religious and a church goer, but she is more open minded. She tries to research homosexuality and the Bible. Unfortunately, Faith is too close minded to listen. So, their fledgling relationship must end. Will Faith change her mind? Will Sami be able to at least get Faith to listen before it’s too late and their lives are changed forever?

I am not religious, so I don’t have a clue about the teachings of any particular church. But I have to say, if this story is true as to what is actually happening in some churches, thank goodness I’m not religious. The story was well written and although not my usual type of story, I did enjoy it.

I have to confess to feeling like slapping Faith on more than one occasion. I found her character most irritating. I really couldn’t feel any sympathy with her at all. Instead of feeling like I wanted her and Sami to get back together, I found myself thinking that Sami would be better off with out her. Faith broke more than one heart. I don’t want to include spoilers, so I won’t say anymore. I know it wasn’t entirely her fault, but I felt she was weak.

To sum up, on the whole the book was good. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy it. Once I started it, I had to stay up until I finished it.

I look forward to more from Joy Argento very soon.

Crossing The Line by Toni James

Runner Rachel Ryder’s intense training has paid off. She’s never been in better shape and she’s one of the favorites to win the British Mountain Championships. Except that now she’s had an accident and broken her arm. The accident in turn is the cause of a great distraction. She meets a beautiful and alluring doctor, Alison.

Rachel and Ali both feel an immediate attraction between them. But both women have been badly hurt in the past. Plus, Ali can’t ethically date a patient. Rachel can’t afford to focus on anything other than her running either. She has a race to win and a broken arm or an attractive doctor can’t be allowed to interfere. So, starting anything with Ali is out of the question. The two women agree to be friends, which proves very hard and a cat and mouse game begins.

Unfortunately right at this time, Rachel’s conniving, cheating ex girlfriend, Helen, returns to the scene. She wants Rachel back and will stop at nothing to get her own way.

What will Rachel do? Will she relent and choose Helen? Will she choose Ali? Or will she push aside both women and pour all her energies in to winning her race?

This book is a page turner from the first page right through to the last page. There are so many twists and turns along the way, it’s like being on a roller coaster.

The actual story is three stories rolled into one. First we read about Rachel and her racing. Although I’m not a sports fan, I really enjoyed all the excitement and thrill of the race. I found myself cheering Rachel on and shared in her triumphs and disappointments. Second we have the up and down, on and off romance. Which is both frustrating and humorous in parts. Last but by no means least, there is Rachel’s work environment and her friendship with her work colleague, Mel. Her extremely amusing best friend. All three stories are brought together seamlessly and ensure an excellent and laugh out loud read.

The characters are quirky and loveable and they all interact together so well, as friends should. These characters are just everyday friends that a lot of us can relate to.

The scenic descriptions of The Lake District are wonderful, refreshing and accurate. I’ve been there and I felt as though I was actually back there.

This is the second book I’ve read by Toni James. Like her first book, I read it in one sitting, unable to tear myself away. I hope to read more from this author very soon. Another for my re-read shelf.

The Lost Resort by Toni James

Eve Harper returns home early from a trip to find her lover of ten years, Terri, with another woman. Eve is totally devastated. In fact, she goes on one of the biggest alcoholic binges of her life. It’s during this time that Eve decides to sell her successful business, the Fellborough Hotel. It holds nothing but bad memories for her now anyway.

Once the hotel is sold, Eve and her younger sister Robin, also a lesbian, set out for an extended vacation to the island of Lesbos in Greece.

On the journey out to Greece, Eve meets Annie Rostron. Annie was also on her way to Greece and had just resigned from her teaching job after a life threatening experience. Annie is exhausted, stressed out and in need of a good vacation. There is a spark between Eve and Annie, in fact Annie is smitten, but Eve runs away, she can’t possibly get involved with anyone, not ever again. Inevitably, Eve and Annie do run in to each other again, several times. But will Eve let go of the past and move on?

Eve also meets Heidi. Heidi owns a successful business and will stop at nothing it seems to gain ownership of a derelict property called The Lost Resort. A hotel that catered solely for women in it’s hey’day.

Along the way, Annie meets and becomes friends with JJ. A hot shot bar tender and queen of making cocktails.

When Eve decides to put in a closed bid for The Lost Resort, the action really begins.

This is a wonderful, heart warming story with a set of loveable, unforgettable characters that kept me riveted to my chair turning the pages until I’d finished the book in one sitting.

Each character is portrayed in such a way that I felt I knew them personally. The characters all interact well together and the story is refreshing and humorous throughout. There are twists and turns along the way and the book has romance at it’s heart.

Throughout the book we are introduced to more characters that enhance and progress the story forward. The book is a mixture of friendship, love lost, love found, family and adventure.

The scenic descriptions are vivid and colorful. I was lost on Lesbos, a place I would now dearly love to visit.

Just a minor point. There are a few typo’s. Nothing horrendous and nothing that spoilt this amazing story. I would also add, that for the low price of this ebook, I think the typo’s can be forgiven. This book provided me with a jolly good read and I definitely feel it’s value for money.

I love the start to this new series, I was sorry when the end of this book arrived all too soon and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book.