Thursday, 16 January 2014

Through the Darkness by Erin O'Reilly

Loner, Becca Cameron, lives thirty five miles from her place of work at Eastman Corporation, in a one hundred year old farmhouse her great grandfather had built.

After a terrible accident, which is when Becca ended up living alone, she knows she has to accept the situations she can’t change. But deep down in her heart, Becca yearns to meet her soul mate. Love is the only thing that will make Becca’s life complete.

Vice President of Eastman Corporation, thirty four year old Chase Hunter, is the youngest person to attain the coveted title of Vice President. For Chase, work always comes first, she has little time for friends or relationships.

When Becca and Chase meet, there is a strong mutual attraction. So strong, it’s electrifying. Could Becca and Chase be soul mates?

Both Becca and Chase begin to relegate work to second place in their lives. Will the two previous workaholics follow through with their new ideals of a life outside of Eastman Corporation?

Little known to Becca and Chase there is an outside force fast at work. They are being watched. But by whom? Will their love be strong enough to withstand their fear of the unknown?

I know when I pick up a book by Erin O’Reilly, I’m already on to a winner. However, with this book, she’s really excelled herself. Quite honestly, I think it’s her best book yet. But.....I’ve thought that before about Erin’s books. I simply love her writing.

The plot is tight and strong. It’s well written and is a page turner from the outset. I made the big mistake of starting this book last thing at night. I was up until the early hours reading it feverishly to get to a part where I could stop. Well, I never found that part until the very end. Even then I wanted more.

There is just something about the characters and the story that pulled me right in from the outset. Both Becca and Chase are obviously made for one another. They are multidimensional and are supported by a terrific cast of secondary characters all essential in moving the story forward at a nice steady pace.

If you are looking for an exciting story with a beautiful and tender romance, look no further. This is it. Several days have passed since I finished this book and I’m still thinking about these characters. This is a definite re-read for me.


Monday, 13 January 2014

Punk and Zen by JD Glass

Part One The ReMix (Extended DJ Cut)

Nina Boyd is remixing and remaking her life, just like any DJ or musician would. Nina doesn’t trust anyone, she currently has no lover in her life. Nina’s life is aimlessly clipping along, although she does have her dreams and her own aspirations. Love however, can wait, maybe someday, but not right now. Nina is far too busy mapping out a future for herself with her band. Right now she can offer nothing but herself and her plans. Sometimes though, this doesn’t matter to a person, it’s all they want. But Nina has to know this too. But does she?

After a bit of a slow start, the story really picked up and clipped along at a nice steady pace, making it the page turner I’ve come to expect from JD Glass’s books. As always with any JD Glass book I’ve read, the book is well written and the characters are all fully developed and multi-faceted. The story is hot, steaming hot in parts. Which is a nice bonus, but it is the story that hooked me.

This is the story of Nina’s life, hopes and love interests. There are numerous twists and turns along the way. There is love, angst and turmoil, all riveting reading. From the well written scenic descriptions it was easy to lose myself amongst the unfolding story as though I was there there with Nina and her friends.

Some may remember these characters from earlier versions of JD Glass books. They are every bit as loveable and they haven’t changed. The stories have been revised and revamped. So, if you want to revisit Nina and friends, now is a great time to do it.

I know there is another book planned, I can’t wait for it to be published.


Friday, 10 January 2014

Sandcastles by Erin O'Reilly

Book 7 in the When Hell Meets Heaven series

Remington Wolf, top notch operative in the Department of Covert Operations was quite happy with her life, right up until Parker Davis came crashing onto her scene and into her life. Now her life is spiralling out of control and into a life that she doesn’t quite know what to do with. The Wolf has to choose which path she is going to take. She is conflicted.

A sandcastle stays up only as long as the waves don’t cover it. Then it has to be rebuilt. The Wolf’s life is the same. There is just one rather large problem, Parker. She is in the Wolf’s way. Which path will the Wolf decide to take?

Parker herself is equally as conflicted. However, she knows what she wants. The problem is, she may not be able to have her one desire. What will Parker do?

Another exciting, well written, page turning book in this excellent series. Each book just gets more riveting than the last one. I was glued to my seat and simply had to finish this in one sitting.

There are many surprises, shocks and twists and turns throughout this book.

I love the character Remington Wolf, she is tough and strong.  However, we see another side to the Wolf in this book.

The plot is well thought out and the agents use some gadgets I’d really love to try out. Erin O’Reilly has excelled herself with her descriptions of the technology used.

There is one more book due out in this series. I’ll be very sad to see the end of it.

For the giveaway price of these books, they are not to be missed.


Andi Unwrapped by Riley Adair Garret

Thirty nine year old, single mom, Andi Mattison, is finally getting her life back. She’d been in an emotionally abusive marriage for years. Not any more though. Enough was enough. She found the courage to divorce her controlling ex husband, Richard and is now attending college. Getting her life back on track isn’t as easy as it sounds. Andi has to re-learn how to think for herself and also learn that not everything that has happened to her over the years is her own fault.

Andi’s liberal arts education has her questioning her entire being, including her sexuality. When Andi falls in love with her older lesbian professor, she knows it is only a matter of time before she has to truly confront her life and fears. Should she worry what people think? Is she even a lesbian? Does a label really matter? All questions and more besides that have to be answered before Andi can move on and be truly happy.

Fifty year old, Professor Britt Avery, hasn’t had much luck in the love department herself. She had a short failed marriage. Her first female lover she was head over heels in love with left her high and dry and she’s found it hard to open up her heart since. Until she meets Andi, she hadn’t even wanted to try. Britt knows Andi is special, but she is also one of her students and as far as Britt is concerned, that alone means it’s a no go.  But will this be enough to stop Britt and Andi pursuing the possibility of a relationship?

As far as I can ascertain, this is Riley Adair Garret’s debut book. It most certainly doesn’t read like a first book though. It’s a lovely, well written story about older lesbians, love and coming out. Of course, there is a lot more to the story, as well as a sweet, tender, simmering romance.

The story is well paced, the characters are fully formed, multidimensional and very easy to get to know and love. Put this together with the well described settings and we have a very nice relaxing read.

There are ups and downs and twists and turns as we follow Andi’s story throughout the book. There are highs and lows in Andi’s life. She takes some hard knocks. The thing is, does she come out stronger or will she retreat back into her old self?

If you like books with older lesbians and late bloomers, this is not to be missed.

I’m looking forward eagerly to Riley’s next book. 


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bailey's Run by Ali Spooner

Bailey Chambers has spent two years mourning the death of her lover Nessa, the victim of a carjacking. Nessa’s murderers have never been found. Bailey has no time for the Memphis Police Department, as far as she is concerned, they are a total waste of space and did nothing to solve the crime.

When Bailey’s brother Tommy is attacked and badly beaten, a victim of a random gay bashing, Bailey holds out no hope for his attackers to be brought to justice.

Detective Desi Dexter and her cop partner Braxton are assigned to Tommy’s case. Immediately Desi feels Bailey’s animosity towards them both. When Desi discovers the reason for Bailey’s attitude, she can quite understand Bailey’s reasons for feeling the way she does. Desi sets out to convince Bailey that Braxton and herself will work hard to find Tommy’s attackers. Unknown to Bailey, Desi also intends to look into Nessa’s murder too and delves down the cold case files in her spare time.

As time passes, Desi and Bailey begin to feel a slow burning mutual attraction for each other. But, Tommy’s case must be closed before they can act on it.

It’s not long before Desi and Braxton discover a serial killer amongst the pile of cold cases they are investigating. With Desi involved in her new case and working crazy hours, what will happen to Bailey and their newly found romance? Will it fizzle out or will it slowly smolder in the background until it can ignite and burn brightly?

I’ve read a number of books by Ali Spooner and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one of them. She is a wonderful master storyteller. Her writing is a pure joy to read. One thing that I love about Ali’s books is that they are so varied in content. No two stories are the same or similar. Her writing is what I now call my comfort reading. By this I mean familiar and easy to get stuck right in to from the first page, with a story that grips me right through until the last page. 

Each and every character in this book is well developed and multidimensional. They all play well together like a synchronized film being acted out in some great scenic settings. I like the way Ali gradually introduces new characters throughout the book and manages to give us a bit of background on them without detracting from the story. 

This story has a fabulous romance running through it. It’s exciting from the police work angle, plus there is the added bonus of a touch of the supernatural in it. I would dearly love to read a sequel with Bailey, Desi, Braxton and the rest of their family and friends. This is one book I did not want to end.

As with the rest of Ali’s books, this book is in my re-read folder.


Friday, 3 January 2014

Remember Me by Syd Parker

Lawyer, Samantha Adams, (Sam) grew up not knowing her grandmother. Now it’s too late, she’s dead. Sam receives a box of memorabilia from her grandmother’s lawyer and learns that she is her grandmother, Louise Elizabeth Barrett’s (Lou) heir. With one small caveat, Lou wants Sam to take a road trip to get to know about her life and the people she loved. Sam also learns that her own mother had kept Sam and her grandmother apart when Lou had allegedly abandoned her family for her lover, Charlie.

Now Sam is going to get to know Lou. Much to her mother’s disgust, Sam is going on the road trip with her best friend, lawyer, Ellis Hudson in compliance with her grandmother’s final request. Along the way Sam and Ellis come to realize that the box of Lou’s memorabilia contains items that she should return to their rightful owners. It’s a heart rending and momentous journey, filled with fun, love and more than anything, Sam is getting to know all about Lou, her life and her loves. She is also getting to see Ellis in a different light too.

Ellis has secretly been in love with Sam since they first met eight years previously. She’s single and has had a series of one night stands. If she can’t have Sam, she doesn’t want anyone. As difficult as this journey will be, it’s make or break time. Ellis knows she must either let go of her dreams for a romance with Sam or try to get Sam to see what is right in front of her, smoldering in her own heart. Will Ellis be successful, or will Sam remain as blind as ever to her own feelings?

Another winning story from the very talented Syd Parker. Each time I pick up a book by this wonderful author, I’m secure in the knowledge that it’s going to be a well written, well researched page turner and different from her previous books, but even more important to me is that I know I will love it. There are some author’s books I will buy without reading the synopsis, Syd is one such author. She never, ever lets me down.

This story has a baseball background and is all about family love, loss and betrayal. It’s also about finding oneself. Finding out who you are and who you want to be.  There is a simmering romantic theme throughout too.

When a big wrong has been done to two people and it’s too late to put it right, will one person be able to forgive the other person?

Both Sam and Ellis are loveable well formed main characters, multidimensional and so easy to get to know. They interact well together and are backed up by a strong cast of secondary characters, each essential in the progression of the story right through to it’s very satisfying ending.

Syd’s writing simply keeps on going from strength to strength. Each time I read a new book from Syd, it becomes my new favorite. This one is no exception. It’s in my favorites folder to be read time and again.


The Widow of Sandcastle Cove by Stacey Darlington

A Short Story

Struggling actress, Bree McQueen, (Big) has been dumped by her girlfriend, she’s been fired and is about to be evicted from her home. Bree’s rich grandmother, Bertha Biederman, is usually forthcoming with a loan. But not on this occasion. Bertha is leaving Big to fend for herself while she goes off for a month long vacation. She gives Big $500 to water her plants and a bag of old clothes and wigs to donate to goodwill.

Big has an ingenious plan. She dresses up as her grandmother and moves into her grandmother’s place at the Sandcastle Cove Retirement Community. Why not? After all, she’s always being told how much her and her grandmother look alike. Will Big be able to pull the scam off? Then there is the crush Big has on her grandmother’s nurse, Amber. How can she romance her dressed as her eighty year old grandmother?

A hilarious, side splitting short story with wonderful multi-faceted well developed characters. My absolute favorite is grandmother Bertha. The scenic settings and the interaction between all the characters is superb. Although this book is basically a comedy, there is a sweet and tender love story simmering away just waiting to be unleashed.

Heat of July by Joann Lee

A Short Story

It’s the fourth of July festival in the small sleepy town of Hinkleville. It’s their biggest event in the entire year. Renee isn’t exactly enjoying living in the tiny town. But, with nothing better to do, she decides to fight the crowds and go and watch the fireworks. It’s here that Renee meets Cara. She is instantly smitten.

Cara has recently divorced her cheating ex husband. She’s moved to Hinkleville for a fresh start. When Cara meets Renee, they have an instant connection. There is just one tiny problem though, Cara isn’t a lesbian.

Will Renee change Cara’s sexual orientation? Or will the heat of July simply be too hot for them both?

This is a nicely written, short, sweet, tender and steaming hot romance. Two women, one straight, one a lesbian come together on a hot July day and there are more than sparks from the fireworks overhead. The question is, will a romance be possible between them under the dubious circumstances? The answer is in the story.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

One-Two-Oh by AC Henley

It all started off with an advert in the local paper. Well, really it started off years before. Perhaps I’d better explain.

Rose Grant has inherited a ranch. Her estranged deceased father’s ranch to be exact. The inheritance was all quite unexpected as her father had thrown her out years before after he caught her kissing a girl.

One of Rose’s employees thought it hilarious to put an advert in the local paper asking for a cowgirl to show Rose the ropes. There is a lot of response, but only one cowgirl Rose is interested in wrangling with, her ex lover from years gone by, Charlotte (Critter) Johnson. Will they be able to pick up where they left off though?

This is a lovely little light hearted, heart warming, humorous  short story penned by the late, great AC Henley. If you enjoy a modern day western, you can’t go wrong with this. The fact that it’s free doesn’t hurt either.

The characters are all well formed, multidimensional and interact well together. The story is romantic, refreshing, hot and steamy. What more can you ask for?


Falling For Hope by Natalie Vivien

The collection of the four Hope short stories

Visiting Hope Story One

Veterinarian, Amy is about to go for a week in the woods to the cabin of a friend, with a group of her best friends. This year will be the first time at the cabin since Melissa, Hope’s partner, passed away. Amy is hiding a secret, she’s been in love with Hope for five years. Will she be able to keep her secret safe? Or will staying with Hope be too much?

Building Hope Story Two

Amy’s kept her feelings to herself for so long because of Hope’s on and off again relationship with Melissa. During a week long stay at the cabin in the woods, Amy and Hope finally become a couple. Unfortunately, not all of their friends are happy about their new relationship.

Finding Hope Story Three

Amy and Hope’s new relationship is really upsetting their friend Chris. She’s furious with Hope for betraying Melissa’s memory. To clear her head, Hope decides to go hiking alone. A summer storm hits with a vengeance and Hope fails to return to the cabin. What has happened to her?

Embracing Hope Story Four

With Hope missing and the storm raging, Amy sets out with a few of her friends to try to find her. Amy is relying heavily on Chris who knows the area better than anyone. As Chris is so against their relationship, will she put her feelings aside and come through for them? Or will it simply be too late?

Four nicely written romantic short stories. The characters are all fully formed and interact well together. Just like with a group of regular everyday friends, things don’t always run smoothly. The stories clip along at a nice pace with a touch of adventure mixed.

Despite the stories being short, there is a lot packed in to them. The scenic descriptions alone were well worth reading the book for. So, if you want to be transported to a cabin in the woods and smell the hotdogs and S’mores cooking and have an adventure with romance and fun, give these stories a try.


Dragon Dawn by Kate Genet

Episode Three of the Reality Dawn Series

Reality Dawn and Rae are on their way back to a familiar Earth for a well deserved rest. Their last vacation was anything but restful. (See Perfect Earth) They finally arrive back in Reality’s gypsy wagon. Eager to be back home, they open the door. They are not on Earth, well not on the Earth Reality meant for them to be on.

On top of everything, there is a dragon flying around, of the fire breathing variety. According to Reality, they don’t exist, not on any Earth in any dimension. But.....there it is, large as life, with dragon hunters on its tail.

Where can Reality and Rae be? Dragons, knights, kings, soldiers and sorcerers, are they in the middle of a fairy tale? No! This is real enough. They’ve travelled through a Reality Door somewhere. There is one big problem though. Reality Dawn can’t find the door. Before they can go anywhere, however, one small boy plagued by nightmares needs their help.

Another winner in this compelling series. The book is fast paced and the characters and scenic descriptions are very well written. It was so easy to lose myself in the story and all too soon it came to the end. This book can be read as a standalone. But, I would recommend you read the series. You will be missing out on two other great books if you don’t, as well as the main character development.

Reality and Rae are getting closer, but despite sharing a bed are still not together as a couple. I’m ever hopeful they will be one day though as they are definitely made for each other. The chemistry between them is electric.

I’m now looking forward to the fourth episode in this great series.


Perfect Earth by Kate Genet

Episode Two of the Reality Dawn Series.

Rae and Reality Dawn are now travelling together. Rae has given up her old mundane life for a new and exciting one with Reality Dawn. Currently they are visiting a totally different Earth for a well deserved vacation. Both women are looking forward to some sunshine, relaxation, good food and dancing the night away. It should be perfect. A perfect break on a perfect Earth.

Unfortunately, Rae is in for a bit of a shock. She’s just about to find out what perils there are with being Reality Dawn’s travelling companion. Reality finds trouble, or trouble finds Reality. Whichever way, dancing and dinner will not be happening.

Rae and Reality find themselves living a nightmare instead. Creatures that should only exist in films, books or the imagination are on the rampage. Rae is determined to help Reality rid this perfect Earth of these dreadful creatures and the carnage they are causing.

But will they both survive? Also they have the added burden of another Reality Worker turning up. Will Reality Seraph be a help or a hindrance?

Another really great, well written episode in an exciting series. A book full of suspense and intrigue. This book could be read as a standalone, but I would advise reading Reality Dawn first. Simply because it sets the scene and you get to know the characters. Plus it’s a jolly good read and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

In this episode we meet more equally well written characters, each playing their parts to perfection.

Rae and Reality really fit well together. They are not a romantically involved couple. Although Rae would like it to be so. Maybe they will or maybe they won’t get together romantically, but the adventures Rae and Reality find themselves having are story enough............For now. Oh and yes, I would like to see Rae and Reality get together romantically.