Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Very Thought Of You by S. Anne Gardner

One minor accident and a nor’easter snowstorm changed the lives of two women and a child forever. Alex was on her way home from the office when she saw Reese’s car skid out of control. What happened from that moment on could only be construed as fate.

Alex had been a shell of her former self after losing her beloved son Teddy in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Two years had passed by and her personal life was still spiralling downwards out of control. Alex lives her life in misery, all work, no play. She is an upcoming successful attorney with a stellar reputation, but is as cold as ice. Until she meets Reese.

Reese is a single mother, she lives for her daughter Carly. She is virtually estranged from the rest of her family.

After the accident, Alex and Reese slowly begin to get to know one another. It seems they are destined to be friends. May be more, if Reese has her way.

Unfortunately, their relationship never gets a chance when Alex runs from her own desires. What will it take for Alex to see that loving Reese is the best thing she’s had happen to her since she had her son Teddy with her?

Reese won’t give up. But how can she break down the stone walls Alex has put up to guard her heart?

Hostile outside influences are fast at work too. Will Alex listen to them or her own heart?

This is a nice, well written, comfortable and enjoyable romance, written in the traditional lesbian fiction style. However, there are more than a few twists and turns and ups and downs along the way. The course of true love does not run smoothly. Anything but.

There are actually three equally as important characters, all multidimensional and easy to get to know and love. Alex who is a workaholic after the tragic death of her only son. She’s also straight, isn’t she? Reese, a single mother with her wonderful daughter, Carly. Each plays a prominent part in this page turning story. The cast of minor characters, some of whom I could have cheerfully shaken until their teeth rattled, are all essential in the unfolding of the story and it’s progression through to the end.

This story is about love, loss and recovery. It’s a mixture of sad, hopeful, happy, sexy and in parts, humorous.

I will be adding this book to my re-read pile. I look forward to S. Anne Gardner’s next book with anticipation.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Infinity's Song by Penelope Grey

Cassandra Blake and Helen Walker have been together for eighteen years. They are both at the top of their professional careers. They own properties in Seattle, Langley and Whidbey Island and want for nothing. They have the life most people can only dream about and the perfect marriage. Don’t they?

Over the past couple of years, their dream life had started to slip away. They started to slowly drift apart and both women built up barriers to protect their hearts.

Both Cassie and Helen have had tragedies in their pasts that are now impinging on their lives and their future together. Is there a way back? Is there a way to save their marriage? Or have they simply drifted too far apart?

Helen must confront her past, a past so painful to her, it’s hard to face. Will Helen be strong enough to face it, then leave it where it belongs, in the past?

Cassie battles a past tragic event and finally finds the courage to face it head on. But will facing up to the past bring Cassie and Helen back together, or will it drive them further apart?

This is Penelope Grey’s debut book. I would never have known this had I not been apprised of the fact. Her excellent penmanship and superb storytelling are definitely not in keeping with a debut novel. This book actually surpasses some of the books I’ve recently read from established authors writing for some of the large lesfic publishers.

Now and then I come across a debut author who is really outstanding. Penelope Grey is one such author. Don’t let the fact that she is an indie author tell you any different.

Infinity’s Song is the story of two women in an established relationship, a relationship that is basically being destroyed by events from the past and lack of communication. Penelope Grey takes the reader on Cassie and Helen’s journey of self discovery and the hopeful reconstruction of their relationship. That is, if it can be reconstructed.

Helen and Cassie are both wonderful characters and multidimensional. Theirs is a story full of highs and lows, hope and despair. A veritable rollercoaster of emotions throughout the book. They are backed up by some wonderful minor characters to progress the story forward at a nice pace.

The club, Siren’s Song, plays a very important part in this story. I have no intentions of spoiling this story, so you’ll have to buy the book and read it to see how.

From the scenic descriptions, I could visualize the story playing out like a movie. A wonderful experience in itself. Which brings me to another point, this book would indeed make a brilliant movie or TV drama.

This book goes far beyond a regular romance. Cassie and Helen’s respective stories are entirely different, but heart breaking none the less. But, there is a touch of light hearted humor throughout to relieve the tension. There is also some red hot sex scenes. Scenes so tastefully written as to be deliciously decadent.

Infinity’s Song is the first book in a series. I will be very interested to see how Penelope Grey is going to top her debut novel or even match it. I’m looking forward to the second book being published with eager anticipation.

This book is a definite re-read and Penelope Grey has joined my list of favorite authors.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Someone Like You by Syd Parker

Aspen Lane and Alexis Tataris, (Lex) were a match made in heaven. College sweethearts, they both expected to be together forever. Their marriage sealed their true love.

That is, until tragedy struck. A terrible mind numbing event that Lex couldn’t cope with and sent her running. Running away from Aspen, the woman she had promised to love forever.

Aspen is a broken woman. Left to cope alone with her memories and the tragedy that parted them, she lives each day in mental torture. A mere shell of her former self.

Now five years later, Aspen has to face Lex again. Lex wants a divorce, she wants to re-marry. The problem is, to get the divorce, Aspen and Lex must both reside in the state they were married in. It makes sense to share a place. Doesn’t it?

Will Lex’s reappearance break Aspen’s heart all over again, shattering it beyond repair? How will Lex feel about seeing the woman she loved more than life itself again? The woman she’d abandoned at her lowest ebb and in her hour of dire need?

Will either woman ever be able to settle for the ‘someone like you’, or will the logical Aspen and Lex not let them?

This is another winner from Syd Parker. A nicely written romance with a twist. Lots of ups and downs throughout the book. A page turner right from the start to the very end.

I loved Aspen’s character, I connected with her right from the start. Although I ended up liking Lex, I felt like knocking some sense in to her for her lack of compassion and feeling towards Aspen. Aspen and Lex so clearly belong together. It was stomach churning to see what she had blindly thrown away.

Both Aspen and Lex are multidimensional characters and they are backed up by a strong cast of characters that enhance and progress the story on to it’s conclusion. I loved the vivid scenic descriptions throughout the book. It was easy to lose myself in amongst the characters rather than just simply reading about them.

It is nice to read a book where we get the background on the characters, rather than just going right ahead with the story in the present day. From my point of view, this is essentially a part of the bigger picture and makes it easier to get to know what makes the characters tick.

I know when I pick up a Syd Parker book, I’m in for a jolly good read. I never know what to expect next as her writing is so diverse. This is what makes her books a pleasure to read. No two books are ever the same. As an added bonus here too, Syd has included some of Lex and Aspen’s favorite recipes for us all to enjoy. I hope Syd is fast at work on her next book.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Passion For Vengance by Patty G Henderson

When Emma Stiles arrived in Haven Falls from New York, she was fortunate to find employment as a governess to twelve year old Henry Havens. Emma is to live in at the dilapidated Havenswood Plantation, home of the Havens family.

Cole Havens, his sister Jane and Henry are all offspring of the late Colonel Vincent Havens, a civil war hero. Cole has neither the money or the enthusiasm to restore Havenswood back to it’s former beauty. Most of his days are spent drinking himself into oblivion. As a consequence, Henry has been allowed to run wild. Hence the decision to employ a governess.

Jane Havens is the mistress of Havenswood. She’s a light hearted, but lonely young woman. She does her best to keep things running on an even keel, but it’s not easy when she has no backing from Cole. She loves her family, but she is restless.

When Emma and Jane meet, Jane is immediately smitten with the beautiful Emma. It transpires the feeling is mutual. It’s not long before they are both head over heels in love and begin a passionate affair.

However, Emma is hiding a deep, dark and terrible secret. A secret so awful, that it may well be the demise of Emma and others alongside of her.

It isn’t long before strange things begin to happen in the Havens household. The blame is being laid at Emma’s door by some. Jane, of course, won’t hear one word said against her. Is Jane right though? Should she be siding with a virtual stranger? A stranger she doesn’t really know very well.

The Havens family are about to have their closets thrown wide open and all their family skeletons come tumbling out. Secrets hidden for years may well destroy the Havens family in it’s entirety. But even this doesn’t compare to what Emma is hiding.

What is Emma’s dark secret? Will the all consuming passionate love Emma and Jane share be enough when Emma’s secret is finally exposed? Or will the Havens family have been destroyed?

This is Patty G Henderson’s third gothic historical romance. It is in my honest opinion, the best she’s written yet. This is a book that once started I couldn’t put down. I found myself tearing through the pages in order to see which direction the story was going to take and how it was going to end. There are lots of twists and turns throughout. Just when I thought I’d figured out the plot, so it veered off in another direction. Because I read this so quickly in my haste to find out what happened, I had to start it all over again when I’d finished to do this book the justice it deserves.

The two main characters, Emma and Jane, are as different as night and day. Jane is light hearted, Emma carries within her the darkness thrust upon her by the actions of others. However, the two women compliment each other. They are both multidimensional and their interactions are like watching a synchronized dance. They simply flow together. The other characters are all essential in the progression of the story.

As the story unfolded, I began to realize that it wasn’t going to be a simple straight forward gothic historical romance. Oh no, it’s much, much more. I’m not at liberty to put in anything that would possible spoil this for you, but please do look for the message here that Patty G Henderson is telling us.

From the scenic descriptions I was able to totally immerse myself in this story. The dark and brooding run down plantation house, the surrounding fields and forests, the smell of the wisteria, all had me transported back in time.

The love story told between Emma and Jane is deep and profound, with some rather hot scenes added in for good measure. All tastefully written, of course. This is a first for Patty, she’s never before ventured into writing love scenes. Now she’s shown us how good she is at writing such titillating romantic hot sexy scenes, I’m hoping she will do it more often.

This is without a doubt, the best gothic historical romance book I’ve read to date. I’m hoping there will be many more books from Patty G Henderson in the very near future.

Short Snippets of February Reads

Crash Stop by Mary Griggs
Gail Joiner starts off on the wrong foot with Lily Rush when she begins her new job. Now it’s an on-going feud between the two of them.
When a shipping accident occurs and the warehouse on one of the piers in San Francisco Bay is destroyed, trapping Gail’s daughter Sierra and Lily under tons of rubble, suddenly their petty hostilities no linger matter.
Fortunately , Sierra is virtually unscathed by the time she is recued. But Lily’s injuries are life threatening.
While Lily is recovering, Gail visits her and slowly the two women get to know one another. Both women realize they have an attraction for one another. Could it grow to be more?
On Lily’s return to work, the Vice President of the company is determined to fire her. Gail, as Human Resource Director, is caught up in the middle. Will the VP win? Not if Gail can help it.
A well written romance with a good story. I loved the two main characters. Both are multidimensional and easy to get to know. Gail’s daughter Sierra, is a delight. Star rating 4/5
Ladyfish by Andrea Bramhall
Thirty six year old scuba diving instructor Olivia Zuckerman, (Oz) loves her job. She helps novice divers become like professionals in the water. She’s also very adept at getting women in to her bed. All this changes when she meets trainee diver, Daniela Finnsbury-Sterling.
Daniela is trying to make the break away from her power crazy father. At the age of twenty eight, Daniela has had enough of his controlling ways. So, she’s escaped to Florida. However, she knows that her father won’t let her go, he will want her back to do his bidding again. Just how much he will want her back and to what lengths he will go, she couldn’t possibly know.
Oz and Daniela are attracted to one another. But can Oz stop her womanizing for the chance of true love? Can Daniela stay one step ahead of her father?
A well written, fast paced, page turner. Far more than a simple romance. Mystery, intrigue and murder add to the excitement. Star rating 5/5
Inamorata by Kate Sweeney
Michaela Brennan and her brother Sean are contracted to build a clinic in Los Rios, Panama. When Michaela meets Dr Isabella Rivera, whose clinic they are building, she realizes she is the woman she drunkenly propositioned in a bar. They haven’t exactly got off on the right foot.
It doesn’t take long before sparks are flying between the two women. But are they sparks of anger or love?
A nicely written short novella, written with all the usual Kate Sweeney humor. Star rating 4/5
Connected Hearts Various
The Morning After by Jae
After a disastrous blind date, Amanda has had enough. She decides to attend an anti Valentine’s Day party. She parties a bit too much and wakes up in strange surroundings with a hangover and maybe a little bit more than she bargained for.
Two Hearts – One Mind by RJ Nolan
Kim is going to propose to her partner Jess on Valentine’s day. Jess, however, has her own plans. What will happen and whose plans will work out?
On The Road by Joan Arling
Stella is a long haul trucker. She picks up a hitchhiker on her journey across Europe. She falls hard and fast for Rita before they reach the end of their journey. Rita feels the same way. But what will happen at the end of the road?
Seduction For Beginners by Jae
Annie has always allowed work to come before pleasure. She’s now in a relationship with a woman for the first time. Annie is painfully shy, but she has set her mind to seduce Drew on Valentine’s day. Will she succeed?
This is a really nice collection of short stories by some great authors. All well written, with some fantastic characters. Well worth every penny. Star rating 5/5
The Painted Cat by Ali Spooner Short story
Doctor Beth Morgan returns to her hometown, Magee, Mississippi, after becoming fed up with the violence in Memphis.
Pilot Ria Conway had earlier returned to Magee after serving her country in the air force.
Beth and Ria had been best friends in school. They had loved one another but shied away from anything more than being friends.
Will they reconnect after being apart for twelve years? Will they re-kindle their love?
Another winner from Ali Spooner. A beautiful story with wonderful characters I’d like to see more of. Star rating 5/5

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Binding Devotion by Kiki Archer

Twenty nine year old Andi Armstrong is the CEO of Proud Unity, the UK’s largest LGBT campaigning organization. Andi is an icon, she’s a hands on, tireless campaigner and public speaker and her employees adore her. Her seven year civil partnership is as solid as a rock. Or is it?

Andi has spent seven years fighting for equal marriage rights for same sex partners. The thought that her own civil partnership may be disintegrating is unthinkable. When Andi made her commitment to her wife, she made it for life, it is legally binding. She will do whatever it takes to honor that commitment.

But.....Will the pull of an unexpected attraction prove to be the undoing of all Andi’s beliefs and ideals? Will Andi do an about turn on everything she’s always believed in? Will she give up everything, including her wife, for her own excitement, happiness, desires and above all, love? Or will Andi carry on honoring her commitment and keep on wanting what she is denying herself and the woman who loves her right back?

This is Kiki Archer’s third book and I’ve loved them all. Binding Devotion is different to her first two books. However, it’s her best book yet. Unlike the first two books, this one has a more serious theme. That is not to say there isn’t the usual Kiki Archer humor throughout that I’ve come to expect and love in her books. It adds a nice touch of light heartedness to the story as a whole.

I was pulled right into the story from the very first page. The opening lines just grabbed me and I couldn’t stop reading. With the opening lines of- “Just shove it in, sweetie!” “I’m trying.” “No! Not like that! You have to shove it in and out quickly, or it won’t work.” Who would not be pulled in?

All the characters are multidimensional, interact well together and compliment each other. Rather than feeling like I was reading a book, it was like watching a film as the story evolved.

This book is far more than a fluffy chick-lit romance. It focuses on very real issues and there are quotes from very real people. There is an intricate plot woven throughout the regular story, with so many twists and turns and ups and downs, it evoked a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Never in a million years would I have guessed how this book was going to end.

I have no intentions of putting in any spoilers. I want you all to enjoy this book as much as I have. But I will add one thing, there is a poignant message in this book. One that has the entire story teetering on an axis. No matter what each of us thinks of the rights or wrongs of the characters actions in this book, the message in this story is real, true to life. The story itself may be fiction, but the message is not.

Kiki Archer has surpassed herself. Her writing here is honed to perfection. She has joined the ranks of a small group of excellent writers here in the UK and I’m pleased to notice that her books are also being well read in the USA too.

If you want an enjoyable read that you won’t be able to put down, look no further. I’m envious of all who haven’t read this yet. You’ve got a plethora of delights ahead of you. The only drawback now is........How long do I have to wait for the next Kiki Archer book?

Friday, 1 March 2013

No Ordinary Love by Harper Bliss

High Rise Novella Three

Continues on from Undisclosed Desires with Alex and Maddie

Fitness instructor Alex has settled down and is enjoying her life with her girlfriend Maddie. Although she was betrayed by her ex girlfriend Rita, Alex is still partly in love with her.

When Rita suddenly turns up out of the blue begging forgiveness, Alex is torn, although she knows deep down what she should do, will she listen to common sense or her heart? Alex is in love with Maddie, but what she had with Rita for six years was indescribable.

Maddie is totally in love with Alex. She knows however, that Alex still has feelings for Rita. When Maddie sees them together, her worst fears are confirmed. What will Maddie do?

I’m loving this series of quick reads with this great group of friends. Although the stories are short, there is a huge amount packed into them. The way the books are written and from the scenic descriptions, it’s so easy to just lose myself and float amongst the characters.

In this story there is happiness, heartache and highs and lows of emotions throughout. Also......there is some really nice red hot romantic scenes.

This story, like the other two is well written and a page turner. Although these stories could be read as standalones, I would advise reading them in sequence so you get to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Apparently there is only one more to complete this series. I’ll be very sorry to see it end. The setting in The Ivy has lots of room for new friends to be added.

Harper Bliss has created some great characters and I’d love to see much more of them.

Cowgirl up Or Sell The Horse by Ali Spooner

A Novella

Ex army ranger, Coal Bryan, returns to Texas after her lover Tessa and friend Mitch was killed in Afghanistan. She ends up working and living on a farm belonging to Melissa, the wife of Mitch, Coal had no idea who Melissa was, her arrival on the farm was pure fate.

Coal is still hurting. Still shocked and she needs time to heal. She is a hard worker, she fits right in with the rest of the all male crew and soon earns the respect of the men. Coal, Melissa and the crew are as tight knit as family.

When Melissa’s sister, Mary Leah, a cancer survivor arrives on the farm to stay after a traumatic break up with her lover, sparks begin to ignite between her and Coal. Is it possible for Coal and Mary Leah to move on and find love again with each other?

A beautiful, poignant story about love, survival and second chances.

Both Coal and Mary Leah have been badly hurt and are desperately trying to heal. These two wonderful characters are so realistic and the scenery so well described, I felt like I was actually watching a film. I could almost smell the horses. Both Coal and Mary Leah have many sides to them and are backed up by a cast of excellent characters to take the story forward to it’s satisfactory conclusion.

Just one complaint, I wanted more. I feel these characters have a lot more to say and more stories to tell us.

I look forward to my next wonderful Ali Spooner reading experience soon.

Vivien and Rose by T.T Thomas

When Vivien and Rose first meet as teenagers, they are drawn to one another, eventually becoming sweethearts. But it’s 1875 and they live in rural England, so it’s not so easy for them to be together.

Vivien and Rose have to rely on letters. Their families have old grudges and there are of course, those who would not agree with, or condone the relationship between the two women.

Rose manages to arrange for them to meet at Tapahanset Lodge, where a case of mistaken identity results in a misunderstanding and a missed meeting. All is eventually resolved. Unfortunately, Vivien and Rose are not to be left to live their happy ever after love.

There is an abduction to Barbados. Which in turn results in a race against time across both land and sea. A love like that of Vivien and Rose will never be allowed to die or indeed let go, no matter what perils await.

I love T.T Thomas’s books. Historical lesbian fiction is a firm favorite of mine. The only gripe I have about this novella is......I wanted more, much more.

I love the multidimensional characters, Vivien and Rose. They are a match made in heaven. They are both strong women, each with their own talents. Both are easy to get to know and love. The rest of the characters are a great asset in moving the story forward and are essential. Although some of them I could have cheerfully slapped!

The scenic descriptions are written so that I could easily lose myself in the story and cruise along side with the characters.

This story ties in with The Blondness of Honey, also by T.T Thomas. It is in fact ‘written’ by one of the characters from The Blondness of Honey. Another absolutely page turning historical romance.

I eagerly await whatever T.T Thomas is going to publish next.

Also Known As Syzygy by Kelli Jae Baeli

Book Three in the AKA Investigations Series

Ponzi Bonnet has a perfect marriage, or so she thinks. Her husband, Garrison, is impotent, which suits Ponzi. She can’t have sex due to earlier problems and events in her life. Garrison is a psychologist, who better to understand Ponzi’s problems?

Ponzi becomes suspicious of Garrison and wonders if he’s told her the full truth about himself. She thinks he may be having an affair. Her suspicions are wrong. Garrison has a far worse agenda than a simple affair. He has to be stopped from carrying on his devious goings on at all costs.

Actress, Kenda Harper, is Ponzi’s best friend. Kenda is also smitten with her straight best friend, but she would never act on her feelings. Straight is straight and married is married after all. Kenda would do literally anything for Ponzi, even at the risk of her own life.

Struggling artist, Anna Dew, used to work for Garrison as his secretary and left suddenly. Ponzi has her suspicions that she may be the one Garrison is seeing. But Ponzi couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ponzi, Kenda and Anna eventually pit their wits together to outsmart Garrison and his sidekick. They have to prevent them from harming any more women, no matter what the consequences to themselves. They plot and plan and come up with a dangerous and intricate plan. But will it work? Will all three women survive?

This book is vastly different to the previous two in the series. But, it is every bit as exciting and as much a page turner from start to finish as it’s predecessors. I ended up staying up until well past my bedtime to finish this.

Syzygy is an alignment of three celestial objects according to Kelli Jae Baeli. Here we have three women aligned in the pursuit of justice. Hence the title of this book.

Syzygy features Ponzi, Kenda and Anna as it’s main characters. All are multidimensional and interact really well together. Some of the staff of AKA Investigations put in an appearance, along with Phoebe, Izzy and Ginger from the previous books. All characters are essential in moving the story along at a nice pace.

This book covers a lot of different topics. I don’t want to add in any spoilers, but be prepared for some major shocks along the way. The storyline is certainly not for the faint hearted. But having said that, the book is extremely well written and any storyline of an upsetting nature has been sympathetically penned.

I have the fourth book in this series, which I can’t wait to start. But I’m going to save it until next month. It will probably be a while before another AKA book is published. Well, I’m hoping there will be another in the series. Please!

Disbelief by Kate Genet

A Trisha and Michaela Novella

Michaela is arranging a romantic weekend for herself and Trisha at a deserted cabin on a beautiful beach. Just sun, sea, sand and long lazy days. Michaela is going to pop the question. She’s madly and deeply in love with her soul mate Trisha and it’s time to ask her to marry her.

Unfortunately, Trisha gets wind of Michaela’s intentions. Trisha is devastated. She loves Michaela with all her heart. But she’s scared silly. She doesn’t think she is good enough for Michaela. Her sister Caro, has told her that often enough after all.

Trisha reluctantly agrees to the weekend away. But like a lot of well made plans, things go amiss.

Trisha and Michaela end up getting lost in the forest. Michaela has been badly injured. Trisha has to find a way to save them both. But her own disbelief could well be the very death of them both.

I love Kate Genet’s stories. She’s a master storyteller. In particular, I love the Michaela and Trisha books, although this one is slightly different to the previous books. There isn’t any supernatural goings on. But, that is not to say the story is not as good. It’s an excellent, fast paced thrilling adventure. I was on the edge of my seat a lot of the time throughout this book.

The two main characters, Michaela and Trisha are so obviously soul mates, that I had to carry on and finish the book to see if they both survived. So, to say this book is a page turner, would really be an understatement.

Both main characters have depths to them that are unfathomable. They go beyond most multidimensional characters. The few minor characters in this book are simply extras to progress the story forward. This book is more about Michaela and Trisha.

The one thing I would say is, I would have like the book to be longer. I never get enough of these characters. Plus I would have like to see the baddies get their just desserts.

There are a few typos and minor errors, but they didn’t pull me out of the story at all. I’m looking forward to further adventures from these lovely characters.

Broken Star by Joann Lee

Pop star Lynn Feoras has everything a woman could possibly ask for. Everything that is, except for someone to love. For all her platinum cd’s, fast cars and showroom style homes, Lynn is not happy.

Police officer Alexis Donatella works with the special victims unit and just barely ekes out a living for herself and her young daughter, Calista. She has no time for spoilt, super rich divas. In fact, she has neither the time or the inclination to enter into any relationship or friendship. Alexis has been badly hurt by a past lover and has to guard her heart at all costs.

When Alexis and Lynn meet on one of Florida’s lovely beaches, Lynn is immediately attracted to her. Alexis is not attracted to Lynn. She can’t see past the rich bitch image she has of Lynn.

The two women meet again however and begin to get to know one another. Calista seems to be the cement holding together their fragile friendship. Lynn thinks she’s adorable. But, like real life, friendships get stretched to breaking point with the traumas of everyday life.

Lynn is hiding a deep dark secret from her past. One event on top of another occurs making even friendship for Lynn and Alexis difficult. Add this to Alexis’s past, will the two women ever find the love they both so desperately want and deserve?

This is Joann Lee’s debut book. The story reads every bit as well as a story from one of the big names in lesbian fiction. It is a fast paced page turner from start to finish. The story is anything but smooth sailing. There are lots of twists and turns along the way. So be prepared for a bumpy ride.

The two main characters, Lynn and Alexis are as different as chalk and cheese. It’s not just the rich, poor divide between them either. Lynn is a player, Alexis is reserved, she believes in being monogamous. The fact that she’s been badly hurt makes the beginnings of a relationship difficult. Either Lynn has to change her womanizing ways or Alexis has to change her conservative outlook. It’s the incredible journey they take that kept me turning the pages feverishly.

Although Lynn and Alexis are the main characters, they are almost equally joined by Calista, Alexis’s worldly young daughter. Calista has an old head on young shoulders, but not so much so that she doesn’t show her little girl self in her true image at times. All characters are multidimensional and play their parts in progressing the story forward to a satisfactory conclusion.

This book goes beyond a regular romance. There is a good storyline throughout. I have to admit to rushing through to find out how the story ended. Which of course, didn’t do the book justice. But I will be re-reading this one again very soon. Hopefully there may be a sequel. I feel these characters have a lot more to say to us.

Joann Lee is an exciting new author and in my opinion, if this book is anything to go by, has the ability to join some of the top names in the lesbian fiction world.