Monday, 23 April 2012

Everything Pales In Comparison by Rebecca Swartz

Constable Emma Kirby is on a special assignment. She’s on a security detail at a country and western concert. So far, she’s enjoying herself, listening to the music and looking at the talent is great. Seeing the lovely singer and song writer, Daina Buchanan is even better. Then suddenly, there is an explosion. All hell breaks loose. Emma finds herself on a mission of mercy to try to save Daina’s life.

What or who could have caused the explosion and why?

Emma finds herself being stalked. It appears that both Emma and Daina are targets for the same stalker. How can this be? Neither woman had even met before the night of the concert and explosion.

Emma is detailed to protection duty in a safe house for both Daina and herself. So the two women are thrown together due to circumstances beyond their control. It’s not long before Emma and Daina realize they have an undeniable attraction for each other.

Will Emma, as Daina’s body guard, mix business with pleasure? Will the stalker be found before he or she kills one or both women?

This is Rebecca Swartz’s debut book. It is a very well written and tense page turner. A mixture of thriller and romance. The book clips along at a nice pace, the tension radiates from the page There are several twists and turns along the way to intrigue the reader further.

The two characters are great and their interaction is spot on. It was nice to get to known their previous back ground too.

I enjoyed this book very much, even though I did guess who the perpetrator was. There was still a little twist even to that.

I have no intentions of revealing any spoilers, but I felt the epilogue was a little bit apart and a bit out of place from the rest of the book, but it didn’t spoil anything of the actual story.

All in all though, a jolly good, nail biting read. I look forward to Rebecca’s next book eagerly.

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