Friday, 1 March 2013

Vivien and Rose by T.T Thomas

When Vivien and Rose first meet as teenagers, they are drawn to one another, eventually becoming sweethearts. But it’s 1875 and they live in rural England, so it’s not so easy for them to be together.

Vivien and Rose have to rely on letters. Their families have old grudges and there are of course, those who would not agree with, or condone the relationship between the two women.

Rose manages to arrange for them to meet at Tapahanset Lodge, where a case of mistaken identity results in a misunderstanding and a missed meeting. All is eventually resolved. Unfortunately, Vivien and Rose are not to be left to live their happy ever after love.

There is an abduction to Barbados. Which in turn results in a race against time across both land and sea. A love like that of Vivien and Rose will never be allowed to die or indeed let go, no matter what perils await.

I love T.T Thomas’s books. Historical lesbian fiction is a firm favorite of mine. The only gripe I have about this novella is......I wanted more, much more.

I love the multidimensional characters, Vivien and Rose. They are a match made in heaven. They are both strong women, each with their own talents. Both are easy to get to know and love. The rest of the characters are a great asset in moving the story forward and are essential. Although some of them I could have cheerfully slapped!

The scenic descriptions are written so that I could easily lose myself in the story and cruise along side with the characters.

This story ties in with The Blondness of Honey, also by T.T Thomas. It is in fact ‘written’ by one of the characters from The Blondness of Honey. Another absolutely page turning historical romance.

I eagerly await whatever T.T Thomas is going to publish next.

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