Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Infinity's Song by Penelope Grey

Cassandra Blake and Helen Walker have been together for eighteen years. They are both at the top of their professional careers. They own properties in Seattle, Langley and Whidbey Island and want for nothing. They have the life most people can only dream about and the perfect marriage. Don’t they?

Over the past couple of years, their dream life had started to slip away. They started to slowly drift apart and both women built up barriers to protect their hearts.

Both Cassie and Helen have had tragedies in their pasts that are now impinging on their lives and their future together. Is there a way back? Is there a way to save their marriage? Or have they simply drifted too far apart?

Helen must confront her past, a past so painful to her, it’s hard to face. Will Helen be strong enough to face it, then leave it where it belongs, in the past?

Cassie battles a past tragic event and finally finds the courage to face it head on. But will facing up to the past bring Cassie and Helen back together, or will it drive them further apart?

This is Penelope Grey’s debut book. I would never have known this had I not been apprised of the fact. Her excellent penmanship and superb storytelling are definitely not in keeping with a debut novel. This book actually surpasses some of the books I’ve recently read from established authors writing for some of the large lesfic publishers.

Now and then I come across a debut author who is really outstanding. Penelope Grey is one such author. Don’t let the fact that she is an indie author tell you any different.

Infinity’s Song is the story of two women in an established relationship, a relationship that is basically being destroyed by events from the past and lack of communication. Penelope Grey takes the reader on Cassie and Helen’s journey of self discovery and the hopeful reconstruction of their relationship. That is, if it can be reconstructed.

Helen and Cassie are both wonderful characters and multidimensional. Theirs is a story full of highs and lows, hope and despair. A veritable rollercoaster of emotions throughout the book. They are backed up by some wonderful minor characters to progress the story forward at a nice pace.

The club, Siren’s Song, plays a very important part in this story. I have no intentions of spoiling this story, so you’ll have to buy the book and read it to see how.

From the scenic descriptions, I could visualize the story playing out like a movie. A wonderful experience in itself. Which brings me to another point, this book would indeed make a brilliant movie or TV drama.

This book goes far beyond a regular romance. Cassie and Helen’s respective stories are entirely different, but heart breaking none the less. But, there is a touch of light hearted humor throughout to relieve the tension. There is also some red hot sex scenes. Scenes so tastefully written as to be deliciously decadent.

Infinity’s Song is the first book in a series. I will be very interested to see how Penelope Grey is going to top her debut novel or even match it. I’m looking forward to the second book being published with eager anticipation.

This book is a definite re-read and Penelope Grey has joined my list of favorite authors.

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