Friday, 1 March 2013

No Ordinary Love by Harper Bliss

High Rise Novella Three

Continues on from Undisclosed Desires with Alex and Maddie

Fitness instructor Alex has settled down and is enjoying her life with her girlfriend Maddie. Although she was betrayed by her ex girlfriend Rita, Alex is still partly in love with her.

When Rita suddenly turns up out of the blue begging forgiveness, Alex is torn, although she knows deep down what she should do, will she listen to common sense or her heart? Alex is in love with Maddie, but what she had with Rita for six years was indescribable.

Maddie is totally in love with Alex. She knows however, that Alex still has feelings for Rita. When Maddie sees them together, her worst fears are confirmed. What will Maddie do?

I’m loving this series of quick reads with this great group of friends. Although the stories are short, there is a huge amount packed into them. The way the books are written and from the scenic descriptions, it’s so easy to just lose myself and float amongst the characters.

In this story there is happiness, heartache and highs and lows of emotions throughout. Also......there is some really nice red hot romantic scenes.

This story, like the other two is well written and a page turner. Although these stories could be read as standalones, I would advise reading them in sequence so you get to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Apparently there is only one more to complete this series. I’ll be very sorry to see it end. The setting in The Ivy has lots of room for new friends to be added.

Harper Bliss has created some great characters and I’d love to see much more of them.

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