Friday, 1 March 2013

Also Known As Syzygy by Kelli Jae Baeli

Book Three in the AKA Investigations Series

Ponzi Bonnet has a perfect marriage, or so she thinks. Her husband, Garrison, is impotent, which suits Ponzi. She can’t have sex due to earlier problems and events in her life. Garrison is a psychologist, who better to understand Ponzi’s problems?

Ponzi becomes suspicious of Garrison and wonders if he’s told her the full truth about himself. She thinks he may be having an affair. Her suspicions are wrong. Garrison has a far worse agenda than a simple affair. He has to be stopped from carrying on his devious goings on at all costs.

Actress, Kenda Harper, is Ponzi’s best friend. Kenda is also smitten with her straight best friend, but she would never act on her feelings. Straight is straight and married is married after all. Kenda would do literally anything for Ponzi, even at the risk of her own life.

Struggling artist, Anna Dew, used to work for Garrison as his secretary and left suddenly. Ponzi has her suspicions that she may be the one Garrison is seeing. But Ponzi couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ponzi, Kenda and Anna eventually pit their wits together to outsmart Garrison and his sidekick. They have to prevent them from harming any more women, no matter what the consequences to themselves. They plot and plan and come up with a dangerous and intricate plan. But will it work? Will all three women survive?

This book is vastly different to the previous two in the series. But, it is every bit as exciting and as much a page turner from start to finish as it’s predecessors. I ended up staying up until well past my bedtime to finish this.

Syzygy is an alignment of three celestial objects according to Kelli Jae Baeli. Here we have three women aligned in the pursuit of justice. Hence the title of this book.

Syzygy features Ponzi, Kenda and Anna as it’s main characters. All are multidimensional and interact really well together. Some of the staff of AKA Investigations put in an appearance, along with Phoebe, Izzy and Ginger from the previous books. All characters are essential in moving the story along at a nice pace.

This book covers a lot of different topics. I don’t want to add in any spoilers, but be prepared for some major shocks along the way. The storyline is certainly not for the faint hearted. But having said that, the book is extremely well written and any storyline of an upsetting nature has been sympathetically penned.

I have the fourth book in this series, which I can’t wait to start. But I’m going to save it until next month. It will probably be a while before another AKA book is published. Well, I’m hoping there will be another in the series. Please!

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