Friday, 1 March 2013

Broken Star by Joann Lee

Pop star Lynn Feoras has everything a woman could possibly ask for. Everything that is, except for someone to love. For all her platinum cd’s, fast cars and showroom style homes, Lynn is not happy.

Police officer Alexis Donatella works with the special victims unit and just barely ekes out a living for herself and her young daughter, Calista. She has no time for spoilt, super rich divas. In fact, she has neither the time or the inclination to enter into any relationship or friendship. Alexis has been badly hurt by a past lover and has to guard her heart at all costs.

When Alexis and Lynn meet on one of Florida’s lovely beaches, Lynn is immediately attracted to her. Alexis is not attracted to Lynn. She can’t see past the rich bitch image she has of Lynn.

The two women meet again however and begin to get to know one another. Calista seems to be the cement holding together their fragile friendship. Lynn thinks she’s adorable. But, like real life, friendships get stretched to breaking point with the traumas of everyday life.

Lynn is hiding a deep dark secret from her past. One event on top of another occurs making even friendship for Lynn and Alexis difficult. Add this to Alexis’s past, will the two women ever find the love they both so desperately want and deserve?

This is Joann Lee’s debut book. The story reads every bit as well as a story from one of the big names in lesbian fiction. It is a fast paced page turner from start to finish. The story is anything but smooth sailing. There are lots of twists and turns along the way. So be prepared for a bumpy ride.

The two main characters, Lynn and Alexis are as different as chalk and cheese. It’s not just the rich, poor divide between them either. Lynn is a player, Alexis is reserved, she believes in being monogamous. The fact that she’s been badly hurt makes the beginnings of a relationship difficult. Either Lynn has to change her womanizing ways or Alexis has to change her conservative outlook. It’s the incredible journey they take that kept me turning the pages feverishly.

Although Lynn and Alexis are the main characters, they are almost equally joined by Calista, Alexis’s worldly young daughter. Calista has an old head on young shoulders, but not so much so that she doesn’t show her little girl self in her true image at times. All characters are multidimensional and play their parts in progressing the story forward to a satisfactory conclusion.

This book goes beyond a regular romance. There is a good storyline throughout. I have to admit to rushing through to find out how the story ended. Which of course, didn’t do the book justice. But I will be re-reading this one again very soon. Hopefully there may be a sequel. I feel these characters have a lot more to say to us.

Joann Lee is an exciting new author and in my opinion, if this book is anything to go by, has the ability to join some of the top names in the lesbian fiction world.

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