Friday, 1 March 2013

Cowgirl up Or Sell The Horse by Ali Spooner

A Novella

Ex army ranger, Coal Bryan, returns to Texas after her lover Tessa and friend Mitch was killed in Afghanistan. She ends up working and living on a farm belonging to Melissa, the wife of Mitch, Coal had no idea who Melissa was, her arrival on the farm was pure fate.

Coal is still hurting. Still shocked and she needs time to heal. She is a hard worker, she fits right in with the rest of the all male crew and soon earns the respect of the men. Coal, Melissa and the crew are as tight knit as family.

When Melissa’s sister, Mary Leah, a cancer survivor arrives on the farm to stay after a traumatic break up with her lover, sparks begin to ignite between her and Coal. Is it possible for Coal and Mary Leah to move on and find love again with each other?

A beautiful, poignant story about love, survival and second chances.

Both Coal and Mary Leah have been badly hurt and are desperately trying to heal. These two wonderful characters are so realistic and the scenery so well described, I felt like I was actually watching a film. I could almost smell the horses. Both Coal and Mary Leah have many sides to them and are backed up by a cast of excellent characters to take the story forward to it’s satisfactory conclusion.

Just one complaint, I wanted more. I feel these characters have a lot more to say and more stories to tell us.

I look forward to my next wonderful Ali Spooner reading experience soon.

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