Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Short Snippets of February Reads

Crash Stop by Mary Griggs
Gail Joiner starts off on the wrong foot with Lily Rush when she begins her new job. Now it’s an on-going feud between the two of them.
When a shipping accident occurs and the warehouse on one of the piers in San Francisco Bay is destroyed, trapping Gail’s daughter Sierra and Lily under tons of rubble, suddenly their petty hostilities no linger matter.
Fortunately , Sierra is virtually unscathed by the time she is recued. But Lily’s injuries are life threatening.
While Lily is recovering, Gail visits her and slowly the two women get to know one another. Both women realize they have an attraction for one another. Could it grow to be more?
On Lily’s return to work, the Vice President of the company is determined to fire her. Gail, as Human Resource Director, is caught up in the middle. Will the VP win? Not if Gail can help it.
A well written romance with a good story. I loved the two main characters. Both are multidimensional and easy to get to know. Gail’s daughter Sierra, is a delight. Star rating 4/5
Ladyfish by Andrea Bramhall
Thirty six year old scuba diving instructor Olivia Zuckerman, (Oz) loves her job. She helps novice divers become like professionals in the water. She’s also very adept at getting women in to her bed. All this changes when she meets trainee diver, Daniela Finnsbury-Sterling.
Daniela is trying to make the break away from her power crazy father. At the age of twenty eight, Daniela has had enough of his controlling ways. So, she’s escaped to Florida. However, she knows that her father won’t let her go, he will want her back to do his bidding again. Just how much he will want her back and to what lengths he will go, she couldn’t possibly know.
Oz and Daniela are attracted to one another. But can Oz stop her womanizing for the chance of true love? Can Daniela stay one step ahead of her father?
A well written, fast paced, page turner. Far more than a simple romance. Mystery, intrigue and murder add to the excitement. Star rating 5/5
Inamorata by Kate Sweeney
Michaela Brennan and her brother Sean are contracted to build a clinic in Los Rios, Panama. When Michaela meets Dr Isabella Rivera, whose clinic they are building, she realizes she is the woman she drunkenly propositioned in a bar. They haven’t exactly got off on the right foot.
It doesn’t take long before sparks are flying between the two women. But are they sparks of anger or love?
A nicely written short novella, written with all the usual Kate Sweeney humor. Star rating 4/5
Connected Hearts Various
The Morning After by Jae
After a disastrous blind date, Amanda has had enough. She decides to attend an anti Valentine’s Day party. She parties a bit too much and wakes up in strange surroundings with a hangover and maybe a little bit more than she bargained for.
Two Hearts – One Mind by RJ Nolan
Kim is going to propose to her partner Jess on Valentine’s day. Jess, however, has her own plans. What will happen and whose plans will work out?
On The Road by Joan Arling
Stella is a long haul trucker. She picks up a hitchhiker on her journey across Europe. She falls hard and fast for Rita before they reach the end of their journey. Rita feels the same way. But what will happen at the end of the road?
Seduction For Beginners by Jae
Annie has always allowed work to come before pleasure. She’s now in a relationship with a woman for the first time. Annie is painfully shy, but she has set her mind to seduce Drew on Valentine’s day. Will she succeed?
This is a really nice collection of short stories by some great authors. All well written, with some fantastic characters. Well worth every penny. Star rating 5/5
The Painted Cat by Ali Spooner Short story
Doctor Beth Morgan returns to her hometown, Magee, Mississippi, after becoming fed up with the violence in Memphis.
Pilot Ria Conway had earlier returned to Magee after serving her country in the air force.
Beth and Ria had been best friends in school. They had loved one another but shied away from anything more than being friends.
Will they reconnect after being apart for twelve years? Will they re-kindle their love?
Another winner from Ali Spooner. A beautiful story with wonderful characters I’d like to see more of. Star rating 5/5

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