Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Very Thought Of You by S. Anne Gardner

One minor accident and a nor’easter snowstorm changed the lives of two women and a child forever. Alex was on her way home from the office when she saw Reese’s car skid out of control. What happened from that moment on could only be construed as fate.

Alex had been a shell of her former self after losing her beloved son Teddy in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Two years had passed by and her personal life was still spiralling downwards out of control. Alex lives her life in misery, all work, no play. She is an upcoming successful attorney with a stellar reputation, but is as cold as ice. Until she meets Reese.

Reese is a single mother, she lives for her daughter Carly. She is virtually estranged from the rest of her family.

After the accident, Alex and Reese slowly begin to get to know one another. It seems they are destined to be friends. May be more, if Reese has her way.

Unfortunately, their relationship never gets a chance when Alex runs from her own desires. What will it take for Alex to see that loving Reese is the best thing she’s had happen to her since she had her son Teddy with her?

Reese won’t give up. But how can she break down the stone walls Alex has put up to guard her heart?

Hostile outside influences are fast at work too. Will Alex listen to them or her own heart?

This is a nice, well written, comfortable and enjoyable romance, written in the traditional lesbian fiction style. However, there are more than a few twists and turns and ups and downs along the way. The course of true love does not run smoothly. Anything but.

There are actually three equally as important characters, all multidimensional and easy to get to know and love. Alex who is a workaholic after the tragic death of her only son. She’s also straight, isn’t she? Reese, a single mother with her wonderful daughter, Carly. Each plays a prominent part in this page turning story. The cast of minor characters, some of whom I could have cheerfully shaken until their teeth rattled, are all essential in the unfolding of the story and it’s progression through to the end.

This story is about love, loss and recovery. It’s a mixture of sad, hopeful, happy, sexy and in parts, humorous.

I will be adding this book to my re-read pile. I look forward to S. Anne Gardner’s next book with anticipation.


  1. Thanks for the review Terry, I just purchased this one. I love a good addition to my re-read pile :) Hopefully I'll enjoy is as much as you did.

  2. I hope you enjoy it too. This one is what I would call a traditional lesfic romance. The sort where girl meets girl, gets girl, has mega problems, loses girl, etc. It's just nice to read a regular lesfic romance now and then. It's a shame it's only a novella. I wanted a lot more. :)

  3. Yes Terry this was a lovely story, but I did find the dialogue between the two main characters a little too sweet on a couple of occasions. This is not a criticism of this book or author as I have found the same in other books. Perhaps it's my dour Northern mentality or I am just getting too old!! LOL
    Thanks for the Blog (BeniGee)

  4. Sometimes I like sweet dialogue Beni. It makes a change from some of the over confident high flying lawyer/police officer types. LOL
    I don't think you are getting too old though!