Friday, 1 March 2013

Disbelief by Kate Genet

A Trisha and Michaela Novella

Michaela is arranging a romantic weekend for herself and Trisha at a deserted cabin on a beautiful beach. Just sun, sea, sand and long lazy days. Michaela is going to pop the question. She’s madly and deeply in love with her soul mate Trisha and it’s time to ask her to marry her.

Unfortunately, Trisha gets wind of Michaela’s intentions. Trisha is devastated. She loves Michaela with all her heart. But she’s scared silly. She doesn’t think she is good enough for Michaela. Her sister Caro, has told her that often enough after all.

Trisha reluctantly agrees to the weekend away. But like a lot of well made plans, things go amiss.

Trisha and Michaela end up getting lost in the forest. Michaela has been badly injured. Trisha has to find a way to save them both. But her own disbelief could well be the very death of them both.

I love Kate Genet’s stories. She’s a master storyteller. In particular, I love the Michaela and Trisha books, although this one is slightly different to the previous books. There isn’t any supernatural goings on. But, that is not to say the story is not as good. It’s an excellent, fast paced thrilling adventure. I was on the edge of my seat a lot of the time throughout this book.

The two main characters, Michaela and Trisha are so obviously soul mates, that I had to carry on and finish the book to see if they both survived. So, to say this book is a page turner, would really be an understatement.

Both main characters have depths to them that are unfathomable. They go beyond most multidimensional characters. The few minor characters in this book are simply extras to progress the story forward. This book is more about Michaela and Trisha.

The one thing I would say is, I would have like the book to be longer. I never get enough of these characters. Plus I would have like to see the baddies get their just desserts.

There are a few typos and minor errors, but they didn’t pull me out of the story at all. I’m looking forward to further adventures from these lovely characters.

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