Tuesday, 14 May 2013

That Kiss by Erin O'Reilly

Carlin Whittaker is in a twelve year relationship with Sue Macmillan. She’s basically happy, isn’t she? Sometimes she does wonder.

When Carlin is due to go to San Francisco on a business trip and Sue cancels going on the trip with her at the last minute, supposedly due to work, (once again) Carlin begins to really question herself as to whether their relationship is outwardly all seems. Too many cancelled vacations, late nights, drinking, etc, something isn’t quite right.

When Carlin meets a woman in the hotel bar in San Francisco, they share drinks, the elevator and the most delicious and delectable kiss at the end of the evening. Carlin knows she wants more. There are just a few problems with this, one, the woman has disappeared and two, there is Sue. What will Carlin do?

A short, sweet and beautiful story. One I was really sorry to come to the end of. A page turner from start to finish. For a novella, there is a lot packed into it. Carlin is the main character, she is easy to get to know and is multifaceted. The interaction between her and the other characters is well written and from the descriptions, I lost myself totally in the surroundings.

I found myself wanting to know more about these characters. More about their pasts and their future. This was a most enjoyable read and I would welcome another story with Carlin and her friends.


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