Friday, 17 May 2013

Private Dancer by TJ Vertigo

After Reece Corbett had suffered all sorts of abuse, been in trouble with the law and basically hit rock bottom, she’s pulled from her deep dark abyss by a mysterious, kind hearted man named Frank. Reece goes to work for Frank in his club as a bouncer and soon her life begins to get back to something resembling normality.

When Frank suddenly dies, Reece finds she has inherited his Gentlemen’s Club called The Lounge, as well as his home. Reece’s aim in life is to look after the girls working at The Lounge, provide a safe place of employment and top notch entertainment for her customers.

Cori is a dancer at the club, a little on the freaky side, she is the apple of Reece’s eye. Although they were lovers once, they are now friends, rather than boss and employee.

Faith Ashford had lived a life of wealth and privilege. She threw it all aside to become an actress. Faith finds herself living in a filthy tenement in New York’s Alphabet City. She’s barely able to make ends meet and works the night shift at one of the run down bars in the area. Becoming an actress is still her dream.

One particular night, Cori goes into Faith’s bar. Unknown to them both, their meeting will change both their lives and that of others forever.

When Faith and Reece meet there is an immediate attraction between them, although both women are reluctant to act on it for various different reasons.

This is a re-print of one of my favorite books, a book I’ve re-read a couple of times. It still holds it’s original magic for me. I love the story and the characters. Even now on my third read, once I started this book, it was very hard to put down. A really well written book.

The characters are all fully formed and multidimensional. They all interact really well together. The story is well planned out, the scenic descriptions are so well written it was easy to lose myself completely in with the characters.

This book is a page turner from start to finish. The sex scenes are so red hot, the heat radiates off the page. Absolutely sizzling.

I’ve always loved TJ Vertigo’s writing. I’m so pleased she’s found a new home for her books at Affinity. I’m hoping she is writing us up a storm with some new books too. It would be great to see a sequel to Private Dancer.



  1. Thanks for the review on this one Terry. I've been debating whether to read it and you've swayed me to go for it. I just felt like I didn't get enough from the publisher's blurb to know if I'd like it. You're viewpoint always helps :)

  2. I first read this online several years ago and enjoyed it. Then it was published by Intaglio and I bought the paperback. Now it's been re-published by Affinity and in my opinion, better edited than before. I just love the story.