Monday, 27 May 2013

Melt by Robbi McCoy

Photo Journalist, Kelly Sheffield, jumps at the chance of a trip to Greenland to cover the American Science teams. It’s an assignment of a lifetime. Not only that, it means Kelly can once again meet with Jordan Westgate, a glaciologist studying the melting ice cap. Kelly had a major crush on Jordan when she was her student and has never forgotten her. Will Jordan remember her?

Jordan has never forgotten Kelly. She’d found it really difficult to resist the allure of her forward, irresistible student. But she knew she couldn’t allow anything to happen between them.

When Kelly and Jordan meet again, Jordan finds Kelly at the age of thirty, even more attractive. She’s successful, beautiful and oozes confidence. But still Jordan can’t allow Kelly to get close to her. Why is Jordan holding back?

Despite both women being attracted to each other, it begins to look as though they will part forever when Kelly leaves Greenland for home. Will Jordan’s icy heart melt along with the ice in Greenland and allow her to accept Kelly’s love and love her back? Or will she remain the ice queen?

Yet another winner from Robbi McCoy. A beautifully written page turner from start to finish.

Both Kelly and Jordan are multifaceted, easy to get to know characters amongst a wealth of well formed friends and colleagues to enhance the story and progress it forward.

The scenic descriptions of Greenland were so well written, they had me shivering and reaching for a jacket. I was transported in amongst the characters and living the story with them.

This is more than just one present day story. There is also a dreamlike fantasy, which dates back to the days of the Vikings settling in Greenland. It is a story which could quite conceivably be a true account from the way it is written. Who knows? This dream is very cleverly interspersed in with the main story and it’s seamlessly done so that it doesn’t interfere with the main plot or detract from your reading pleasure.

As with all the rest of Robbi McCoy’s books, you never know what theme you are getting. They are all so different. The one thing I do know when picking up one of Robbi’s books, is that I’ll be in for a jolly good read. I can’t wait now to see what will be next.

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