Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Perfect Romance by Layce Gardner

Dana Dooley has just met the perfect woman. It really is love at first sight. There is just one tiny problem, well two or three really, Dana already has a girlfriend, so does Ellen the woman she’s just met. Plus there is the fact that she met Ellen at an AA meeting, when she accompanied her best friend Trudy there in her quest to find some new men to date. Somehow, Dana doesn’t think Ellen will understand her questionable motives for being in an AA meeting if she comes clean. However, Dana knows the only way she can keep on seeing Ellen is by attending the meetings and pretending to be an alcoholic.

Unfortunately, Dana is getting in much deeper than she thinks. Surely there must be an easier way to see Ellen than this? Then of course, there is another problem to face up to. If Dana does manage to admit her deceit and win Ellen over, what about their girlfriends?

If anyone thinks this book is a straight forward, run of the mill romance, they would be wrong. Yes, there is a romance, but it’s a rollercoaster ride of side splitting, gut wrenching laughter right the way through. Plus there is a deliciously hilarious twist that I really didn’t see coming.

The main characters are both multidimensional and interact well with the lesser characters. Dana and Ellen are very different, which often makes for a good relationship. The only way I can describe Dana, is a loveable, slightly nutty, screwball. Which is hardly surprising when you get to meet her family. Ellen is the more staid of the two, although she has her moments.

I like the way Layce Gardner seamlessly put this book together. Dana herself is writing a book and there are snippets of her true story throughout. It’s very cleverly crafted and it all blends in very well and is easy to follow.

This is a book I would pick up to read again if I was in need of cheering up. It would certainly uplift my spirits with a laugh on almost every page.


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