Thursday, 9 May 2013

Soul Kiss by Ali Spooner

Travel photographer, Simone, is in the Cayman Islands. She’s been working hard and is now enjoying a break.

Retired basket ball player, Celine, is also taking a break to work out exactly what it is she’s going to do with her life next.

When Simone and Celine meet, there is an instant attraction, which is mutual for both women. Neither Simone or Celine had been looking for a relationship. Simone due to work commitments and Celine because she’d been hurt in the past. But as the two women begin to spend more time together, they both realize they are falling deeply in love. Sharing a beautiful vacation together looks to be the beginning of a whole new life for both women. For Simone and Celine their fairy tale love has come true. All they have to do is figure out how they are going to stay together after their vacation.

I loved this book. From the very first page I was hooked right in. It’s a real page turner. A slow and tender romance begins from the first tiny spark of attraction and simmers away until it bursts into flame with a love that most people would be lucky to find.

Both Simone and Celine are multidimensional and loveable characters. They are backed up by a strong cast of characters to enhance and move the story forward. In particular one favorite of mine, Booyah Boy Timba. Timba is a young boy tour guide, older in mentality by far than his actual years.

The scenic descriptions of the Cayman Islands are so beautifully written, I could almost feel the heat of the sun and taste the salt in the sea air.

I love Ali Spooner’s stories and I’m thankful I still have some unread to savor and enjoy.

There are a few typos in this book, but nothing that pulled me out of the story and for the very reasonable price, I can easily overlook them.


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