Thursday, 9 May 2013

Short Snippets From April Reads

First Robin Of Spring by Natalie London

After a fire at the laboratory where she worked killed two of her work colleagues, Julie Burke moves to Wisconsin to the house she had inherited from her aunt. Julie still suffers nightmares about it all.

When Julie meets Dr Elisabeth de Gramont, (Lily) there is an immediate attraction. But Julie is sure it won’t be reciprocated.

Lily isn’t ready for more than friendship after she’s suffered a betrayal. Will Lily relent and go with her feelings as time passes? Or will Julie suffer unrequited love?

Smoldering in the background of all this is the story of a disappearance, a pile of old letters and a new possibility of love.

An excellent well written debut book. Great scenic descriptions, great story and well formed characters. I eagerly look forward to more from this author soon. Star rating 5/5


The Midnight Room by Ronica Black

Therapist, Lillian Gray’s life is just about ticking along since her girl friend Holly left her. It’s all work, church and sobriety. Constant thoughts of Holly returning occupies the rest of her time.

Personal fitness trainer, Audrey McCarthy, is a player. She’s not looking for love. Until she meets Lillian in the Midnight Room at The Griffin. Life will never be the same for either of them.

Audrey is smitten with Lillian. But Lillian is sticking by her guns. She won’t get her heart broken again. Especially not by a love them and leave them type like Audrey.

A well written story. However, I didn’t warm to Lillian or Audrey or their friends. I’ve loved all of Ronica’s other books. Star rating 3/5


The Storm by Shelley Thrasher

Well travelled Jaq drove an ambulance on the battlefields of Europe during WW1. She hastily marries war hero Eric in an attempt to be ‘normal’. She realizes her mistake immediately. She will always be attracted to other women. On her return to East Texas while she waits for her marriage to be annulled, Jaq meets Molly.

Molly cares for her older husband James and her son, Patrick, on the family farm where she is treated worse than the cattle by her horrendous mother in law.

Jaq and Molly are soon firm friends, it’s not long before they both want more. Will they ever find the courage to leave and have a life together?

A well written historical romance covering  the great Galveston Storm,  WW1, the Spanish Influenza epidemic and much more. I found the story quite slow and a little hard to follow at times. Namely, I couldn’t differentiate between which character was speaking, I had to constantly backtrack. Star rating 3/5


You Can’t Run From Love by Kate Snowdon

Jess Brewster is part owner of Woodlands Lodge in Scotland. Her Uncle Jack, the other part owner, is ill and Jess’s usual travel plans have been axed.

Rachel Cummings is a regular long stay visitor to the lodge. She knows and loves everyone there, but she’s never met Jess. Rachel is suffering the aftermath of a traumatic break up. The fact that she still has to have contact with her ex, is grating on her last nerve.

When Rachel meets Jess, although she’s attracted to her, she knows she can’t risk getting hurt again.

Jess wouldn’t mind a casual hook up, relationships are not her style, but there is something about Rachel that makes her more worthy than another fling. What will happen between Jess and Rachel? Will one or both of them end up  getting hurt?

A nice well written debut book with a sweet and tender romance, that simmers throughout the book. The scenic descriptions and wildlife are brilliant too. Star rating 5/5


One Night In Paris by Kate Sweeney

Maureen Costello is now in America working with Kate Ryan in Ryan, Costello and Winfield Investigations. Her past life had been full of unrest and turmoil. In this book we get a glimpse into Maureen’s past before her life with her lover, Rose Clancy ended so tragically.

When Maureen met Annabel Mitchell one night in Paris, their story quickly progressed from Paris to Dublin involving an encounter with drugs, murder and a tender sweet romance.

The story is a well written mystery/romance with the usual spark of Kate Sweeney humor to help it along. The characters are all well formed and each one enhances the story and progresses it forward to the end. Just one complaint, the book was too short. I wanted more. Star rating 5/5


Cut to the Chase by Lisa Girolami

Paige Cornish is writing her third book, it’s about Hollywood. She’s currently researching and meets the wild impulsive actress, Avalon Randolph. Avalon sweeps Paige off her feet. Paige soon finds out what it’s like to date a prolific Hollywood star.

Paige and Avalon are so different, opposites may attract, but can they stay together? Can Paige accept Avalon’s wild behavior?

A nicely written story centered around the Hollywood film industry and beyond. Star rating 4/5


Sequestered Hearts by Erin Dutton  (Re-read)

When popular artist Cori Saxton suddenly goes into hiding, people want to know why. Cori agrees to give an exclusive interview to one reporter only.

Journalist Bennett McClain (Ben) is assigned to interview Cori. She feels an immediate attraction to Cori, but must remain professional. Unknown to Ben, Cori feels the same way.

When the truth is revealed about Cori’s seclusion, Ben is torn between loving Cori and running due to her own painful demons.

A heartfelt well written romance story with a twist. Star rating 5/5



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