Thursday, 9 May 2013

Curse of Cache La Poudre by Kelli Jae Baeli

Danica and Rikki missed their plane. In doing so, it’s beginning to look like they are going to miss their wedding. But.....maybe not. They are offered a lift by the pilot of a light aircraft. He has one delivery to make to a ranger station in Cache La Poudre. Rikki isn’t too keen on the idea, but Danica persuades her all is okay.  Anything to be able to make it to their wedding on time. What can possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, Rikki was right! The pilot isn’t above board and he hands Danica and Rikki over to an armed man. They are told they are needed for a babysitting job. Danica and Rikki are not too keen on this, obviously. What about their wedding and honeymoon? This trip into the wilderness to babysit is not going to happen if they can prevent it. What can be happening? Where does a baby enter into the mix? If they can escape, should they try it without scoping out whether there is a baby or not?

A nice fast paced thrilling page turner from the first page right through to the last. Both Danica and Rikki are great characters and have a cast of equally good, (even if some of them are despicable) characters to progress the story forward to a dramatic conclusion.

The plot is good and the settings are very well described. I could totally immerse myself in the story as it unfolded and lose myself in the wilderness.

For me the moral of the story is ‘don’t accept a ride from a stranger’. 

A short and enjoyable read.


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