Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Guardian's Love by Stein Willard

Paloma is the Assassin of the Royal Vampire Clan. She’s been around for over two thousand years. After some particularly blood thirsty battles in France and Naples in the year 1532, Paloma had come to the end of her rope. The killing had just become too much for her to bear and she couldn’t go on any longer. She decided she had to go to ground to rest for a few years. Once refreshed and fully rested she would continue with her battles with the band of enemy warriors and it’s leader.

Paloma’s rest lasted a little longer than she expected it to. She woke up five centuries later in present day New York. Paloma discovered the world was no longer as she’d known it and consequently her life would change forever.

The first thing Paloma must do is to find Tahlia, that is if Tahlia hasn’t been destroyed in Paloma’s absence. But first Paloma finds she has an important task to do before beginning her search for her old friend.

Inger is the daughter of two powerful vampires. One of whom is Paloma’s childhood friend, Tahlia, the Vampire Queen. Inger is powerful in her own right and has been hunting renegade’s for quite sometime. Just like many other young people, Inger likes to go out pubbing and clubbing. Her main reasons are to destroy as many renegade’s as she can and to find beautiful women for glorious fun filled nights of love them and leave them sex. Inger’s life is great, it couldn’t get any better. Could it?

When Paloma and Inger meet face to face, there is a definite attraction between them. But Inger is human and only twenty years old, Paloma is a vampire well over two thousand years old, can a match between them work? What will Tahlia and her wife Jemima have to say? What will Inger have to say when she learns the whole truth about Paloma?

This is the second book in a really thrilling and gripping vampire series. The book is well written and exciting throughout. A page turner from the first page through to the last page and has left me wanting the next book now, not later.....NOW.

The story continues on from the first book, A Guardian’s Touch, which set the scene for the series. A Guardian’s Touch introduced a lot of the characters in this book. There is no need to read the first book, but I would advise it. You will miss out on an excellent book if you don’t. This book tells the tale of the on going fight to rid the world of renegade vampires and conquer their leader. It also tells us a lot about the Royal Vampire Clan and how they live and exist in the human world. It is riveting and electrifying, a real rollercoaster ride with many twists and turns along the way.

In the first book, the main characters were Tahlia and her reincarnated lover. This book concentrates on Paloma and Inger as the two main characters. They, like the rest of the characters, are multidimensional and they play well together with all the other characters to enhance the story and progress it forward.

The dialogue is tight and Stein has made every word count. The scenic descriptions are vivid and dramatic. The air of foreboding as I read of the Royal Vampire Clan and their arch enemies made the hair on my neck bristle. The feeling was surreal, sitting in my light and airy lounge reading, yet feeling a part of the dark and hair-raising story.

There are many skirmishes and fights throughout, but at the heart of this story is a romance. Breathtakingly hot, steamy and sizzling. A romance that defies all odds, where age is immaterial and being a vampire or human is of no consequence. A romance I was hoping would take place from when the couple first got together.

The two books in this series have left a deep impression on me. I’ve found myself thinking of these characters at all sorts of odd times. I will definitely be keeping these two books and once the whole series is finished, I will re-read all of them together. Stein Willard is an exciting and up and coming author in the lesfic world.

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