Monday, 3 September 2012

Reapers Inc The Hunter by B.L. Newport

Brigit Malone has been dead for five years now. She’s been employed at Reapers Inc for the whole time. Originally Brigit had joined Reapers Inc so that she could keep her promise to her beloved Maggie, to always be there for her.

Maggie is moving on with her life now though. Five years is a long time to be alone and Maggie has another love in her life, she’s asked Brigit to let her go. Brigit has no choice. She can’t deny Maggie her happiness. It breaks Brigit’s heart, but she must let her go. She throws herself in to her role of Assistant Grim Reaper. She has to keep busy, she can’t keep dwelling on Maggie.

The Reapers have been busy reaping and expanding the firm worldwide. The Head Grim Reaper, John Blackwick, feels in need of a vacation. This means Brigit stepping up to take over as Head Reaper. She chooses Katuri-Buttercup, the Reaper in charge of dangerous cases as her assistant. Unfortunately, Katuri-Buttercup disappears while on an assignment. Brigit is in a race against time to find the small woman.

In her search, Brigit comes across the ghost town of Alpina. A town where Reapers Inc used to have a satellite office, until the reaper in charge disappeared years earlier. Brigit meets a ghostly hunter, Kit James, out to avenge the death of his brother, Lenny at the hand of Ned Cadoc. The whole town is turning in to a battle field.

Brigit is not pleased to find the hunter is responsible for Katuri-Buttercup’s disappearance into Limbo. She’s faced with two choices. Cross the hunter over to his final judgement or recruit him as the Reaper in charge of dangerous cases. Which will she choose?

Another absolutely spellbinding, page turning, adventure with Brigit and her band of Reapers. Just when I thought this series couldn’t get any better, so I’m proved wrong.

A lot of this book is set in the wild west. I’m a sucker for any book set in this period of time. The new characters B.L Newport has introduced fit in nicely with the rest of the characters and progress the story along to yet another climatic ending. The storyline is exciting and thrilling. I’ve been glued non stop to the whole series.

I am hoping there will be more books in this series. The Reapers have a lot more to say. As far as I’m concerned, this series could go on endlessly. I would at least like to see Brigit happy again, with or without Maggie.

The whole series is a definite re-read for me.

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