Monday, 1 October 2012

Fate Vs Destiny by Graysen Morgen

Logan Greer is a top investigator with The National Transport Safety Board. She inspects airports for security and safety and investigates plane crashes. She works strictly to the book, no grey areas at all with Logan. Logan is currently single and is all work, she has no time for relationships. The she meets two women and they both turn her well ordered life upside down

Jensen Tirado is a strange woman. She appears and disappears in and out of Logan’s life, leaving her wondering where she is and what she’s doing.

Brooke McCabe is also an investigator. She works for The Federal Aviation Association and frequently works with Logan. Brooke is red hot and Logan finds herself becoming more and more attracted to her and possibly wanting more than just casual sex. But Brooke has kept certain aspects of her life a secret. When Logan finds out what Brooke is hiding, her well ordered life unravels sending her spiralling downwards.

Will Logan decide to fight for what she wants? Will Logan choose fate or destiny?

A well thought out and exciting story. The main characters interact well together with the minor characters throughout the book. The scenic descriptions are vivid and it was easy to fall right into the well paced story. But....... Unfortunately, this book is in dire need of a decent editor. The typos did pull me out of the story. The book is way over priced for the way it has been presented.

However, if you are not worried about the editing issues, the story is excellent.

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