Monday, 3 September 2012

Instigations by Kiki Archer

Popular history teacher Katherine Spicer, (Kat) is in her second year of teaching at Coldfield Comprehensive School. Kat excels at her job, she loves teaching and always goes the extra mile for her students and her colleagues. Kat is happy and settled into a committed relationship with her ex student, Freya Elton.

Freya is a student attending Birmingham University. She is a fresher studying to become a history teacher. Freya feels truly blessed. She’s exactly where she wants to be, doing what she wants to do and she has a wonderful loving sexy girlfriend she’s madly in love with.

Unfortunately, the path of true love rarely runs smoothly. Freya’s new found friend Renee Eves, although professing to be straight, sets her sights on Freya. She’s determined to have Freya for herself. With all the instigations she throws around, will she succeed?

Kat lacks confidence in herself and allows her insecurities to come tumbling forth. Will this drive Freya in to Renee’s arms? Or will Freya be able to see what is happening and how Renee is coming between them?

This is a wonderfully well written sequel to But She Is My Student. I wondered how Kiki Archer was going to top her debut book. Well, she’s not only topped it, but Instigations exceeds it.

The story is diverse, it doesn’t just focus on the two multidimensional main characters, Kat and Freya. The rest of the gang are here too. Ben and Lucy are together and in love. Ben gets quite a shock, which has a great impact on their lives. Jess and Gary are blessed to be parents. Then of course, there are Kat and Freya’s parents. I think you’ll love reading of some of their antics.

I love the way this group of friends interact and play so well together. The story progresses at a nice pace and there are many twists and turns and surprises along the way.

This book is an emotional ride. Sometimes heart aching, sometimes humorous, it’s a journey of the tender love between two women newly in love and their path to finding their together forever future.

A page turner from start to finish. A book to be savored and read slowly. Oh and as an added bonus, this book is hot, sizzling, scorching and romantic. A definite re-read for me alongside of But She Is My Student. Two terrific books.

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