Monday, 3 September 2012

Short Snippets for August

Hidden Hearts by Ann Roberts
Newly qualified lawyer, C.C Carlson, is up to her eyes in debt and determined to please her new employers. She is assigned to deliver an eviction notice to Vivian Battle, an elderly occupant of a lovely farmhouse and owner of some cottages and land. Something doesn’t feel right about the situation. A chain of events uncovers some tragic secrets from the past. Will C.C help Vivian or put her career first? It doesn’t hurt that Vivian’s lawyer is attractive either. Is romance in the air?
An enjoyable and well written book that goes back and forth between the 1950’s and the present day. Star rating 4/5

Runaway by Anne Laughlin
Jan Roberts escaped from a survivalist camp run by her father when she was just seventeen. She changed her identity and is now a private investigator in Chicago. She is assigned the task of finding a runaway teenager. The security company Jan works for has been unexpectedly taken over by a British firm. The new boss, Catherine is hiding secrets of her own. Jan and Catherine are attracted to one another, but what will happen when their secrets come out into the open? Together Jan and Catherine track the runaway down to a place Jan never thought she would see again. A militia camp in Idaho. Will the two women be successful in rescuing the runaway?
A nicely written page turner. The ending however came all too soon and I thought it was rather rushed. Star rating 4/5

Speed Demons by Gun Brooke
Nascar driver, Evangeline Marshall, (Evie) had been involved in a tragic crash in which people died and she was seriously injured and lucky to survive. After a long period of recovery, Evie although suffering PTSD and nightmares, is determined to make a comeback. Award winning photographer, Blythe Pierce, also suffers from her own stresses due to working in various war zones. She also photographed Evie’s accident. Blythe talks Evie into allowing her to document her comeback into racing. The two women grow close and are attracted to each other. But they both have their own demons to overcome. Will they let their guards down and allow themselves to love?
A well written fast paced book. Exciting and hot in parts. I did feel there were some loose ends that could have been tied up though. Star rating 4/5

A Question of Ghosts by Cate Culpepper
Becca Healy grew up believing her unstable mother killed her father then committed suicide on Becca’s fifth birthday. One night Becca hears her mother’s voice in the static on the radio. She says only two words, ‘not true’. Becca eventually approaches Joanne Call, an expert in ghost voices, (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) to help her to solve the mystery from over thirty years earlier. Becca and Joanne begin a journey that incorporates Becca’s childhood grief, a serial killer and their feelings of attraction toward each other. Will they solve the mystery? Will they fall in love despite their vast differences?
A well written paranormal story with two wonderful multidimensional characters and a full cast of support characters. A real page turner from start to finish. Star rating 5/5

Lemon Reef by Robin Silverman
Del Soto was Jenna Ross’s first love. Jenna hasn’t seen or heard from her for years. When Jenna learns that Del is dead, she can’t believe it was natural causes like the Medical Examiner has ruled. Jenna leaves her San Francisco home to fly to Miami. Del died on Lemon Reef, an industrial waste site now teeming with marine life. Jenna is heartbroken over Del’s death and is determined to find out the cause. Del’s ten year old daughter may be in danger. This spurs Jenna on and she risks all to get to the truth. Will Jenna succeed?
An excellent well written debut book. The story to bring the past and the present together is told in flashback and is interwoven seamlessly together. I highly recommend giving this book a try. Star rating a resounding 5/5

Hell’s Highway by Gerri Hill
Special Agent Cameron Ross and Agent Andrea Sullivan first met on a case in Sedona. They are now FBI partners and also lovers. They are called in to investigate a series of murders in the Mojave Desert. A killer is dumping headless women’s bodies along the highways. He is escalating fast. Will Cameron, Andrea and their team find the killer before he strikes again?
A great Sequel to Devil’s Rock. Both books are standalone. The book is well written, thrilling and exciting. A real page turner. Just what I expected from Gerri Hill. Star rating 5/5

Keepers of the Cave by Gerri Hill
When a senator’s daughter disappears, the FBI are called in to find her. There have been a number of disappearances over the years. FBI Agent’s CJ Johnston and Paige Reilly go undercover in the backwoods town of Hoganville, East Texas. They join the staff of a school. Both CJ and Paige are still dwelling on a one night stand they had six months previously. Neither woman can forget it. Will there be a repeat performance? CJ and Paige soon find the townsfolk are peculiar. Plus there is the matter of some sort of monster in the woods. They just have to find out what is happening.
This is certainly a bit different from Gerri Hill’s usual books. But different is good. A nice story, great characters and a hot romance. Star rating 5/5

Second Time Around by Kate Sweeney
Successful mystery writer, Shawn Coughlin, has writers block. When Shawn’s relationship with the leech Veronica ended, so did Shawn’s writing. Shawn takes her publishers advice and goes across to Ireland for some R&R. While she’s there she meets the alluring red headed lawyer, Doctor Maura Devlin. Shawn’s smitten and her quiet ‘me’ time comes skidding to a halt as she ends up chasing Maura across Ireland.
A wonderfully well written, emotionally charged novella, written with the usual Kate Sweeney humor I’ve loved in all her books. Star rating 5/5

Sometime Yesterday by Yvonne Heidt
Successful artist, Natalie Chambers, buys a Victorian house after her divorce. She begins to have dreams of two women, Beth and Sarah and a Dark Man who terrorizes and controls them both. It becomes apparent that the house is haunted when strange noises and other events occur. When Natalie meets landscape gardener, Van Easton, there is an instant attraction between them But the Dark Man will stop at nothing to tear them apart. Will he succeed?
A well written haunting love story from both the past and the present. If you enjoy a good ghost story and romance, I highly recommend this book. Star rating 5/5

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