Monday, 3 September 2012

A Hotter State by Harper Bliss

Three novella’s and a short story

Hired help

When Olivia’s girlfriend of two years walks out on her, Olivia is at a really loose end. Although Olivia knew the relationship was already on borrowed time, it still hurt.

Olivia’s friend Sam, comes to the rescue. She gives Olivia a card with a phone number on it. It’s a recommendation for a high class sex service. Olivia is shocked at first. But she suddenly decides to throw caution to the wind, She calls the number and meets up with Scarlet, she has the hottest and most passionate time of her entire life with the hired help.

Red hot and sizzling, the heat radiates off the page of this nicely written novella.

The Honeymoon

Anna and Roz are on their honeymoon in Phuket. They’ve been together for over seven years. Their love life is still as hot and passionate as their first encounters. Suddenly, they find a way to make it even hotter.

They are on the beach when they first noticed Violet. Both women are drooling over the exotic Asian beauty. They return to their hotel room and have a hot and steamy encounter. Together, Anna and Roz plan the seduction of Violet. It doesn’t take much to lure Violet into having a steamy session with them. What an unexpected wedding present to themselves.

Pure unadulterated red hot sex. Not for the prudish or faint hearted.

Learning Curve

Ada has been sent to Berlin by her company. She’s spent the past five months learning to speak German and lusting after her teacher, Giselle. Ada has almost given up on a liaison with Giselle, when she meets her at a club one night while Giselle was out with her friends. Although nothing happened that night, the next time Ada goes for her German lesson, Giselle makes an unexpected move on her. What follows is a boiling hot adult student/teacher educational encounter.

A nice storyline as well as being erotic.

New Girl

Twenty nine year old volleyball player, Liz, finds out she has to share a room with twenty one year old new girl, Nina. Liz has had the hots for Nina for a while, but she won’t do anything about it. She thinks Nina is straight. Liz gets a lot more than she bargains for though once they get into bed.

A scorching hot short story.

In this well written collection of erotica, there are three novella’s and one short story. Unlike some erotica, which is all just about the sex act, these titles actually have very nice stories. So, for those of you who enjoy erotica and a good story, you have the best of both worlds here.

I hadn’t read any works by Harper Bliss before, but now I’ve discovered her, I will definitely be on the look out for more of her books or stories.

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