Monday, 3 September 2012

Reapers Inc Dark Souls by B.L. Newport

Brigit Malone is still Assistant to the Head Grim Reaper, John Blackwick at Reapers Inc. Since Brigit was seriously injured by Seamus Flannery, Mama Dee has been holding down the fort.

Once Brigit has recovered and gets back on her feet again, she goes off on an extra special assignment. Anything involving true love, Brigit is there. Reuniting two souls in death who had been parted in life by the death of one of them, is all too close to home for Brigit and the least she can do is to help them cross over to their final judgements together.

In Brigit’s absence, Mama Dee takes on a dangerous reaping task. The mayhem that ensues from a small mistake, ensures the other Reapers have a race against time to round up all the dark souls that have escaped from the bowels of hell. Will the Reapers be successful in their task before the dark souls cause mayhem and disruption throughout the whole world?

I am absolutely hooked on this series. I found these books quite sometime after they were published. Which, in a way, was a stroke of luck for me. I’ve been able to read them back to back and I still have one left to read. The truth is, I can’t put them down. No sooner have I finished one and I have the next one lined up to read.

The storytelling in this series, is far beyond average. To say B.L Newport has a wonderful and vivid imagination is an understatement. Her way with words is magical.

As the series progresses, I notice the storyline becomes darker, more dangerous for want of a better way of explaining it. It all adds to the ‘edge of the seat’ feeling I get with these books.

The characters, as in the previous books, are all well formed and compliment each other. Reading all about the dark side is like looking in from afar. Which is as close as I’d really want to be.

A fantastic series that I hope goes on for a long time to come.

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