Monday, 3 September 2012

Being The Steel Drummer by Liz Bradbury

Private detective, Maggie Gale is back in her second outing and has some new mysteries to solve.

There has been vandalism in the Fenchester Civil War Cemetery, followed by a murder. Maggie in the first instance was hired to prove that crime was actually taking place. In light of the murder, her employment was terminated. But, that isn’t enough to stop Maggie from pursuing her own investigation.
As if this isn’t enough, Maggie is asked to follow a husband when his wife thinks he’s cheating. It comes to light that this may have a bearing on the case Maggie is investigating.

Then there is some old journals that Maggie simply has to read. Maggie is very surprised to read evidence of a steaming hot romance between two women dating back over one hundred and forty years ago. What has Maggie in more of a spin is, there seems to be some connections between the happenings from a bygone era and the happenings of the present day. Will Maggie be able to solve these cases? Will Maggie find the connection between the past and the present?

Last but by no means least, there is Doctor Kathryn Anthony, Maggie’s lover of the past couple of months. They are at the stage in their relationship when the L for love word is rearing it’s delicious head. Unfortunately, Maggie has to get to the bottom of these latest events, before they can both relax and move on to the next stage of their relationship.

Maggie employs Kathryn part time in her P.I business, this means they can discuss all things appertaining to Maggie’s cases without breaking any confidentialities. It’s also another step towards their togetherness.

I loved the first Maggie Gale mystery and this one is every bit as good. The book is a page turner from the start to the finish.

Liz Bradbury has created a whole cast of multidimensional characters, perfectly cast in their individual parts. They all interact and play well together. Maggie and Kathryn, the two main characters, are so obviously made for one another. They fit together so well. The relationship between Maggie and Kathryn has developed at a really nice pace, not too fast or too slow. They are comfortable together and their romance is hot and passionate. Sizzling in fact.

The story is well laid out and the scenic descriptions pulled me right into the story, it was like actually being there and being invisible in the midst of all the goings on.

There are so many twists and turns and ups and downs in this book. The story is so exciting, full of secrets, old eerie crypts, tunnels under the city and tragedy. I really wanted to rush through to find out how it all ended. But I had to slow down to savor it. I was quite sure I knew who the perpetrator was quite early on, I changed my mind three times and in the end I was wrong! For me, this meant the story was brilliant. I hate it when it’s obvious ‘whodunit‘ early on.

I really liked the way the past and the present were intricately woven together to seamlessly progress the story onwards in a smooth uncomplicated manner.

I’ll just add in here, that although this is the second book in the Maggie Gale mysteries, there is no need to have read Angel Food and Devil Dogs first. I would however urge you to read it as you will seriously be missing out on an excellent book if you don’t. I can’t wait for the third book in this wonderfully refreshing series.

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