Sunday, 22 July 2012

In The Unlikely Event by Saxon Bennett

Chase Banter and her dysfunctional family are back for another rollercoaster ride of fun and high jinks.

Chase has changed since becoming a parent. She no longer avoids taking the odd risk here and there. Neither does her ever loving spouse Gitana. Her culinary skills always end up in utter disaster. Much to the dismay of Chase and Bud and laugh out loud humor for the reader.

Writer, Chase, is on the board of the Lesbian Illumination Institute, but she wants out of it. She ends up at loggerheads with her BFF Lacey. Much hilarity ensues, involving hand cuffs and shady characters.

Gitana and Chase’s six year old (going on twenty) daughter, Bud, is an aspiring film maker. She is going to make a documentary of Chase’s journey to her new found fearless self, as well as anything else she fancies filming along the way. On her journey of self discovery, Chase learns to skateboard, gets herself a job gift wrapping and excels at it, even entering a competition. She puts herself in the middle of a germ filled clinic, all to prove how she has changed.

Of course, Chase still has her muses, Divine Vulva and Commercial Endeavor keeping her company, just to add to the gut aching laughter.

As if all this isn’t enough, jumping out of a plane looks to be on the cards too. But will Chase be up for it, or back out at the last moment?

This book is crazy, an absolute side splitting laugh throughout. Although Chase didn’t give birth to Bud, they are both so in tune with each other it’s uncanny. There are lots of wonderful multidimensional characters playing large and smaller parts all interacting really well together to further the story in this hilarious fun filled lesbian family romp. Lacey, Chase’s best friend is the sort of friend I think I’d feel the need to swiftly strangle. She has some huge control issues. I loved the way Chase eventually sorted her out. Donna is another great character too. It was nice to finally find out a little bit more about her.

My all time favorite character is Bud. I just love the way she is. Although I have to say, I’m glad I’m just reading about her rather than living with her.

I’m not sure if this was the last in the series, I’d love to see another book, especially one where Bud reaches adolescence. If Bud is the way she is at six, just think of the fun she will have when she’s sixteen! Which means as a reader, great fun for us too.

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