Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dante's Awakening by Devon Marshall

Top notch Hollywood agent, Dante Sonnier, is a friend to a vampire community residing in Los Angeles. Dante is often called upon when they need a human to help them out.

Voshki Kevorkian is the beautiful vampire leader. Voshki wants Dante to be her own human. Although Dante finds Voshki sexy and attractive, she has no wish to be owned by anyone, human or vampire. Vampires are well known for their possessiveness and jealousy. So Dante refuses Voshki’s frequent advances.

Ellis Kovacs, a vampire sired by Voshki and her right hand woman, also has designs on Dante. But it goes against vampire ethics to want Dante for her own when Voshki has already spoken of her desire for her. Dante is drawn to Ellis and there is an almost magnetic attraction between them. Will Dante and Ellis give in to their attraction?

Ellis and Dante are sent together on a mission to find out what is happening with a two thousand year old sect of murderous rebel vampires, known as the Children of Judas. The group has a new leader, Robin Shepherd and their aim is to remove Voshki from her leadership of the vampire community and expose them all.

It’s inevitable that after being thrown together in their investigation of the Children of Judas, Dante and Ellis give in to their passion and desires. What will Voshki do when she finds out?

When their plans go wrong and Dante is kidnapped, it’s time for Voshki to take over. Heaven help anyone, vampire or human who gets in her way.

This is the first book in a promising new series. It has got off to a thrilling and exciting start. The story is fast paced and a page turner from the first page right through to the last page.

The book is well written. The main characters are delightful, humorous and multidimensional. They are backed up by an equally well balanced cast of minor characters that interact well together and are instrumental in progressing the story forward to an exciting conclusion. I, for one, was very sorry to reach the end. I wanted more, much more.

The vampires in this book are quite different from those in other vampire books I’ve read. They are to all intents and purposes, quite normal in that they walk around during day light, don’t fly around like bats or drink the blood of unsuspecting people. But they do have special powers. So, even for those who are not too keen on the Dracula like vampires, you could give this book a try. There is far more to this book than vampires. The story is exciting, humorous and hot, very hot in parts.

I haven’t read anything else from Devon Marshall, but I’m certainly looking forward to the next book in this series and any other books she may write.

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