Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sweet Charlotte by Kate Genet

Michaela, Trisha and Trisha’s younger sister, Caro, are settled in Michaela’s new Zealand home. Life is ticking along nicely, nothing mysterious has happened for quite some time. In fact, Michaela is finding life a little too quiet. But things are about to change.

Celia, one of Michaela’s friends, decides to hold a séance for research into a book she’s writing about her deceased grandmother. Unfortunately things don’t quite go according to plan at the séance. Apparently the wrong spirit put in an untimely appearance. Now the spirit just won’t go away.

When Celia and her partner Mandy’s lives begin to spiral out of control, Mandy asks Michaela if she will help out. After their previous encounters with the shadows, Trisha is not too happy about getting involved with the unknown. Michaela and Caro however, are keen to investigate. But Trisha is greatly concerned for the safety of everyone.

When Trisha finds out some surprising things about herself, she knows she has to join Michaela, Caro and Caro’s friend in their investigation into the disturbances seemingly caused by someone or something from the spirit world.

It’s not long before all concerned are involved in a dangerous, insane and life threatening situation beyond anything any of them had ever experienced before. How can they find a way to solve the mystery from the past to allow a spirit to go into the light where it belongs? Is it possible that this ghostly being can harm the living? Who is Sweet Charlotte?

Trisha is the one who has to come through for them all, but will her belief in herself and love be enough to save them? Or will the spirit win both the battle and the war?

This is the third book in what has turned out to be one of the nicest mystery series I’ve read for a long time. Sweet Charlotte is well written and has a lovely humorous touch throughout.

I love the main characters, Michaela, Trisha and Caro. All three are so different and they compliment each other very well. Kate Genet has introduced some more nice characters in this story. They all play very well together and are essential in progressing the story forward.

This story is spine tingling, thrilling, chilling and intense. It is also very hot in places, always an added bonus. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. It is nicely paced out and I’d reached the end before I knew it. Now I can’t wait for book four in the series.

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