Friday, 20 July 2012

For Now, Forever by Trin Denise

Cassie Reynolds was living a contented life. She’d just had a whole weekend celebrating her birthday. Monday morning came all too soon and she goes off to open up her flower shop. Just another ordinary day.......Or so she thinks.

She is visited by Attorney at Law Gordon LeVitt, he has news that will turn Cassie’s life inside out and upside down. Cassie’s father, the man she’d grown up with, believing him to be her father, is not her biological father. Instead she learns that a man called Collin Masterson, recently deceased, is her biological father. As if this shock isn’t enough, Cassie is asked to go to Masterson, West Virginia for the reading of his will. Apparently Cassie is to receive an inheritance. Cassie has to decide whether or not to go. What will she do?

Just as Cassie reaches Masterson, West Virginia, she has a tire blow out. As Cassie is attempting to change the wheel, a drop dead gorgeous woman offers her assistance.

One thing leads to another and Cassie spends the night with the beautiful stranger, Eelyn M Carmichael, having the most passionate night of her entire life. The following morning, Eelyn takes Cassie to her appointment for the will reading.

Cassie isn’t expecting to see Eelyn again. So she’s shocked beyond measure when Eelyn arrives in the room for the meeting. When she sits down next to Collin’s widow, Leonora, Eelyn’s mother, Cassie is physically sick to her stomach. Cassie runs, never looking back.

Eelyn isn’t going to let Cassie go though. Things are never what they seem and nothing is ever simple in life.

This is a beautifully written and wonderful story that ended all too soon for me. This novella contains a lot more than just a romance and red hot sex. There is a bit of mystery and intrigue as well as twists and turns along the way. Just when I thought I knew how the story was going, it veered off once again.

I think Cassie and Eelyn are great characters and the story has some nice minor characters along the way. I would love to see much more of them, I think they have a lot more they can say.

Trin has a great way with words and is a wonderful storyteller. I’m looking forward to reading more from her in the very near future.

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