Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shadows Fally by Kate Genet

Michaela and Trisha are separated by circumstances beyond their control. Michaela is back living in New Zealand and Trisha is living with her mother and sister in the USA. They miss each other badly, but neither of them will admit to it.

Out of the blue, Michaela receives a phone call from Trisha, Trisha says she needs Michaela to return to the USA. Unfortunately they have an argument and the phone call ends abruptly on a sour note. After some deliberation, Michaela decides to fly out to the USA to find out what is wrong with Trisha.

Michaela is shocked when she finds out that Trisha’s younger sister, Caro, is in dire need of help. Help that Michaela hasn’t got a clue how to provide. How can Michaela hope to help Caro, when she doesn’t understand whether the problem is man made or from supernatural beings? The house at night is full of human shaped shadows that seem to be targeting Caro. Will Michaela be able to find out who or what these things are? Are they attached to Caro or the house?

On a lighter note, Michaela and Trisha still care deeply for each other, is there a chance of a reconciliation? Will both women realize they are made for each other?

This book is a page turner from the very first page right through to the very last page. It’s the sort of book that I had to keep slowing down to savor. The story is romantic, mysterious, intriguing and terrifying in parts. The tension and horror is almost breath taking and heart stopping. Not a book to be read in the dead of night when alone. It’s really that good! On the other hand there are parts of this book that are steaming hot, giving a whole new meaning to spine tingling and the feeling of being hot and cold.

Michaela and Trisha are as loveable in this book as they were in Silent Light. In this book, Trisha’s adorable kid sister, Caro, takes a large part. All three characters interact really well together. There are other characters added in to progress the story along at a nice steady pace.

There are a few typos, but nothing to spoil the story and the price reflects on this, so I can easily look past them.

In my opinion Kate Genet has created a wonderful series, a delicious mix of mystery, horror and lesbian romance, always a great combination for me. Kate’s storytelling is fantastic, she knows how to keep the reader enthralled and wanting much more.

I have already purchased the next in the series, Sweet Charlotte. I’m well and truly hooked.

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