Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tats Too by Layce Gardner

Lee Hammond and Vivian Baxter are back with a huge bang after their debut appearance in Tats. After getting out of Oklahoma alive, Lee and Vivian settle down to a life of near domestic bliss to wait for their new arrival. They are living the quiet and uncomplicated life of the all American gay family.

When baby Georgia arrives, their lives are complete. But as with most things around Lee and Vivian, this is the lull before the storm and their lives are about to be turned upside down.

Lee finds electronic bugs in their smoke detectors. It appears that Vivian hasn’t been entirely honest about her past life and now the mob are back, guns blazing. They want their thirty million dollar Devil’s Diamond back. The diamond that Vivian stole from them and didn’t tell Lee about. The chase is on and a hilarious side splitting chain of events follows. Buckle up for the ride.

A wonderfully well written sequel to Tats. In fact, Tats Too is even funnier. I would warn you not to read this book in public, unless you want to be carried off by the people in white coats for laughing demonically out loud. Quite honestly, if there was a spew factor rating for this book, out of ten, I would rate it twelve. It truly is that hilarious.

I love both main characters Lee and Vivian. They are multidimensional and interact so well together. Just like an old married couple, they know each other’s thoughts. Goodies and baddies alike all have their parts to play in progressing this page turning story forward.

There is so much packed in to this book. Not only are Lee and Vivian being chased all over Vegas and Hollywood by Italian mafia types, but also the FBI too. Which in turn leads to some really hair raising and hilarious escapades. Oh, not to forget the biker gang and Vivian’s sister, Lulu, who used to be her brother, who is now a lesbian, added in to the mix. All just so funny.

I would like to have seen more of Lee and Vivian’s domestic bliss with baby Georgia, but I’m hoping Layce maybe saving that for a third romp with this dynamic duo.

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