Monday, 2 July 2012

Short snippets of June reads

Veiled Conspiracy by Michele Coffman

Elaina Williams is a reporter on the lookout for a new and interesting story. When her ex-girlfriend Kim contacts her regarding a story of a lifetime, her life changes forever.

A well written and thrilling story that kept me turning the pages in to the early hours. First in a series. An excellent read. Star rating 5/5


Trust Our Tomorrows by Carrie Carr. Lex and Amanda

Lex and Amanda are back. The together forever couple are living happily on their ranch, The Rocking W. Lots of ranch adventures, family life, hard work and great fun.

I love this series, as always this is well written, humorous with the lovable Walter’s family and is a great read. Star rating 5/5


The Secret of St Claire by Robin Alexander

Lindsay Juneau is living in St Claire with her six year old daughter and cares for her widowed mother. When veterinarian Nicole Allen meets Lindsay, she is attracted to her right away. Will Lindsay be interested in her other than a friend though?

A nicely written romance, with a great touch of humor and lovely characters. As always with Robin Alexander’s books, this one is a delightful and hot read. Star rating 5/5


The Quality of Blue Nat Burns

When River Tyler takes a job in the Florida Keys, she had no idea her life would change forever. When gem buyer Larken Moore meets River, sparks fly. Unfortunately someone else wants River for himself. So, who will win?

Exciting nicely written story and a hot romance. The characters interact nicely together. Star rating 4/5


Hearts Resolve by Carrie Carr

When Parks Police Officer Gibson Proctor returns home to Benton, Texas after over twenty years, it’s like she’s never been away. Her family still treats her with contempt and her best friend Maddy is still her best friend. When Gib bumps in to Delaney Kavanagh and upsets her, she has no way of knowing her life will change forever. But will Delaney let Gib in to her life?

A most enjoyable romance. One that I would definitely keep to read again. I loved the characters and the drama. Star rating 5/5


Identity by Nat Burns

Dog trainer Shay Raynor has had a disastrous and destructive relationship. When she moves from DC to Maypearl, Alabama, all she wants to do is hide herself away from the world. When Shay meets Liza Hughes, she begins a tentative friendship. Unfortunately the arrival of Shay’s ex is about to jeopardize the fledgling relationship Shay and Liza have formed between them.

A nicely paced well written story of survival and the power of love. Star rating 5/5


LoveLife by Rachel Spangler

Joey Lang is at a stage in her life where she feels the need for a change. For this she needs courage. Elaine Raitt is a life coach. When Joey and Elaine begin coaching sessions, both women begin to feel more for each other than is professionally correct.

A nicely written romance that follows the tried and tested formula. Star rating 4/5


Touch Me Gently by D. Jackson Leigh

After the death of her estranged father, Salem Lacy decides to leave Atlanta and relocate to Oakboro to run the insurance business he left her. Her life in Atlanta had taken a turn for the worse anyway when her closeted lover died in another woman’s arms. When Salem meets Knox Bolander, there are many reasons why she feels she can’t risk falling in love again. Will she listen to her head or her heart?

Another lovely well written romance by D Jackson Leigh. Great characters, horses and very hot. Star rating 5/5

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