Thursday, 2 August 2012

Natural Instinct by Graysen Morgen

Marine Biologist, Chandler Scott, keeps her private life strictly to herself. She is getting over a nasty ordeal and has been badly hurt in the past. So she is wary of anyone trying to get too close to her. Chandler has been heading up a sea life project in the Florida Keys. She’s been very successful in her research so far. When she is told by the US Fish and Wildlife that another biologist has to come on board, she is beyond furious.

Corey Jolsen is the biologist sprung upon Chandler. Corey immediately decides she likes Chandler and becomes determined to find out all there is to know about the secretive woman. But will Corey get more than she bargains for?

Chandler tries keeping her distance and being aloof, but will this be enough to deter Corey? Eventually Corey breaks down Chandler’s barriers. But when Chandler bares her life and soul to Corey, will she stay or run off back to her home in California?

This is the third book I’ve read by Graysen Morgen. There is no doubt about it, Graysen is a terrific storyteller. Each book is so very different.

I loved the two main characters. They were obviously made for each other from the very start. But it’s how and if they get together that is interesting and kept me turning the pages. Both main characters are backed up with a nice cast of minor characters to further the story along. The scenic descriptions are vivid and pulled me totally in, so I could imagine I was there with them all.

Unfortunately, this book has typos and grammatical errors and is in need of a really good editor. It is a real shame, story wise, I would love to give this book top marks. But in view of this and the fact that the book is priced high, it really doesn’t warrant more than an average rating.


  1. Thanks for posting a couple of reviews of Graysen Morgen's books. I've seen them come up as recommendations on Amazon and was nervous to give them a try. I'll do that and try to overlook the typos and grammatical errors. It seems those are more common in ebooks than print, or is it just me?

    1. I have heard that all Graysen's books are being re-edited and will be re-published. But the price is very high for an indie author's ebooks.
      I think the typos etc stem from the fact that indie authors don't always get their books edited by a professional. Having said that, I've read some indie books that would put books from the major publishers (BSB, Bella etc) to shame. It just depends on the author.
      If they are priced low, between .99 and $4.99, I'm more willing to overlook the odd typo. But over $10 for a book full of errors, is not on!

  2. Ah, if they are being re-edited perhaps I will wait. I have plenty on my Kindle right now, and with the slate of new stuff coming out by some of my favorite authors I should be set for a while! Thanks for the response.

    1. Not sure when they will be re-released. I'll be interested to hear what you think, if you decide to buy.