Sunday, 1 July 2012

Silent Light by Kate Genet

When Michaela’s lover Allison dumps her, she gives her the key to her lakeside cabin and tells her to use it to take a break. Michaela decides to take her up on her offer and arrives at the cabin and gets settled in.

When Michaela returns from a walk, she gets a shock to discover a strange woman in the cabin. When Michaela finds out that Trisha is one of Allison’s previous ex lovers, she is beside her self with disbelief and anger.

The two women eventually agree that the cabin is big enough for both of them to stay. But will Michaela be able to put up with Trisha’s annoying ways? She soon finds out that as infuriating as Trisha is, she’s also very attractive. Will Michaela give in to her feelings? One minute she feels like doing Trisha grievous bodily harm, the next she feels like kissing her senseless. Which will it be?

It’s not long before weird happenings occur across the the lake. The two women see strange lights accompanied by the haunting sound of a child’s laughter. As far as they both know, there are no children anywhere within the vicinity. Curiosity is getting the better of Michaela, she has to find out what is going on. It can’t be a ghost, surely not.

Both Michaela and Trisha begin an amateur sleuthing investigation. They could be putting their lives in danger. Their findings shock them to the core. But who will believe them? That’s even if they get out alive.

This is the first in a series of mystery thrillers with Michaela and Trisha. This is novella length, but there is a tremendous amount packed in to it.

I was hooked in from the first page and my attention was held throughout. I read this in one sitting, I simply couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The story is mysterious, haunting and spine tingling. It is also hot in parts too.

I loved the characters, Michaela and Trisha. I also liked the way they went after what they wanted, each other, there was no playing around or cat and mouse games.

There are a few editorial issues, a few typos etc, but nothing to detract from the story and the low price more than compensates for this.

After reading this book, I immediately lined up the next in the series. I’ve read some of Kate Genet’s books and loved them, this one is no exception. This looks to be a very promising mystery series.

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