Sunday, 20 May 2012

Spring Tide by Robbi McCoy

After a terrible tragedy, ex cop Stef Byers makes her escape from her job and her colleagues. She heads off to the Sacramento Delta, where she impulsively buys a run down houseboat. Stef’s plans are to get the houseboat up and running and sail off into the sunset, just her and her dog, Deuce.

Veterinarian Jackie Townsend has lived in Stillwater Bay all her life. She loves her job, the area and everyone in the tight knit community. There is one thing though that would complete Jackie’s world, a woman to love, a woman that would love her right back.

When Jackie meets Stef, she wonders if she could be just the woman she’s looking for. She feels an immediate attraction to her. But Stef is moody, she blows hot and cold. It’s apparent to Jackie that Stef is hiding something. Will Jackie break through Stef’s tough exterior? Will Stef ever get over her past to allow herself to have a future with Jackie? The attraction between the two of them is definitely mutual, but until Stef can rid herself of her demons, neither woman can have the love they both desire.

Once again, Robbi McCoy has written a winner. Each and every book Robbi writes becomes my favorite of hers until her next. One thing that I like about Robbi’s books is, her stories are always so varied. The reader never knows what to expect.

This book is more than just a romance, yet follows a tried, tested and loved format, girl meets girl, they have problems and all’s well that ends well. It’s the process they go through that makes this story different and sets it apart from others. There is excitement, intrigue, love, passion and some wonderful scenic settings.

This is a book about tragedy, without being full of angst, and how to overcome it, forgive yourself, find peace with yourself and finally be able to move on.

 The chemistry between Stef and Jackie really shines through. There is a wonderful cast of supporting characters, all really well developed, whether friends, family, goodies or baddies, they all do their part in progressing this nicely paced story along.

I found myself totally lost in this story, I was there in Stillwater Bay with everybody. I could almost smell and taste the crawdads. For an author to be able to get this across to a reader, it is in my opinion, a sign of excellent writing.

This book ended far too soon for me. I would have loved to have had several more chapters. Another sign of a well enjoyed book. This will join Robbi’s other books on my re-read shelf.

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