Sunday, 6 May 2012

Casa Parisi by Janet Albert

Lucia Parisi’s life is a mess. She is the owner of an up and coming winery in Finger Lakes, New York State. Her business life is great. Her personal life is shattered and falling apart. Her heart is broken and she is convinced it will never heal and she will never love again.

Juliet Renard is a French Canadian winemaker. Her reputation is second to none. Juliet is ready to move on up to the next rung of the career ladder and to take on the responsibilities of a head winemaker. Hence she is job hunting.

In need of a head winemaker and through a mutual friend, Lucia hears about Juliet. Juliet sounds perfect for the job at Casa Parisi. Lucia quickly offers Juliet the job before she is snapped up by someone else.

Lucia and Juliet have a business and personal relationship that blows hot and cold. Lucia is attracted to Juliet, but her past haunts her. Juliet is straight, but begins to question her sexuality when she becomes attracted to Lucia.

Will Lucia be able to overcome demons from her past to be able to move on? Will Juliet figure out what and who she wants?

I enjoyed this book immensely. The scenic settings are amazing. There are lots of facts about winemaking and running a winery throughout the story. It gives the reader the feel of actually being there amongst the all things wine. I could almost smell the grapes.

The two main characters, Lucia and Juliet are so obviously made for each other, I felt like shouting at them to get it together. Their story is believable, although a bit predictable.

A nice book to relax with on the beach for a couple of hours or to curl up in front of the fire with on a cold night.

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