Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Lost Resort by Toni James

Eve Harper returns home early from a trip to find her lover of ten years, Terri, with another woman. Eve is totally devastated. In fact, she goes on one of the biggest alcoholic binges of her life. It’s during this time that Eve decides to sell her successful business, the Fellborough Hotel. It holds nothing but bad memories for her now anyway.

Once the hotel is sold, Eve and her younger sister Robin, also a lesbian, set out for an extended vacation to the island of Lesbos in Greece.

On the journey out to Greece, Eve meets Annie Rostron. Annie was also on her way to Greece and had just resigned from her teaching job after a life threatening experience. Annie is exhausted, stressed out and in need of a good vacation. There is a spark between Eve and Annie, in fact Annie is smitten, but Eve runs away, she can’t possibly get involved with anyone, not ever again. Inevitably, Eve and Annie do run in to each other again, several times. But will Eve let go of the past and move on?

Eve also meets Heidi. Heidi owns a successful business and will stop at nothing it seems to gain ownership of a derelict property called The Lost Resort. A hotel that catered solely for women in it’s hey’day.

Along the way, Annie meets and becomes friends with JJ. A hot shot bar tender and queen of making cocktails.

When Eve decides to put in a closed bid for The Lost Resort, the action really begins.

This is a wonderful, heart warming story with a set of loveable, unforgettable characters that kept me riveted to my chair turning the pages until I’d finished the book in one sitting.

Each character is portrayed in such a way that I felt I knew them personally. The characters all interact well together and the story is refreshing and humorous throughout. There are twists and turns along the way and the book has romance at it’s heart.

Throughout the book we are introduced to more characters that enhance and progress the story forward. The book is a mixture of friendship, love lost, love found, family and adventure.

The scenic descriptions are vivid and colorful. I was lost on Lesbos, a place I would now dearly love to visit.

Just a minor point. There are a few typo’s. Nothing horrendous and nothing that spoilt this amazing story. I would also add, that for the low price of this ebook, I think the typo’s can be forgiven. This book provided me with a jolly good read and I definitely feel it’s value for money.

I love the start to this new series, I was sorry when the end of this book arrived all too soon and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book.

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