Sunday, 6 May 2012

Appointment With A Smile by Kieran York

Artist Danielle O’Hara is still in love with Molly, the partner who deserted her thirty years previously. She’s never allowed herself to fall in love again. Danielle’s art career has just ticked along for years too. It’s like time stood still for Danielle when Molly left, her life plodded along.

When Danielle is sixty years old, her life changes drastically. Danielle leaves her Colorado home and flies to London for her first solo art showing. As Danielle is exploring the area, she sees her ex partner Molly for the first time in thirty years.

Danielle’s feelings haven’t changed, she is still just as much in love with Molly as she has always been. She had never accepted Molly’s reasons for leaving her. Danielle is hopeful for a reconciliation. Will Molly agree to meet Danielle? Will Molly feel the same?

It’s during this same period of time in London, that Danielle meets Bethany Cortland, a beautiful successful woman. Danielle finds herself attracted to Bethany. Bethany is everything Danielle could ever want in a woman, except for one thing, she is not Molly.

Danielle finds herself torn between Molly and the love she’s harbored all these years and Bethany, who she could easily fall in love with if it wasn’t for Molly. Then last but not least, there’s Danielle’s art. Suddenly almost overnight Danielle is selling paintings for enormous prices. At last she has got the break she’s been waiting for all these years. Will Danielle put her art on hold for her love life? Will Molly want Danielle back? Will Bethany break through Danielle’s barriers and in to her heart?

I like that this book is about the lives and loves of mature lesbians. There are far too few books for this age group.

The book was extremely well written. It’s quite obvious that Kieran York has a great way with words. Kieran writes about love and loss with a great sensitivity.

However, I found myself being pulled out from the story by the endless astronomy quotes and trivia by Esther. It got to the point where I felt like gagging her. As she is Danielle’s best friend, she plays a big part in the story. So there are lots of these quotes. None of which has anything to do with, or to progress the story.

The world of art and shows was interesting, although I know nothing about it. From the scenic descriptions I could easily imagine myself there.

I have to admit to being rather at odds with this book. On the one hand, the storyline is good. On the other hand it is somewhat unbelievable from the time scale factor. Had this story evolved over a year or two, I would have found it much more believable. But to have all these things happen over the course of two weeks, I found it very hard to believe. Especially after Danielle’s thirty years of pining for Molly.

I also thought a little more research would have enhanced the story further. I don’t want to put any spoilers in here, so I won’t elaborate any further.

Overall, the book isn’t a bad read, but I felt with a little more thought it could have been a brilliant read.

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