Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sapphic Planet. Ed's Beth Wylde & Kissa Starling

Bathing Beauty by Allison Wonderland

A story of a lesbian couple who have been together for ten years. Featuring a delicious bathing scene and a discussion of a possible addition to their family.
Very erotic.

Fame by Jean Roberta

A meeting between two women, a writer and a professor goes in a different direction to the one the professor anticipated. What will happen when the writer informs the professor she has a mistress and a threesome may be on the cards?
Subtle hints of BDSM. .

An Act Of Passion by Kissa Starling

A beauty contest with an unusual twist. It’s the Miss USA Erotica Pageant. Plenty of hot women and their antics. Some of which will end up on the five o’clock news. That will teach the bigoted audience that spoke up about same sex marriage.
A longer story to get your teeth in to.

Licked by Jodi Payne

An encounter in a dyke bar with a boi dyke leaves the mature dyke panting and wondering who taught the boi her tricks.
A hot sweet short encounter in a restroom which will leave you panting for more.

Patience by Jennifer Cross

A story based on second chances. After a disastrous first time, two women try again a second time, this time with a strap on.
A horny story chock full of sex.

Haircut by Dylynn DeSaint

A trip to the hairdresser turns out to be so much more for Syona and her stylist Adrianna. After hours hot sex, spanking, a strap and other delicacies for your pleasure.
Heated and heavy erotica.

Eyes of Surrender by J.T Langdon

A story of submission and dominance. When two women meet in front of a painting called Eyes of Surrender, it sparks off a conversation which leads to hot sex, spanking, strap on‘s and other delights.
Sensual and erotic

Her Smile by Nan Andrews

A story of a love lost and found. After Elaine’s love Janine leaves her, she finds herself attracted to Margarite, a woman she’s just met. When Elaine comes to Margarite’s rescue, things really hot up.
More than just sex. This story is a tender sweet romance too.

Two Steps Back by Meg Leigh

Juliet has writers block. Her friend persuades her to go away for a weekend break. What Juliet finds at her B&B cottage retreat is far more than she bargained for. Her past is suddenly thrust right at her. Can you move forward by moving backwards?
A tender and sweet story of love lost and found.

Love, Zora by Fiona Zedde. Set in Harlem in 1927

A waitress meets a writer and becomes addicted to her. But the writer has no intentions of having a relationship. This encounter is all about sex. Soon the writer will be gone, never to return.
A bitter sweet romantic tale.

Her Forever by Ann Cory

Callista is promised to Selena’s brother, but Selena is her one true love. Callista knows she will have to marry Selena’s brother. But her heart and soul will always belong to Selena.
A story of love and heartbreak.

Accidental Contact by Adriana Craft

Forty year old Natalie and twenty six year old Bridgette are stuck in New York due to the snow. Natalie would like to be more than just friends with Bridgette, but has concerns about the age difference. It turns out that Natalie isn’t the only one with these feelings. What will happen next?
A Nice weekend romance.

A Secret Liaison by Dalia Craig

Jenna has been starved for love since her partner left her. So she turns to cyber sex. She meets Abi online and gets a bit more than she bargained for when she finds out who Abi really is.
Hot and sexy.

Traffic Stop by Stephanie Rose

When Mia gets pulled over for speeding by a hot cop, she hopes to talk her way out of a ticket. But there isn’t much talking being done. Actions speak louder than words. Especially since Mia’s been on this cops radar.
Steaming hard sex at the roadside.

Taming Tildy by Tenille Brown

When her partner Tildy began getting out of hand and above herself, she has to be taught a lesson. A spanking seems to be in order. But will it tame her?
Erotic, short and to the point.

Seduced by Kira Chase

Kate is looking for a hot encounter. She has her eyes on a woman at a bar. After a sex filled assignation in a restroom, Kate wants more. Unfortunately she doesn’t even know the woman’s name. So, she decides to follow her, but will she catch her.
A nice juicy bathroom scene.

Top Priority by Moondancer Drake

When Lydia gets home from work on Christmas Eve, she doesn’t expect to find her partner Kim at home, let alone with the surprise she has waiting for her. What lovely early Christmas present has Kim planned?
A nice love story

The Ungirdling by Roxy Katt

Cheryl has the hots for her straight, girdle wearing boss. Will she be able to get the upper hand and persuade her boss to ungirdle?
A hot work place encounter.

Brotherly Love by Beth Wylde

Debbie’s brother-in-law knows exactly what Debbie wants, a date with a beautiful woman. Will the date he arranges with Kris go according to plan, or will it backfire? After all, no one in the family knows Debbie is gay. Do they?
A blind date, nicely arranged.

I have to confess that I have never been a great lover of short stories or erotica. This book has given me a change of heart. These stories are quite simply superb.
Each and every story in this book is very well written, with some truly lovely characters.

This is a wonderful collection written by some terrific authors. I can honestly say this is one of the best short story/erotica collections I’ve ever read. Some short/erotica stories are purely just sex, BDSM etc without a story. Not so with this book. Each title in this book is a nice story. The fact that they are so hot they are steaming is an added bonus. There wasn’t one story I didn’t like. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite, they were all so good.


  1. I so appreciate you taking the time to read our anthology. Writing the review= priceless!

    1. You are more than welcome Kissa. I really loved the stories in this anthology.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to review our anthology. Glad that you enjoyed it!