Thursday, 19 April 2012

Someday I'll Find You by Kate Sweeney

All Commander Rae Jefferson wanted when she retired from the Navy was a quiet, peaceful and normal life. Maybe even someone to love. She had left behind her life on the edge as an intelligence officer and the horrors of her Navy experiences and now owns her own security company. This should guarantee her a quiet life shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately Rae has a one night stand with Amy, a young woman who turns up dead, drowned in the Chicago river with Rae’s business card in her pocket. Rae is a prime suspect. But was Amy actually murdered or was it an unfortunate accident?

Professor Sarah Connelly from Northwestern University, lives a decent, normal quiet life. She also hopes to meet someone, to fall in love and live happily ever after.

When Rae and Sarah meet, there is a definite spark between them, which begins to smoulder in to passion.

When Rae becomes more involved with hunting for a possible murderer, she ends up not only endangering her own life, but the lives of her friends too. Will the mystery be solved before any one else gets hurt?

Will Rae and Sarah’s fledgling relationship stand a chance of going anywhere against the backdrop of murder, mystery and intrigue? Will Sarah listen to her head or her heart? Will Rae let the past go to be able to move on and actually have a future?

A wonderfully well written book with all the usual humor we’ve come to love and expect from Kate Sweeney. As always with Kate’s books, this one was a one sitting, no sleeping, page turner.

The story is engrossing and thrilling, with a beautiful romance at the heart of the book.

I love the characters, the way they all gel together and the way Kate makes the reader feel a part of the actual story. I would like to see more of these characters, maybe in a sequel. I think both Rae and Sarah have a lot more to tell us. The whole book went past far too quickly for my liking. Now I have to wait for Kate’s next book. A definite re-read.

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